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Westside Connection

Альбом Westside Connection

Bow Down (1996)
. . .

Tha world is mine nigga get back
Dont fuck with my stack the gage is racked
About to drop the bomb I am tha motherfuckin don
Big fish in a small pond
Now tha feds wanna throw the book at the crook
but I shook they worm and they hook
Guppies hold they breath they wanna miss me
when I am tipsey
Runnin everything WEST of the Mississippi
Its the unseen pullin strings wit my pinky ring
We got your woman so pucker up
FO we fuck her up
Bow down before I make a phone call
Got 25 niggaz runnin up on ya'll
Fo the cheese we want them keys
Everybody freeze on ya knees butt naked please
Before any of you guppies get heart
Nigga rewind my part and....(Bow Down)
(MACK 10)
I take ten steps and I draw
Now who's dissin the mad ass Inglewood
I bust like a pimple my mind is illmental
The Westside connects with me and south central
And a drag from tha zig zag cant fuck with the
Holdin down tha wild west like a kid they
call Billy
Once again it's Mack 10 the gold crown holda
Strong as a Coca-Cola with a crome pistola
Now who wanna fuss so I can buss when I cuss
My look bring you fear with gear deom the Surplus
Since a teen I chased tha green the crack scene
Lolos Cornishes and Bagguetts on my peices
So reconize these real G's take the cheese
The WESTSIDE CONNECTION keep it rollin like gold
Three Wheelin and Dealin is like tha California
But in tha mean while in my town you got to

Bow Down when you come to my town
Bow down when we west-ward bound cuz
we aint no haters like you
Bow Down to some nigga's that's greater than
--End Hook--

Well it's that chuck wearin still sportin a
beanie the shadiest
nigga in the click who want to see me as I slide
my locs on let
my khakis hang WESTSIDE CONNECT gang bing bing
bang run away run
away or get yo punk ass sprayed by this H double
O to D to the
S.T.A fuck hidin it iam gang related simple and
plain which
means I culd give a fuck about you nigga's in
the rap game
Flashy nigga's get stuck up beat the fuck up when
you come around
keep your chain tucked from this zero zero's
affiliated fuck a
studio lyricist I'm real with this talk the talk
walk the walk
Dis me on WAX and Iam tryin to saw your whole fuckin
head off
I'm platium bond so bitch shut up punk all yahh
Could kiss my converse like sh'o nuff....

(ICE CUBE)--Spoken

(Yea lemme tell you sumthin)
(gangsta's make the world go round)
(you aint gotta clown)
(But if you livin on tha WEST SIDE of yo town)
(Make them other fool's BOW DOWN)

. . .

Iam gettin dizzy as the world keeps spinnin like
a frisbie
Gangsta's and girls make the world twirl
No hesitation I can run a nation from incarceration
30 years is what Im facin
but give me 7 seas and 11 gees
I make enough cheese to bring wall street to its
Nigga please I got enough guns
To fill the empire state building full of 1's
Go to school is what you tell us
But nigga's in school is scared of the Goodfellas
We got the Yayo you can just say no
But nobody makes a fuckin move untill I say so
That's how it is and that's how it's gonna be
Kids when you grow up who the fuck you wanna
Like me ya black superhero
Got enough zeros to hire Bob Shapiro
Ya honor Im have to get rid of ya
Because it aint no trivia about my house in WEST BOLIVIA
Blew the jury a kiss they rather dismiss
Them swim the big fish
YOU fuckin guppies!!!!!!!!
Gangsta's make the world go round
Not just saggin waving my flag and never will
I ease up nigga
so stop askin see I was taught as a tiny loc on
the set its all
about the pussy & money fuck the rest nigga this
tech is quicker
to collect when Im seekin all the jewlery & the
money so miss
me with that preachin teaching fuck all that
bullshit I want to
slang yae like Noriaga sit back watch my paper
collect like the
I.R.S. as I kick it with 50 bitches all on my dick
just like the
president & like the police I want a gang of killers
all on my
side thats down to lie more crooked that St. Ides rip ride on my
behalf as I call shots as if I was Saddaam Hussein
jackin motha
fuckas for Dana Danes hated by many bit I don't
care because I
rather be feared than loved with a pocket full
of dubs because
Gangsta gangsta's make th eworld go round & if
you want a peice
then you best to be down so quit chastising me
analzing me &
like the escorts look over your sholder nigga its
plain to see
crooked ass cowards......................
Gangstas Make The World Go ROund
(Mack 10)360 degrees like my D's the world be spinning
Nigga's been sinning since the beginning
Historys a trip so I peep when Iam reading
Nigga's probaly grew weed in the garden of Eden
Before big ballin sex cars and loot
Its like bitches been scandolaus biting forbidden
But gangsta's dont deal with that shit, on the
And since they regulating hoes I roll with the
Best side
So check it as my lifetime is ticking
Coming up strong licking and flipping chickens
Need cheese in amounts of G's
I gave up sports to slang Key's
But blamed it on my Knees
Make sure I got what I need
to make your order
Everything to baggies triple beams to jugs for
my water
like a snitch lifes a bitch a world full of drama
Drug paraphernalia being found by my momma
Trauma brings the sad song on your way to killa king
So now I stand with heat in my hand for my whole
life span
Cause evil lurks the land
Plus I got a packet with this gang-bang jacket
Gotta hold it keep it loaded devoted since quoted
Fo sho One-0 got the ups on thses prankstas
While the world keep twisting as a Westside
Gangstas make the world go round

