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Альбом DJ Muggs

with GZA/Genius
Grandmasters (25.10.2005)
Opening (interlude)
Destruction Of A Guard (feat. Raekwon)
Advance Pawns (feat. Raekwon, RZA & Sen Dog)
Unstoppable Threats (feat. Masta Killa & Prodigal Sunn)
. . .


[Нет текста]

. . .

[Intro: sample]
Code to umm - the code to umm
To draw your swords, to draw your gun

[Chorus: GZA]
Those that's bout it, M.C.'s I run with
Those that doubt it, on the mic, get done quick
Even if you left in intensive care
I'll have the plug pulled, before your crew gets there

I'm the one you hate to see, your worst nightmare
While you dream of riding the block, and raiding the fair
Enemies get cooked like eggs, while they scramble
He lived, but he still lost his legs, as he gamble
Couldn't sell what he shipped, the shell came from the clip
His lightweight belt, had got blown off his hip
No one on the strip, had the full explanation
Only that the victim had high expectations
Most never peddle above the street level
They cut they last deal with the devil, just to settle
For the crumbs that fell off the plate, of the late great
Who died in the federal state prison, behind gates

[Chorus x2]

[Hook: GZA]
M.C.'s don't want none of this, so just stop
Got gimmicks with a bunch of facades, and just props
Don't take the song seriously, they just drops
For the radio, but you ain't crazy, yo

I'm on the regular, slang competitor
I shock journalists, slap magazine editors
Watch the D.P. as he moves towards me
Stuffed on his wordplay, and can't record me
Three dimensional, visual, write portraits
Enough in the photo lab, not to get caught with
Treason for any reason, will only bring about torture
Should of been the nine, on those offers
Ribs broke my plate in the fifth
The fact that the beat came from Muggs, was a hell of a gift
So I, took the present, sent some to the essence
Like the young M.C.'s, who'd only escaped adolescence
The sword remains in shape with endurance
The blades can be quick, when replaced with insurance
But never seem to stop, regardless of the tragedy
Hyperactive rhymes, slingers with charged batteries

[Chorus x2]

[Hook x2]

. . .

(feat. Raekwon, RZA)

[Intro: RZA (Raekwon)]
At the holy city of Mecca, great fan of Colon
Crazy ammo get blown, wherever I sit, son
That is my throne (you know how we do it)

[Chorus: Raekwon]
Aiyo, POP POP POP , when it shots, whose to blame?
Three get dropped and removed from the game
One get knocked, now his whole life is changed
Cuz he's so far from freeing the world, that seem strange

I come from a place where they say, death comes too soon
Where the hoods on the block, dance to a different tune
Every night and every day, hotels of foul play
Turns fatal, when this hostile land of AK's
On any date, not wait to pump them rounds
The reminder; it's a murderer stomping ground
With one less witness, gunned down in the staircase
Who had led his crew, but he was moving at a snail's pace
Many suspects, many possible motives
Just kept coming with unstoppable explosives
The weak fold in these most extreme conditions
While the rivals quickly strengthen their position
The mission was to move in, with sheer brute force
And lives, they get lost, on a collision course
The streets are fascinating, so they gotta explore it more
But not without walking through some hurricane corridors
Become the most wanted, life can seem haunted
Thugs and agents who work closely up on it
Patriotic hustlers that kill for presidents
Conceal the truth, but can't hide the evidence
A man died holding some dice that he was shaking
Like a bank stop, but no valuables was taken
Shot at 8:45, but he died at 9
A video was the most precise witness to the crime

[Chorus x2]

The story had a familiar ring of truth
But it needed, a little more tangible proof
He was blown off the map, behind the aggravated kidnaps
Shrap' metal everywhere, the bomb was gift wrapped
The problem had became increasingly urgent
Since the product was nothing but bags of detergent
In all the years of war, this was the most
Vicious battle and mainly fought from up close
A bundle burglary, with no surprise
Just another sloppy murder that was in disguise
Now they can do nothing but hope and pray
That the boys don't come through with the scope and spray
Valuable time comes with a price to pay
Smoke on a deserted street, just a mile away
Tusslin' with those cannibals, right from the start
That'll rip out your heart, and consume the fattest part
Better watch from the eye of federal agents
Selecting cams, while they was disguised as vagrants
Not knowing that a prisoner had held the key
Of a co-defendant, he was so far from free
Detectives search into a distant past
Of a young gun who made the block grow fast
Narrow ducks who were cooked and came home to roast
The suspects would seek refuge off the coast

