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Zola Jesus
Zola Jesus

Настоящее имя Nika Roza Danilova
Дата рождения 11 апреля 1989 г.
Место рождения Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.
Жанры Experimental
Годы 2006—н.в.
См. также Former Ghosts

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Тексты песен Zola Jesus

Текст песни "Poor Animal"

I feel my hold on the ground
Take me under
Take me down

I am warm with surprise I know
It's the same every time

I am bold but I don't matter
What my name is
Where I rise

It's the same when I leave and when I arrive
I'm not allowed to feel alright

I will not lie in a row
Perfect little line
Get right

We are small and we don't know
Nothing changes
When you're gone

We are delusional
Poor animal

I am not your savior
Save me please
I am not your savior
Save me please

We are delusional
Poor animal

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