. . .

[Mack 10 talking]
Goddamn! New York City!
Skyscrapers and everything!

[Ice Cube]
Back in the day, we used to respect y'all niggas
We used to be down with y'all niggas
All you have for the West Coast, is criticism and disrespect
So I say to you and your city
y'all niggas will never get our respect again
Westside nigga (Keeping it real)
Yeah! (Keeping it real)

Is Brooklyn in the house?!? (Check it out)
What about Queens in the house?!? (INGLEWOOOOD!!!)
Manhattan in the house?!? (South Central)
Long Island in the house?!? (Check it out)
Is the Bronx in the house?!? (Waddup)
Staten Island in the house?!? (Woop woop)
The West Coast is in the house sayin
why you talkin loud?!?
What you talkin bout?!?

[Ice Cube]
Fuck all the critics in the N-Y-C
Who wants to rock the microphone after me?
Think of who you are and who you be
My energy holds it down like the NFC
I'm going thorough thru your borough
wit my Raider jacket and my jheri curl, gangstas rule the world
On the west, nevertheless, W-S
We got the bomb and you niggas got the stress

[Mack 10]
You couldn't have said it no better homeboy
With my automatic toy, I kill and destroy
These buster ass critics from the N-Y-C
Don't they know that I be from the I-N-G
My peeps play for keeps, deep crews pay dues
by murder ones and twos, rip riders and Damus
Choose to stay gangsta, you never ever ran us
We bustin clips like bananas, sportin colored bandanas

It's the Mister hoodsta, cap peeler
Dusty ass New York critic killer
Dumping and pumping the motherfuckin lead in their chest
because ain't none of them niggas ever gave it up for the West
So now it's on and, the gauge in my pants got me limpin
Fuck U-N-I-T-Y, I'm coast trippin
Saggin as a Pelle, smashin tape recorders
This is 187 on a New York reporter

"New York, New York"
"New York, New York"
"New York, New York"
"New York, New York"

[Ice Cube]
Fuck all the critics in the N-Y-C
tryin to get an East hip-hop monopoly
But I've been writing gangsta shit since '83
when y'all was still scared to use profanity
Now everybody wanna run and go and get triggers
and blame it on these West Coast seven-figure niggas
Just because we made it real niggas got to deal
I hope blood ain't got to spill, I kill

[Mack 10]
It's like the battle of the sexes
You wanna treat us like bitches cos we're platinum when we flex this
With mic in hand, fans in the stands
We make a mill-ion from California to Japan, bitch
Went overseas, seen D's how we done it
88's to 100's to let me know who really run it
This West Coast gangsta shit got it crackin, or we jackin
Packin nina's and sellin out arenas, niggas

You make me wanna holler, throw up both my Dubs
And roll these niggas up, I got to beat em
when I see me, T-Roller cut off his scrotum
Leave em bleedin in particles for them biases articles
I'm mashin and blastin so get the casket
I bet you after this I get a fuckin hip-hop classic
I'm banning you niggas from the scene
Kickin over newstands, pouring gasoline on your magazines

[Ice Cube]
To the West my niggas, to the West
To the West my niggas, to the West
To the West my niggas, to the West
We the best my niggas don't stress

Fuck all the critics in the N-Y-C
and your articles tryin to rate my LP
Fuck your backpacks and your wack ass raps
Sayin we ain't real because we make snaps
Sellin 6-fo's to the dab, what you lookin at?
With your Brooklyn hat and your pen and pad, nigga
I got a pocket full of green busting at the seams
Fuck your baggy jeans, fuck your magazines

[Mack 10]
Hey hey hey, what's happenin round tre?
It's still M-Y critic K on mines all motherfuckin day
It's a trip the script flipped from when you niggas was bossin
Got to flossin, fell off, and got the nail in the coffin
Who wanna regret, fuckin with my set
I be a 24-year street Westside Connect vet
You niggas better watch how you greet us when you meet us
We packin heaters and the only way you beat us is cheat us

AIIIIYO!!! Nigga fuck that shit
I gotta, kill it kill it, fuck a New York critic
He write about how I lived it, did it, plus I'm still with it
Puttin it down on all these DJs, hate, fakin and flakin
Never once played my record on their radio station
No love for a New York critic or disc jock
Matter of fact I'm blamin all y'all for fuckin up hip-hop

Is Brooklyn in the house?!? (Check it out)
What about Queens in the house?!? (WESTSIIIIIIIDE!!!)
Manhattan in the house?!? (And it don't stop)
Long Island in the house?!? (YEAH! YEAH! Check it out)
Is the Bronx in the house?!?
Staten Island in the house?!? (Say what say what??)
The West Coast is in the house sayin (Yeah)
why you talkin loud?!?
What you talkin bout?!?