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Raekwon (chess sample)]
Word up, holding it down
Holding the fort, nigga, youknowhatisayin?
All we need is a bunch of red coats coming through
Stayin' official on some gangster shit
Bloodhounds, thirsty, lurking in the bushes
Yeah... (B4 - now at six - C4)

. . .

Two individuals, pulled from a lake
Inside a vehicle, one had his foot on the break
The windows was fully up and the doors was locked
The news made the headline, and the town was shocked
The driver was clutching a can of Hi-C
His jacket was tied, to a near by tree
His jeans had dye in them, and a usual tattoo
Was the only hope, to identifying them
The autopsies revealed gun shot wounds
Dental records matched to a newlywed groom
This accident, was a cover up for homicide
Two who might of, stayed alive from paying bribes
Sheets investigators, had relied on the media
For help, and to track down the perpetrated
They canvassed the neighborhood, with standard procedure
And visited the home, of a topless skeezer
Who was at the bar, when he was last seen alive
Left with him, just ten minutes after they arrived
Despite the police efforts, they turned up nothing
Just an ex-hooker, try'nna get a rep from bluffing
But the wide publicity, had just paid off
From a hard rock inmate, who was just made soft
He said he knew a man who killed the pop star
And almost got caught by a passing cop car
The inmate said probably, the motive was robbery
And knowing if he keeping it a secret, it bothers me
He said this individual killed for low billings
And purchased a murder kit, blocks from the killing
The sheriff's office, had no time to waste
Plus the inmate never deal, to avoid the case
So he co-operated fully, and snitched on his
Chop shop mechanic, who used to move bodies on the pulley
An extortionist, involved in similar incidents
Payments that came in thousand dollar increments
Suspicious activities that flooded the place
So they subpoenaed phone records for the calls was traced
The hair that was taken from his car interior
Was that of a young girl, who felt inferior
She died fighting and probably aroused his anger
Holding off her life, as she faced the strangler
The crime seemed to be sexual from nature
It was substantial evidence, that the nigga raped her
The suspects had marks on his face and chest
But it just wasn't enough, to get an arrest
Asked of his whereabouts, on the third of July
Said he partied with his friends, and had a solid alibi
But it was really something left at the scene, on a small scale
Was the microscopic traces of blood, under her fingernails

. . .

[Intro: chess sample]
Castle points you too
You're black takes on C4
Then white could C4...

I must put in time to get mine, many hours to earn power
Like the ashy hand, he should wear only the rope flower
I can't be a broke nigga, better in showers
Sellin' CD's on the corner of Sunset and Dower
A small fry nigga in a baked potato world
Sizzling in some beef full of grease like jheri curls
Shout out to DJ's who kept it real
Shook a few in the thou', but some never broke the seal
Fuck them, I stick to college radios, mix shows
Historic university, to freestyle sick flows
Might give a lecture about your rap texture
M.C. B-Boy, DJ, slash director
The name was a bell that rang through the hall
Popular is the tag in the bathroom stall, check it
This language is so captivating
When we lose a rap nigga, the news is devastating
Whether to the prison or grave, you know this rap shit
Is built from the strength of those to hunger the crave
My Clan got rhymes for days, to be skilled, it pays
Most of them can't escape the solar rays

[beat instrumental w/ chess sample]

