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Will Downing

Тексты песен Will Downing

Текст песни "All About You"

I'm not a perferct man, but I do the best I can
To make you feel satisfied
Can't think of nothing else
I just can't help myself
I wish that you were right her by my side
I called you on the phone
even stopped by your home
I gotta see you so bad
You're always on my mind
I feel you deep inside
Baby, you're the best thing that I ever had

Have I told you
That you mean the world to me
And it's all about you and me
Let me show
Together what we can be
And it's all about you and me

I like the things you do
the sexy way you move
You know the things that I like
For me theres only you, for you my love is true
I'll never, ever leave you and girl that's no lie


Have I told you, have I ever told you
Your are the my world and baby, I love you
Let me show you, baby let me show you
Every minute, of everyday
I'm gonna be with you for always


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