[Ice Cube] [Mack 10 talking over Ice Cube]
Why talkin loud?!? Yeah, take it how you wanna take it, punk
What you talkin bout?!? We're gonna make it how
*repeat 15x* we gonna make it, punk
WESTSIDE NIGGA!!! What y'all niggas talkin about?
Y'all ain't acquantin and barkin on hip-hop
This Westside Connection

. . .

Say hoe I got way more dick than them niggas rolling your lexos
No punk ass Versace gear just the nigga with the triple 1 braids in his beard
Quick to get the pussy dripping so quit tripping
Like you got a nigga resembling Donnie Simpson
Hoe I'm from the wild wild west fuck them preppy niggas
You need to get with this malt
Liqour sipper picture me simpin over ya never
How ya figure I'll be crying over yo ass like a
Baby face nigga bitch you better be glad
I got 3 strikes because back in '85
I'd been done gave your ass a black eye
See I been waving at your ass all week but all
You do is roll your eyes like your shit don't stink
So now it's time for a nigga clown your ass
Because I can tell from the tattoos you's a high class hood rat
Don't want to fuck with niggas in khakis
But hoe I bet for the dough
You quick to jack that ass like a 4
So quit fronting on a nigga and lick these and bitch
hit the road with your fucked up weave.......

(Ice Cube)

How would you like to get a nigga rugged and raw
Outlaw rollin' down the shaw
Don't you want a mothafucka that's hard
Or a bitch-made cute as El Debarge?
Do you like negros?
Him and those?
Individuals called criminals?
How'd you figure a West Coast nigga
Drinking liquor got to know how to dig you
When we dated straight fade it
Penetrated, Ms. sasfisacated
No daddy hate it
Never met a nigga quite as fly as me
All bottled up in your high society
You want to chech my mental
Cause how could a nigga from South Central rollin' in a Benzo
Spice in ya life is what you need you intreigued by the smell of my weed
I represent reality in your world full of lies
And I can see it in your eyes
You worried sick and I'm chillin' (Westside)
Tell your family to fuck off and roll with this villian

Do you like negros, him and those, individuals called criminals?(2x)

(Mack 10)
Who wanna fuck wit it I put it down for real tho
It's Mack 10 and let you niggas know I'm gun ho
Baby I guess maybe I can get with your program
With hunnit spode tonas on my front and back
Broham hit a lick or two make your whole life a thriller
Make you wanna shake the nerd and come ride with a killa
Hot as sauce out the floss no need to be discreet
I swing the fuck out this bitch til my bumper touch the street
On switches and I'm workin jerkin hot ya nigga smirkin
Jack the ass up and down til my back wheels is chirpin
You need to be with me bitch you too fucking bombay
To be on the Shaw with a nigga with a Hyundai
I take you through my neighborgood raise where crime pays
No girbauds no fades just cacky's and French braids
And my friends is niggas that know what ends is
In high-top Chucks pushin V-12 Benz'
With hoochy hoes groopy hoes
You know those with a gang of money lolo' and penitintiary fo do's
So shake him now no need of waitin of debatin
Slam the door on them five stars and hop on these Daytons


Dee, dee, dee, daddi, daddi, dee, dee, daddi day
I come from the crew I thought you knew we don't play
I see your frowning but I'm clownin' anyway
Can't nobody fade K-Dee baby, baby
I know you're Catholic
But can you have you have dick up in them guts all the way to
These nuts
Your a rich girl far from skeezer
I'm playing at the mall with your Visa
You wanna swang with K-Swinger
(When the West is in the houseoh my God! danger)
But take a hit you'll live
But when you hit it hoe you got to puff, puff give
Now I see you giggling
But all I wanna see is ass wiggling and titties jiggling
So what you wanna do?
Don't go chasing waterfalls
Stick to them dicks and balls your use to
Go ahead and take a big lick
Cause girls look so good on the end of
My dick
That right is it tight?
I know you ain't a dike
What type of nigga do you like?