Name a crew that can stop the force that I strike with
Let alone try to hold the pen that I write with
You can even chop off my fingers I type with
Those I hold a mic with, thinking I might quit
They didn't know, that only makes me more determined
Ich lebe fur hip hop, you can ask the Germans
Some say I never got this for recognition
So I, drop another, they shocked and still listen
Plus I, ran into a well known musician
He said this sample shit got too many cooks in the kitchen
Now he's back to flipping love borns and cypher says
To support his kids, much even hyper wiz
A bad amigo, will stroke your ego
You see the flash in the dash, weed blast with Buick-Regal
The same brother you was throwing your key to
Brought the 7 niggaz in the building to see you
You know these god damn streets is so gritty
With sour milk from titties, that'll spoil the city
The hood cornerbacks, strong attack is a blitz
But we don't lie down for shit, not even direct hits

[Chorus: GZA]
From graffiti in New York, on the walls and trains
DJ's in California, to the shores of Maine
B-Boys on the floor, who be doing they thang
To MC's, behind ropes, who had titles to claim

My teams about shoot outs, the fans shout with loud mouths
The clock ran out, the ref throw the sign, it's over time
The rambling, visiting teams scheme
The championship ring fiending, they must be dreaming
These rap players and slayers got alot of endorsements
Make them hire law enforcements
Plus, I just turned down tracks, can't remember the
Producer with the beats is wack, sound similar
It gotta be exciting, striking, lightning
Bring the best out, to dawn through Harlem
Writing, light stroke from my pen might choke
The tape lent, got a little air, then half the spins
M.C.'s be stuck with fear fascination
The nature in the scale of events, shook the station
I stick up the track, armed only with the pen
Terrorize it vocally with the force of wind


[Outro: GZA (chess sample)]
This is hip hop...
(Then white takes C4, and C5, and C6..
C5, Queen E5, E5, 95, Bishop takes C4
Masters 3, and then castle...)

. . .

(feat. RZA, Raekwon, Sen Dog)

[Intro: RZA]
Yeah, yeah, a special guest appearance
From the slums.... yo, aiyo

I examine your diameter, third eye light the camera up
Be careful, I got four ninjas, inside your parameter
Perimeter, flame burst out all sides like Gamora
My poisonous is released, gas from the canister
Raise the black fist, we keep the earth on it's axis
I make a good day move slow like molasses
Welcome to the bee hive, dual processor with the G5
There's not a tape or disco break I can't revive
In this high tech world of fire wire and microchip
We still keep the four-five clip, filled with the spiral tip

I come from the 36 Chambers of danger
With many lyrical swordsmen, that quick to change ya
The difficulty to see closely, is mostly
It's a critical point, when ya rap niggaz approach me
Like the blind, death, dumb, who mind was left numb
A non B-Boy nigga, couldn't rhyme to the drum
When I started M.C.'ing I entered, the gates of pleasure
Not knowing, I be coming with, too much to measure
With the math of an elder, and the steel of a welder
The path of tray, that I had laid down, to held a
Blueprint, that would draw attention like the Pope
I examine all with the internal mirror of the scope

Supreme deluxe edition, CREAM with a touch of wisdom
Beams that through up the system, spleens, I conduct, you listen
How you gonna tell me no, yo, the fuck you is in
Locked in a four block radius like a public prison
Twenty two year old, dunn, ain't got a cup to piss in
But he got a barrel gun, and that's knuckle twitching
And he got a baby moms and a cousin bitching
Went to catch a body, now he stuck in another prison

When you see it, you better acknowledge, your all swords
Blaze the green hundred fours
Pull out on you, blew you for the cause
And Sudan outst a nigga, seclude you from my Clan
This is water glock, aces on cameras sniffin' raw
Why try to fuck with these lecturers
I'm so high powered, my electrical structure blew down the floor
You was king for a second, I reigned, came with a different name
The W.T.C. Family and more, one!

