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Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson

Настоящее имя Willie Hugh Nelson
Дата рождения 30 апреля 1933 г.
Откуда Abbott, Texas, U.S.
Жанры Country
Country Rock
Outlaw country
Alternative Country
Годы 1956—н.в.
Лейблы RCA Records
Island Records
Columbia Records
Atlantic Records
Lost Highway Records
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Тексты песен Willie Nelson

Текст песни "Darkness On The Face Of The Earth"

The morning that you left me was just another day
How could I see the sorrow that had found me
Then you left and told me that I was in your way
And I turned and ran as heaven fell around me
I stumbled through the darkness my footsteps were unsure
I live within a world that had no sunshine
When you left me darling my world came to an end
And there was darkness on the face of the earth
The stars fell out of heaven and the moon could not be found
The sun was in a million pieces scattered all around
Why did you ever leave me you knew how it would hurt
And now there's darkness on the face of the earth

[ guitar ]

The stars fell out of heaven...
And now there's darkness on the face of the earth

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