(chorus II)
Bitch I'm from the wild, wild west
Can't you tell buy the "S" on my chest
We got hoes for days
Plus we claiming no stress no mothafuckin' dress


(chorus II)

Do you like criminals?

. . .

[Mack 10]
Gangstas don't dance, we boogie
niggas go out and get your cookies
Gangstas don't dance we boogie
stay the fuck away from the rookies

. . .

(Intro: Ice Cube)
Hey, living in a California cage--ya'll trying to study me
Gangbangin' a never die--it's too much love
You always gonna get niggas like us, you know what I mean
God damn--how many more motherfuckin' penatentaries ya'll gonna build
How many jars you gonna try to put us in
You know what I'm saying

Killa county is a state, murda (*repeat 4X*)

(Ice Cube)
Can't none of ya'll niggas fuck with none of these niggas
These triggas we's killas[hahaha]
Sittin' on the porch in between legs
Wit a bitch French braiding my head
Leave 'em til they matted forearm tatted
What's the Connection bitch you looking at it
It don't stop
I hit mo' licks than it
Takes to get to the center [once, two, three]of a blow pop
And it's gonna take a miracle
To drive a car this color down Imperial
Yeah, I got heart but ain't trying to see Marcia Clark
[Punk ass nigga] So let's wait till it get dark
So many foe's walk in my ???
It's like the international, house of pancakes
All on the grass, every bitch passed
A first not last, when we all hit the ass
Doin' tricks jacked up like a six[what]
One Pussy, and thirteen dicks
Gangsta's don't dance we boogie[ahhh]
Niggas run out and get ya cookie

Killa county is a state, murda (*repeat 4X*)

Who's that dumpin' out that window hoo riding[westsiide]
nobody survives when I got my steel up
Throwing my shit up pulling the trigga
What the fuck you lookin' at nigga[whistle]
True blue when I bust
Leavin' bodies hangin' like the tongue of my chucks
Chalk another one, homicidal in the G ride
I swear I'm killing every nigga standing outside
letting 'em have it
With my double barrel sawed off
I'm smoking everybody nigga bitches and all
Stretch 'em out in broad daylight muthafuck the witnesses
eyes big as golf balls from the funny cigarette[haha]
as the sun frowns on my forehead
I sweat murder which makes me a walking dead man
man bringing more bad news than shlepp rock
when I bust shots
W.C. keep the hammer cocked

The gangsta, the killa, and the dope deala (*repeat 4X*)

(Mack 10)
What's crackin
Well, it's the nigga that's housin' the scene
I got pounds of green and birds sittin' on the triple beams
I put it down on and off the record my flats a
double decker, marble floors all checkered
Now what can I say every bitch I lay be pure and
bombay like Peruvian yae
So I brag and I boast man I got the most, man
I make more deliveries than the postman
My homie Carlito plug me with the amigos an
now it's kilos five and six double zeros
Now what's next I'm stuck like a Kotex
blindin' niggas with the buggas in my Rolex
With my aces o-t on a regular basis
we got pauveted faces fightin' federal cases
cause ain't nothin' reala' than niggas gettin' they scrilla
like a gangsta, a killa
But Mack I'll be the dope deala

Killa county is a state, murda (*repeat 4X*)
The gangsta the killa and the dope deala[murda] (*repeat 8X*)

Damn it's a trip, all these cameras goin up
I cant go here, I can't go there
I feel institutionalized
And i'm on the street

. . .

In about four seconds,a gangsta will begin to speak

Well it's the mad chickenhawk with the dirty lick style
And pullin 211's ever since TAA-DOOW
There's ten million ways to die
Choosin Mack and hit the boopin floosin
Off this gang-bang music
So all I'd wanna got the room stumped
I'm smokin,make dough like Trump
Cookin ??? to they chunk,punk!
Straight off dust,nigga trust I bust
And cross em out and put a'K if they ain't down with us

It's off the hook,nigga,I'm a Westside crook,nigga
The forty motherfuckin dollars on my books,nigga
I'm not an MC,I'm not a G
I mean I'm A-to fuckin-Z and everything in between
Rappers like gangbangin cos I'm in it to the fullest
And my hood ain't never dodgin bullets
It's all about the Bloods and Crips,no one tri-ips
Colours and dips,bitches and chips,nigga!

What's this my ??? low-grader system
That takes puff B-I-itches on the premises
Nigga be dissin on a down low
So now my motto's:"Fuck every rapper from the East and the West Coast"
New School,Old School,I hate you motherfuckers
I'm steady plottin,cracklin my ass wit'cha album covers
Cross em out and put a'K
Then no Saint days,nigga,then run the fuckin holidays

*Chorus [3x]: Ice Cube, Mack 10, WC*
'Ey! I Cross 'Em Out and Put a 'K!
Nigga! To South Central L.A.!