They applause when I make my entrance
I move on 'em with age and experience, before I start the sentence
The rhyme was designed to meet most demand
Is enough to compensate, fertilize the land
He blew out the belt drive, M.C.'s they felt vibes
Powerful dart, narrowly missing your whole tribe
Scientists look, at the magnitude and devastation
But the strands of heavy metal seem to have no relation
But it's always potential for large scale disasters
Because the instrumentals, spins a hundred times faster
Many was taken, is at the price of a pawn
And the collective lost had left, thousand of mourn
Them Clansmen, are the nucleus of hip-hop
There's no room for error, M.C.'s will get dropped
Evidence of terrifying threats from heat pressure
Power by strong winds that blew rhymes off the dresser
The words spread through the town from Yonkers to Leffers
And to kill off the slang was a city wide effort
But they couldn't be more wrong, my click was all strong
Fit together seamlessly, til you're all gone

[Outro: chess sample]
The queen by far, is the strongest piece
Should too, should not be prematurely brought
Into play, during in the opening
Or she will be attacked by wicked pieces
And driven back, it is very dangerous
To make a raid with the queen early on in the game
It is best, in opening, to make but one move with the queen
And that, to a square where she is not exposed
To any direct or indirect attack

. . .

She dated jolly green GIANTS, that, flew on JETS
An A-list actress, who was never walked off sets
She loved stuffed animals, especially BEARS
Was a role model, like a CARDINAL to our peers
A PATRIOTIC tomboy, like Mary Ellen from The Waltons
A former lifeguard, who had the skills of a DOLPHIN
When I met her, she was in drama school and wore BENGALS
Drove a BRONCO, and she was far from star spangled
Had basic skills, and worked part time in mills
Raised buffalo's, cause she was behind them BILLS
Had a man who always roared like LION
A domestic violent cat, tackled the girl and kept her crying
Couldn't care, she was losing her hair, from depression
She was in the air, and there was some room for interceptions
I told her to stay strong, not to be ashamed
You're a "ten-i-see", you just need to TITAN your game
Her ancestors were CHIEFS, who ran with running deer
On the sail with the SEAHAWKS, who battled the BUCCANEERS
The REDSKIN garments, was suede coat liners
Held rare coins, frequently sought from gold miners
They were hard working warriors, we call over timers
Shot plenty arrows at COWBOYS and 49ERS
Her interesting background, but quite unusual
A great force grip, but out of bounds for a musical
She told me to call her, if I came to town
I started TEXAN her, soon as my plane had touchdown
Holding my luggage, in the hand that revealed the bad scars
She pulled up at arrivals, driving the JAGUAR
Her BROWN skin was soft, her legs beautifully shaven
Her house was fly, sitting on the roof, was a RAVEN
As we entered, I heard laughter
She walked into a large living room, I went after her
There was two of her, girlfriends, playing chess like they were VIKINGS
Militant as PANTHERS, they're resemblance was striking
Had on thongs, high heels, and belts that was garter
Energized like phones that just came off the CHARGER
I introduced myself to gain yardage
Cuz anything less then smooth, would of been straight up garbage
The shorter one met me, when I had a sky pager
Thought I rolled with robbers, STEELERS and panty RAIDERS
She took fruit from the orange bowl, it was in season
One of them said she loved the juice and kept squeezing
I knew that I was gonna get, wined and dined
It would of been a penalty, not to pass the scrimmage line
Now I laid back and relaxed, waiting for the kick-off
One removed the lip gloss, like she was bout to lick all
She caressed me, with fingertips soft as velvet
Dying for me to PACKER, as she stroked my helmet
And I was thinking these girls was SAINTS
But it was first and ten, and there was extra walls to paint
Before you know it, I had all three in a huddle
Buckin' like a COLT, before I released them puddles
They spread EAGLES like wide receivers
As I RAM them in the endzone, and they became true believers

[Outro: movie sample]
I be liking chess
Cuz chess is crazy, right there, that's the ultimate
It's like a great hobby right there, playing chess
The board, the pieces, the squares, the movement
You know, war, capturing, thinking, strategy
Planning, music, it's hip-hop, and sports
It's life, it's reality

. . .

(feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard, RZA)

[Intro: Ol' Dirty Bastard (RZA)]
Yo, check this out, my name is the Ol' Dirty Bastard
Youknowhatimsayin, when I rhyme, when I, when I get down for my crown
I come out crazy like a, like a tiger, or something, knowhatimsayin
No, no, nobody can even F' with me, straight up and down
You knowhatimsayin', so that's how we coming in, knowhatimsayin?
(From the heart of Medina, to the head, to the east
To the plaza houses, a/k/a the Mountain
To the rugged lands of Shaolin, yo
We rock all, all, all in together now
Got played, got fresh, up-)

The world was bugging off this Wu-Tang nigga on the rock
That was just another spot on the muthafuckin' block
You forgot Cash Rule nigga? --- toss seven figures
He pull a trigger to make that account, get bigger
Had babies to feed, kept a bitch with need
Thousands shows booked, promoters on speed
His hands was in everything, including some pussy
From the Brazilian wax, to the uncombed bushy
From down state, psychiatric
Who tried to put a code on his brain until he cracked it
Now the media wanna view him like they knew him
And his head nurse, wanna sue him cause she blew him
Ever since he walked on stage, he was just a loose cannon
Wild drunk staggin', a nigga who kept standing
Class clown, who erase chalk from the board
The only choir member, that sing off chord, we were

[Chorus x2: GZA (w/ RZA)]
(All, all, all in together now)
Kept the balance, stay dressed for the weather now
Battle M.C.'s, anywhere, whatever town
And remain victorious, in any ground

The All In Together Now, started in Bed-Stuy
Human beatbox specialist, who dressed fly
A half ounce of blow and a forty ounce drinker
Magnificent flow, critical thinker
Unique is one grain of sand from the beach
And had bitches eating out of his hand
He was intelligent, his style was relevant
I can name ten niggaz that stole an element
From the high speed chase to the court arraignments
All of the above, was entertainment
He caused earthquakes, just from experiments
Some thoughts got lost, not knowing where it went
His songs had a rep for many inducements
Giving birth to new styles, after recruitments
There's no replacement or any supplement
He was a new testament, what he said, what he meant, we were

[Chorus x2]

The judge took a look at he, and threw the book at thee
The sentencing, would of made the average crook happy
They put him in a box, wrapped like a gift
In them straight jacket, watched by two, worked the shift
Gave him no phone calls, saw no sunlight
Like, Billie the Kid, in his last gun fight
Then days became weeks, weeks became months
Carved the calendar on the wall, with his front
The food pushed in, on the trays, looking sharp, in the cell
My hands covered with latex gloves
Cooks in the kitchen had laced his drinks
The wild ass physician, they was off the breaks
He got visits from shrinks who came in with ink-blots
Moving with they own plot, but the Dirt, he think not
He had nothing but time on his hands
As if he got him signed from the Clan, we were

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: RZA (chess sample)]
All, all, all, in together now
"All in together now!" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
"All in together now!" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
All, all, all, in together now
"All in together now!" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
"All in together now!" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
"All in together now!" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
"All in together now!" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
"All in together now!" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
"All in together now!" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
(Now white doesn't really wanna use up
His two remaining pawn moves, so he plays, king to E2)

. . .

(feat. Masta Killa, Prodigal Sunn)

[Chorus: GZA]
This is hip-hop, M.C.'s get busy
It's not pop, you'll front and you'll get dropped
You're listening to slanged out goodies, and Timberlands and hoodies
With the rhythm that came from the streets

I was a young one at the time, but started Mic Trippin'
Had rhythm like Ali, when he was rope skipping
I got crazy, when I heard the break beat
I used to lose it on niggaz on 4th and Main Street
They couldn't stop the attack, once I moved forward
Many was drawn back, assault was seen awkward
Only armed with the bow, and a mad flow
Poisonous arrows on a mark, that was set to go
Traveling at high speeds, towards a target
I never hit bystanders in crowded markets
Documenters catch this most intimate footage
In the center they come close, label it the hooded
Remarkable clips, of an uncut episode
They was given the safe, but never was left the code
Close up of those, who have paved the road
Invincible armor like that nigga we call The Toad

[Chorus x2]

