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Текст песни "Advance Pawns"

(feat. RZA, Raekwon, Sen Dog)

[Intro: RZA]
Yeah, yeah, a special guest appearance
From the slums.... yo, aiyo

I examine your diameter, third eye light the camera up
Be careful, I got four ninjas, inside your parameter
Perimeter, flame burst out all sides like Gamora
My poisonous is released, gas from the canister
Raise the black fist, we keep the earth on it's axis
I make a good day move slow like molasses
Welcome to the bee hive, dual processor with the G5
There's not a tape or disco break I can't revive
In this high tech world of fire wire and microchip
We still keep the four-five clip, filled with the spiral tip

I come from the 36 Chambers of danger
With many lyrical swordsmen, that quick to change ya
The difficulty to see closely, is mostly
It's a critical point, when ya rap niggaz approach me
Like the blind, death, dumb, who mind was left numb
A non B-Boy nigga, couldn't rhyme to the drum
When I started M.C.'ing I entered, the gates of pleasure
Not knowing, I be coming with, too much to measure
With the math of an elder, and the steel of a welder
The path of tray, that I had laid down, to held a
Blueprint, that would draw attention like the Pope
I examine all with the internal mirror of the scope

Supreme deluxe edition, CREAM with a touch of wisdom
Beams that through up the system, spleens, I conduct, you listen
How you gonna tell me no, yo, the fuck you is in
Locked in a four block radius like a public prison
Twenty two year old, dunn, ain't got a cup to piss in
But he got a barrel gun, and that's knuckle twitching
And he got a baby moms and a cousin bitching
Went to catch a body, now he stuck in another prison

When you see it, you better acknowledge, your all swords
Blaze the green hundred fours
Pull out on you, blew you for the cause
And Sudan outst a nigga, seclude you from my Clan
This is water glock, aces on cameras sniffin' raw
Why try to fuck with these lecturers
I'm so high powered, my electrical structure blew down the floor
You was king for a second, I reigned, came with a different name
The W.T.C. Family and more, one!

They applause when I make my entrance
I move on 'em with age and experience, before I start the sentence
The rhyme was designed to meet most demand
Is enough to compensate, fertilize the land
He blew out the belt drive, M.C.'s they felt vibes
Powerful dart, narrowly missing your whole tribe
Scientists look, at the magnitude and devastation
But the strands of heavy metal seem to have no relation
But it's always potential for large scale disasters
Because the instrumentals, spins a hundred times faster
Many was taken, is at the price of a pawn
And the collective lost had left, thousand of mourn
Them Clansmen, are the nucleus of hip-hop
There's no room for error, M.C.'s will get dropped
Evidence of terrifying threats from heat pressure
Power by strong winds that blew rhymes off the dresser
The words spread through the town from Yonkers to Leffers
And to kill off the slang was a city wide effort
But they couldn't be more wrong, my click was all strong
Fit together seamlessly, til you're all gone

[Outro: chess sample]
The queen by far, is the strongest piece
Should too, should not be prematurely brought
Into play, during in the opening
Or she will be attacked by wicked pieces
And driven back, it is very dangerous
To make a raid with the queen early on in the game
It is best, in opening, to make but one move with the queen
And that, to a square where she is not exposed
To any direct or indirect attack

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