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Willy Mason

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Тексты песен Willy Mason

Текст песни "I Can't Sleep"

i can't sleep
when you're gone
nighttime speaks
and i'm too proud to break the firing line
i'm waiting for the gods to take my eyes
take them out beyond the border line
show me the road through eagles eyes
i know that way we haven't far to ride
books and hooks and paper cups
oh help me i can't sleep
its just a game but oh that game
something strong
crawling round my mind does not belong
pillows soft
tell myself again till i get lost
i'm looking for the space between the space
that gathers dust in every eager age
skate across the top of this great maze
skate as though i know i can't be saved
strangers from the future
now are speaking right though me
they lead the way to my escape
ohhhhh ahhhhhh

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