Goddamn nigga!This shit make me sick
All these West Coast cowards ridin New York beat(Brrgh!)
Busters get sprayed wearin high-top fades
And Cango's backwards with dark-ass shades
No switchblades,nigga,we shoots
That's how it is on the West when you're true to your roots
So kill the action,punk,hootchie bitches clown
Nigga get your sag on and keep your pants legs down

Check it!Ho shut your mouth and get naked!
I'm Connected and ain't no bitches singin on this record
No R&B tracks,just niggas on wax
Kickin facts with these gang-bang raps
Every nigga in the industry wanna rap with me
Like it's all good,you ain't from my hood
Nigga,I don't even like your shit,I don't like your form
I'm true,your through,nigga FUCK you!

Nigga get off,this shit is wacked
Fuck that,I bust you in the can with a motherfuckin propajack
Spit on ya,shit on ya when I get on your pissil
You're goin up and your fuckin cos I ain't lovin none of ya
And even the female rappers are gettin smacked
Stabbed in the titties and kicked in the back
Cos I'm a westside Connection hista
Bored from a lover dishin nothin but (?foolers?) and dirty rubbers


In about four seconds,a killa will begin to speak

Now you can cross out the busters and snitches
B-Real and Miss Muggs is like Hollywood bitches
From the niggas I know in the streets I run through
Swear to god bitch,real it ain't one dog and no(body)
So watch what you say,who ya talkin bout,ya tweakin
And keep hogs out'cha mouth when ya bitch ass is speakin
I'm sick wit it,cappin'cha dome till I hit it
This Westside Connection,Cypress know they can't fuck with it

Use to get kisses and hugs,now I'm servin ya slugs
Fuck B-Real and Muggs,y'all niggas ain't no fuckin thugs
Be all surprised,everybody dies
From Columbian neckties covered with fright
Ya fuckin maggots,ya fuckin faggots
I shoulda hurt you,every motherfucker that I know wanna hurt you
So when I pull my spray-can to spray
I'm sprayin C-H-K all motherfuckin day

I once knew this bitch by the name of Q-Tip
Who claim he had a problem with this gangsta shit
Behind closed doors,runnin his mouth like a trick-in
Till this nigga bout the name of Dove caught him slippin
Tied his ass up and threw him in the truck
Put an apple in his mouth and dug his ass out
I ??? ??? lead him then down his body stashed
In a trash bag with a cue-cover in his ass


Don't go chasin waterfalls
Stick to them dicks and balls you're used to
Punk ass motherfuckers!

. . .

[Ice Cube]
Oh Yeah,
It ain't over motherfuckers...
Niggas don't understand...
Every few years,
Niggas got to get their motherfucking caps peeled back...
Nigga this is Westside nigga...dont think, nigga DONT THINK!
Now, next motherfuckers...go by the name of Cypress Hill
K all motherfucking day

[Ice Cube]
Every few years niggas think they can deal with the real
Now I gots to fuck Cypress Hill
I got a voice you should fear!
I drink a beer bust a rap and end your fucking career
You fuckin cowards
Never seen a hood high powered
Like the Westside Connect
Slide me my tech
I Got'em
Soon as I spot'em I'm dumpin
Gots to treat these bitch ass niggas like they stole something
I see a joint in your clutch
You're smokin that shit too much
Got your bitch ass touched
Sen Dogg you can't rap from the guts
And B-Real sounding like he got baby nuts
I don't know why y'all think y'all slick
I don't know what rapper down wit your click
I don't know one bitch on your dick
And I don't know one nigga pumping your shit
I hear you claiming South Central wait...
You ain't from my hood!
Y'all hoes from South Gate
Coming with a voice high pitched
The "B" in B-Real must stand for Bitch

[Mack 10]
We'll its the Hip-Hop junkie startin static
Now I'm rolling up Cypress Hill
letting niggas have it
Got these wannabe thugs up
Load my slugs up
Hey yo back up Cube Dogg we passed that bitch Muggs up
Pull over and let me out this show no sight
And let me show this White Boy
What that Westside Connect like
Boo Ya Boo Ya! from tha gauge as I spit them
Tha buck shots spray and made them lay as I hit'em (Uhhh)
Ain't got the Swedish punks ass no mo'
1 down and 2 to go
Hand me a Fo' Fo'
Let me get my ride on
Get my homicide on
B-Real wish he could be me 'cause he know he can't see me (Biiiiiitch!)
You should have known you can't fade a real hog
Bringin Inglewood small
Cause I'm a real dogg
You bustas wanna see me but you bustas can't come close
Because I'm ACE homies with Americas Most
Nigga miss me
I'm used to a hoe trying to kiss me
Now what gave your bitch ass enough heart to diss me?
You'll come up missing
And Sen Dogg is so wacked he ain't even worth dissin (hahaha)
You niggas need to listen
On everything I love my heat can't release a dub
Fuck rappin fuck strapping I'll create another bloody glove
Its 1 - 0 and For sho' I'll kill
You pussies can't match my skill
Cause I'm the King Of The Hill!

