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Текст песни "I Can't Live Without Your, Love And Affection"

Here she comes, ooh just like an angel
Seems like forever that she's been on my mind
But nothing has changed
She thinks I'm a waste of her time

There she goes
She don't know what she's missing
Can't she see I'll never give up the fight
I'll do all I can till she understands my desire

I've been on the outside looking in
Let me into your heart, oh
There's nothing on earth
That should keep us apart

I can't live without your love and affection
I can't face another night on my own
I'd give up my pride to save me from being alone
'Cause I can't live without your love

So I wait, here for an answer
And wonder if tomorrow will be like yesterday
I'll keep holding on
But I can't go on living this way

I've been on the outside looking in
Bring these tears to an end, oh
I realize there's no use for me to pretend
Oh yeah


For your love
I'd put my arms around you
For your love
I'd find the strength to tell you
For your love
I can't live without your love


fades out....

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