[Prodigal Sunn]
Havoc on the block, shots from the ratchet, sizzle pop
Slugs spinning outta control, body's drop
You know the saying in the hood, fuck the cops
Certified on the clock, them ducks with metal glocks
It takes place on the planet in rocks
Take nothing for granted, raised by these thieves and bandits
The enchanted, sticky green keeps my eyes slanted
Hard times coming up in the ghetto, but the Sunn manage
Watch me take advantage, get it, split it, panoramic
The notes I quote, water like the great Atlantic
Never catch me frantic, swift with the antics
Bitch niggaz vanish, niggaz, they run rapid
Sun of a Man, son of the sun, son of a gun
Breaded from the slums of each one and teach one
What's done is done, son, the game is made
Stay sharp like switchblades, continue to get paid


[Masta Killa]
You know a muthafuckin' hit when it split ya wig back
Young Gatling, strapping a .38 revolver
It's going down, wait for the sound, my soldiers rally round
Ninja men, blending in, with the surrounding
'Nuff gunmen, 'nuff Flatbush yardmen strapped with the vest
No pussy test the God, the grounds is well held
Illegal desert eagle, cadaver dog
Search for the body that's lost, of course, it's BK
You heard niggaz got killed for sheik coats and big ropes
Legendary students that sold coke, some blocks that's still hot
From shots popped back in '88
The black gate where son lay, never made the paper
Just another caper pulled by a masked killer, broad day light
Crown Heights, some are Fahrenheit, heat blazing
Cops on the beat, stop the money flow of the street
My dough is whole wheat, the fam gotta eat

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: GZA samples]
[scratched up] "Come On!"
[repeated through the scratching] "This is hip-hop"

. . .

[Intro: movie sample]
We would drive them to the limit
Drive the invading forces to the limit
Where they lose their patience, and they will lose their hope
And the day will come, where they are driven down
To their lowest level and give up, this is the first time this Earth
That the habitual, articulate, how they plan to try and win
They plan to fight and do it here
But making sure, that they're losing their patience
And that they will lose their hope
The third rail will always live it to it's lowest level

Due the hellish events, the days were numbered
Agitated and withdrawn, the addicts wonder
Moving through eternal hell, constantly beaming
In the grips of evil, wrestling with their own demons
An ordinary ride, extraordinary challenge
That get caught between boroughs that was very hard to balance
Where the shots got louder, witnesses kept silent
Through those 12 terrain days of the summer, that stay violent
Soldiers that'll grill, to the boss' desire
Captivated by the idea of speed and quick to fire
Rushed, his orders came in a commanding tone
Carried out, executed within a, battle zone
Action, spoke louder than words, that made him walk
Cuz these kids had came with more music, than less talk
Thinkin' that they was bigger than U.S. Steel
They couldn't close a deal, without a cap to peel
But once the act of fear, is exceptionally calm
With unanswered questions, what harms the firearm
It beats killing the counter, horrific in it's own way
A groundbreaking case, that lasted for another day

[Chorus: GZA]
This is the city of fast money, expensive cars, topless bars
Movie stars and executives with fat cigars
Record labels that ain't stable, with low appraisals
And the lie that burn bridges due to fragile cables

Write off that unpredictable things could happen
Well aware of the sudden danger, we start scrapping
Violence can erupt within the blink of an eye
As a three night reign of terror, light up the skies
Other uprisings are in the years of making
The young start sizing up the hood, and get to taking
A high voltage power line, surrounds the gold mine
Soldiers on the front line, who sell dimes and hold nines
Many times enjoying themselves, much too much
They hit the clutch, before they pull out on such and such
It's a very unforgiving environment, cuz one out of two
Can get an early retirement, for many different reasons
The tale of the tape, is uneven
What they perceive as a prank, had stopped them from breathing
He was known to run towns, and brutally gun down
He said it was a great risk for him to be around


. . .

[Intro: movie sample]
When I request my flashing sword..
And my hand take hold on judgment..
I will take vengeance upon my enemies..
And I will repay those that hazed me..