[Ice Cube]
Everybody in the Ghetto, know what you're doing
1 white boy and 2 fucking Cubans
Claiming that you're Loco
But you ain't Mexican
Listen to "No Vaseline" Before you flex again
Fucking with tha hoggs
You say you bloods
But you ain't nothing but a Dogg fool
On tour only rapping to tha yuppies
We the Big Fish that'll make a dish out you fucking guppies
So who y'all with?
Niggaz down with Cypress can wipe this shit off my dick
Has I stick it like King Kong
And play Ping Pong
With this fake ass Cheech and Chong
Did you tell ya
Momma that I had to help ya
When Sen Dogg left your bitch ass in Australia
You say that I took your hook?
It must be the White Boy thinking all niggaz crooks
Now What? You hip-hop Hippies
How you fucking junkies
Think you Gonna Punk Me?
And chill
And Deal with tha fact that you ain't got enough skill
To kill
The King Of The Hill

Ice Cube could you pass me my steel?
[Ice Cube]
For real!
I'm the king of the Hill!

[Ice Cube]
Mack10 could you pass me my steel?
For real!
[Ice Cube]
I'm the King of the Hill!

Ice Cube could you pass me my steel?
[Ice Cube]
For real!
I'm the king of the Hill!

[Ice Cube]
Westside could you pass me my steel?
For real!
[Ice Cube]
I'm the King of the Hill!

"I'm havin Illusions"

[Ice Cube]
A Westside niggas whooping on your motherfuckin ass
That's what you gotta loose u lil' BITCH

Yeah nigga youse a bitch
Dogg we aint got no niggas like you on my side
Nigga this is Inglewood
Westside Yeeeeeah

[Ice Cube]
Check it out...
We're waiting for round 2 you punk ass mothefuckers
and anybody else that wanna get some
Stand in line
But bring a lunch mothefuckers...

. . .

Intro, Ice Cube:

What would you do
If I punked your whole crew?
Would you run like a bitch from me?
Niggaz don't test
Cause we come from the west
Yes the W-S to the C
Westside niggaz
Fuck everybody that used to be down
That ain't down no mo
Y'all niggaz ain't from the best side
Y'all don't know how we puts it down
Trick ass motherfuckers

Verse 1, Ice Cube:

Let's make it happen, nigga, fuck rappin I'm bellin
With three time felons, nigga, who you tellin?
Doug Lou Ellen that a fool sellin
Thirty-six ounces what that amounts is
A whole chicken finger licken is the rumor
Catch a tumor you say I'm dickin my consumer
Suede Puma's as I walk down Florence
With warrants that don't go to court in Torrance
Tonight I'm buzzin thought I wasn't
Mack 10 and W.C. is like my blood cousins
Eleven strikes from armed robbery to stolen bikes
A nigga likes your motherfuckin Nikes

I shift gears when I see tears
Fuck a record, fuck a movie
I rack my uzi
On boosy niggaz that pretend to be friend to me
We the dopest niggaz on Hennessy in the industry
I did a lick well
I'm in a thick cell
Gold teeth, two motors and pig tails
And when I hear Westside Connection
I get the fuckin erection

Chorus, W.C.:

So, fuck what you saying, fuck who you tellin
I'm only bellin with some three time felons
Nya, fuck what you saying, fuck who you tellin
I'm only bellin with some three time felons


Rollin till the wheels fall off
A nigga rollin till the wheels fall off
Westside rollin till the wheels fall off
A nigga rollin till the wheels fall off

Verse 2, Mack 10:

I gots to handle mines
So I grinds
Real O.G. parolle
Throw the woop on the quarter key
Ain't been out but a minute
Nigga, in it, to win it
Cause a five year joke leave yo stack dented
Got my pockets back swollen
Motorola holdin
A nigga got the whole hood rollin
BG's get you what you want when you need it
I got them little niggaz all posted up and heated
Hogs put it down nothing less than a fat knot
Niggaz callin Mack's spot
Jackpot, the crack spot
Got the double up bomb can't wait
So wont you bounce rock skate
To where the cluckers hibernate
Where we livin like stars switchin cars like they leases
Servin ten pieces to your aunties and nieces
While the loot keep me blasted from Inglewood to Venus
Tatted Westside Connection on my back in Old English
So, nigga, what you wanna bet on a set full of vet lick hitters
And, ain't a crew that can get with us
It's west coast, the most, I be yellin
Nigga, Mack 10 bellin as a three time felon

Chorus, Ice Cube:

Fuck what you sayin, and fuck who you tellin
I'm only bellin with some three time felons
Fool, fuck what you sayin, and fuck who you tellin
I'm only bellin with some three time felons


Verse 3, W.C.:

Let it rain, let it drip
Niggaz are best to duck when I'm unleashing these clips
Thoughts of manslaughter got my finger on the trigger
Fuck a peace treaty, it's on with all you niggaz
Cause ain't no contaning me when I'm ringing these motherfuckin heaters
Causing tragedy
Tearing off your whole chest cavity
Mobbing through the neighborhood, nigga, twenty inch bollters
Fresh house, shoes, hair, rollers
Lenny wanna kill me cause I got 'em all scared of this
Cutthroat janky enviromental terrorist
Stickering my tapes hoping that they can silence me
Cause I'm a nigga that's yellin fuck society
But ain't no stopping this westside click
So, tell that bitch Delores Tucker to suck a niggaz dick
Cause I'm punking mo niggaz than Deebo
Illegal sipping Seagrams straight smoking on a Primo

Chorus, Mack 10:

Nigga, fuck what you sayin, fuck who you tellin
I'm only bellin with some three time felons
Fuck what your sayin, and fuck who your tellin
I'm only bellin with some three time felons


Outro, W.C, Ice Cube:

West coast till the casket drop
Rollin till the wheels fall off
West coast till the casket drop
Rollin till the wheels fall off
West coast till the casket drop
Rollin till the wheels fall off
West coast till the casket drop
Westside, rollin till the wheels fall off

Yeah, time is runnin out niggaros and nigga hoes
All W's must be true
Inspected by the Westside Connect Gang
Bonafied and worldwide
When you see Ice Cube throw up the W!
When you see Mack 10 throw up the W!
When you see W.C. throw up the W!
When you see Crazy Tunes throw up the W!
When you see K-Dee throw up the W!
When you see The Comrades throw up the W!
All Frum Tha I throw up the W!
Westside till I die, what you thinkin of?
And y'all bitches can throw it up to

. . .

[Ice Cube]

Check it hoe shut your mouth and get naked
I'm connected plus I'm makin' hit records
So, if you wanna win hop in and take a spin
That's W.C. and Mack 10
What's your name girlfriend
You can have some fun wit us lay in the sun wit us
Pack a gun wit us and make a run wit us
To these illegal amigos who wanna buy bald eagles
out my regals we shoppin' at Spiegels
So what you wanna do
Decision, decisions
And what you think about dick and pussy collisions
You're a irrisistable bitch and all that
Me I'm rich as fuck plus I smell like yack so come on

Chorus, Repeat 2X:

Irristable bitch let's go
Where we goin'
Westward ho

[Mack 10:]

A nigga gots to get chose it's a house full of hoes
I suppose at least one of those want
Mister flossy with the kilos
You know it's quick fast shit it's all about the cash
Pauveted Rolex' and Benz' in the S class
Don't get it twisted nigga you know the word
Cube got the herb and I don't fuck with nothin' less than a bird
I make yo whole crew scatter what ya say don't matter
cause nigga you's a punk so tell yo bitch I need to holler at her
I take fo shows hop in my Benzo
I stomp my Chuck to the flo as I head Westward with yo ho
It's Mack 1-0 so fuck what she say
I put it down the G way
I'm gettin' head on the freeway.



Hoe you need some dick in yo life dick in yo life
like Jodeci I'm fienning to fuck you 'til your bleeding
you need to be rolling
with this cap peela, fuck that sucka for love lolly pop toe
lickin' ass nigga
See you say you want a real G so why don't you
play like Jayo Felony and bitch take a ride with me because I can
use a ho like you a bitch down to blast
and help me twist this
mutha fucking plastic because you're a true bitch from the westside
About five-ten, two-twenty with scars on your thighs
And that's they type of hoe I want down with me
so bitch get your ass in and let's rob the whole city

[Ice Cube:]

Did I mention I think about you when I'm benchin'
and running my trigger finger all through your extensions
It's intense dreamin' of a black picket fence
His and her nine's teach you how to rhyme on the mic
You Tina I'm Ike
Know you ain't a dike cause you seem to like
the way I lay pipe
Keep it tight let's put this mattress to the test
Yes, I must confess, I got some prior arrest
Fa show ya know we're goin' westward hoe
can you handle
half a chicken in the door panel
We at the mo' with a four-O and a joint
We got high, fucked around
and missed the drop off point


[Mack 10:]

I put it down all around Westbound is where I'm headed
Since I keep my heat leaded if you trip you get wetted
We be huffing like hogs nigga who can see my crew
No better yet me and you nigga what you wanna do, fool
Cause all I do is wreck from the hip I teck
and when I come from the shoulders I straight Westside Connect
I got chickens by the flock I got the block on lock
Around the clock I sell rock so ain't a bitch I can't knock
So handcuff your trick if she's a good lookin' ho
cause dog I run with niggas that the Fed's is lookin' fo'
They wanna get us because our pockets is the fattest
And bitches be jockin' us because we got the baller status