[Chorus: GZA]
When you got bass all in your face
Sub woofers pumpin' all throughout the place
A fake rap nigga tryna plead his case
It's about to be, a catastrophe
And if you got beehive's, right before your eyes
About to start shit that'll attract the flies
And then you hear lies, followed by some cries
It's about to be, a catastrophe

Half of these rap lyrics ain't thoughts prevoked
Just alotta beef, til they get caught in smoke
But the problem is never cured, on top of that
Most of them be swingin' wild and then drop the bat
Many curious spectators, watch the human drama
This rap cat was all in the street without his armor
A homicidal attempt, that had failed
He flew off the roof, on the fence, got impaled
He talked a good one, but it was make believe
Much too low, for the human ear to perceive
He confused science fiction with science facts
He couldn't separate the block, from the recorded tracks
Need a rhyme or the tactic, gotta work your magic
Detailed and graphic, but the outcome is tragic
Something built to a complex network
With a panoramic vision, designed by experts
I be the ice breaker, for you unskilled skaters
I increase the heat significantly, just on paper


No matter what, I'm throwin' an iller dart
I can lay a verse, that'll soften a killer's heart
As fire as a five alarm blaze, that's too hot to be holding
You feel the heat, once the flame pumps lace your clothing
What some talk about, had little or no bearing
Could the next be some real shit, that's far from comparing
Materialistic M.C.'s, come off boring
Meanwhile, I be sketching up, deposit drawings
Through the years, a countless, number of victories
Changing the era, we swarm unpredictably
A rhyme book is not, difficult to manage
I leave a mic in a bandage, from catastrophic damage
Rap niggaz on a trip, gotta steal your sandwich
So I creeped, division reports was left on canvas
I made it through the worst extremes of cold weather
Scuffed up, but remained durable as old leather
But I hold the pen, you feel the whiff of Polo wind
Something like Jesus, when he civilize older men
The math that shed light, all across the borders
If our wisdom was the vast expands of fresh waters


[Outro: GZA (chess sample)]
We call it a sword style, because, we are lyrical assassins
And we aware that the tongue is symbolic to the sword
The lyrical assassins... the lyrical assassins... a sword style...
(The procedure is, check with the knight
Move the knight away to deliver a discovered check from the queen
Then, sacrifice the queen to force the rook next to the king
Then mate with the knight)

. . .

His autobiography had came to an end
With the final chapter written in blood upon the skin
From snakes, that was dirty as rodents
Therefore to a starving one, the call for hunger is potent
Some kids at a young age, their skull is fractured
Their mind store the sickest images ever captured
They draw pistols to resolve issues
To give 'em a sense of closure to expose the brain tissue
The shells was evidence, of a violent event
That left a young dealer bent, from a hundred rounds spent
The lifestyle, is a thousand miles from a minister
A small con game with something far more sinister
Peer pressure got him moving faster, a paradise of mutation
Open the gates of disaster
And murder is not the only cold blooded crime
You got fiends that'll torture the teens to get a dime

[Chorus: GZA]
Empty ya pockets, nigga, and don't move
You react any other way, and they'll prove
Cuz they ain't got a problem with laying ya ass out
Or putting in work, so you can see what it's about
Money got the flow, nigga, and don't stop
Whether drugs or a hoe, nigga, stay on top
Cuz they don't have a problem with running up in ya house
And burning it to the ground, after the shit is doused

I told him to save his breathe
Cuz he hovered on the brink of death
He wasn't living right before he left
His life took an unexpected turn
For those who walked that path, here's a lesson to learn
Coming from a nesting ground, of those on the growl
In a state of darkness, menacing on the prowl
Local rivals and known competitors
Who tried to stay clear from the, spying eyes of predators
On the hunt, they constantly taught persistence
Those with less heart, keep a respectful distance
The pray, no, it's too hot, to lay in the street
They find shaded areas, a few feet from the heat
Cuz if not, then, it will be costing one
Who will soon evaporate under a scorching sun
Cuz when the drought is on, it's little left
Then what lies ahead, dehydration and eventual death


[Outro: GZA]
We doing music from the heart, and not from the charts

. . .

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