I want a janky bitch, a janky bitch,
a bitch straight down
penitentiary bound
with the qualifications of a hoe like you
C-sections tattoos stretch marks and bullet wounds
A rough bitch in a beanie the type of bitch that's down to do
a drive by on my enemies
like Mary J. you're all I need
when I'm in jail the kind of hoe that's down to keester me weed
Fantasies of you and me I keep
Having 'em at the park smoking on a hump sharing a tall can of Magnum
fucking in the back of the coup let's get it cracking
So pass the stick and tell me hoe what's happening


This West Coast gangsta' shit got it crackin'
We all mackin' so baby how you actin'
This West Coast gangsta' shit got it crackin'
We all mackin' so baby how you actin'


. . .

f /K-Dee, Tha Comrades, AllFrumThai

[Ice Cube]
Hoo-Bangin' on the transformers
These trick-ass niggas quick to tuck they tail
But fuck that... you know how we git...

(Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!)

[Ice Cube]
It's the don go let'em know
Unwettable, ahh.. big fish incredible
Hoo-Bangin' on the white collars got a pile of dollars
Still rollin' Impalas
I'm bombin' on Common Sense
Chicago is mine nigga hit the fence
Intense kingpin nigga worldwide
And I bring sin when I wanna hoo-ride
Who died and who applied the pressure
Show me 3 niggas that's fresher
Westside Connect Gang oh yeah we talkin' shit
Nigga do you know who you fuckin' wit?

[Ice Cube]
Ice Cube is the lick Westside is the click
(Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!)[2X]

[Mack 10]
It's Mack 10 fool that nigga with heaters
Gauges revolvers techs and millimeters
You know how we hoo-ride when we collide
Niggas run but they can't hide
Cause its world wide (Inglewooooooooooood!!)
I'm jackin' and lickin niggas thats straight trippin'
Square ass niggas can't tell a ounce from a chicken
I fill you full of lead and I take you Big heads
So nigga watch how ya talkin' I'm still chicken hawkin
So hit the deck punk don't move my tech is bigger
And you'll be dead if I pull this trigger
So where the safe at I want the loot and the cavey
Yo money or yo life so punk act like you savey

[Ice Cube]
Mack 10 is the lick Westside is the click
(Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!)[2X]

Allie Allie All come free bending the corner
blowed with a pocket full of weed
serving all enemies fuck your whole set
this is the Westside Connect I'm stealing to the neck
nigga where y'all from where y'all from
better be the same that I'm claiming muthafuck explainin'
I'm swinging dropping these thangs drinking gin out the bottle
steadily hoo slangin' out the blue Monte Carlo
spitting hollows out my roscoe in packs as I blast
getting my stalk on walk-on nigga waving my flag
skip skip I'm from that do low double-O hoodsta ride
Sack jacking purse snatching hoo-banging till I die

[Ice Cube]
Dub-C is the lick Westside is the click
(Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!)[2X]

Bullshit after bullshit what is this?
Got to let these mothafuckas know we mean business
Cock the hammer back and all smiles turn to frowns
Bow down before you realize you out of bounds
Connect subject to do ya who ya
Think you fuckin' wit don't let that smooth shit fool ya
Gots no love for you your crew we bring trouble too
Steal you bitch and have her throwing up the "W"

[Ice Cube]
K-Dee is the lick Westside is the click
(Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!)[2X]

[Tha Comrades]
Now we duck tapin ankles and wrists
Following home niggas bitches
layin in The cut in chucks an ski masks
pistol whip they ass till they open up the safe in Calabasas
Ashes to ashes dust to dust nigga
kick in yo assets all yo doe an yo baguettes
Befoe I have to go to torturin'
robberies been the thang since paroled out of Corcoran

[Ice Cube]
Tha Comrades is the lick Westside is the click
(Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!)

[AllFrumTha I]
Guess who just stepped out the smog
It's the Westside Connection mixed wit rips an Dogs
All you mutha fuckas is talkin tuff
Mad at my homies 'cause they platinum plus
Since I'm the gate keeper
fuck yo street sweeper
all my homies is hand wit they heaters
you better tighten up yo bullet-proof vest
you niggas can't fuck wit the
Wild wild west

[Ice Cube]
AllFrumTha I is the lick Westside is the click
(Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!)
Connect Gang is the lick Westside is the click
(Can't get enough of this gangsta shit!)
Incredible, ahh.. Dub-S-C-G
Sendin' love to the penetentiry
We hoo-bang, and we hoo-ride
Always represent the worldwide Westside


. . .

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