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Wellwater Conspiracy

Тексты песен Wellwater Conspiracy

Текст песни "Compellor"

It took some time
To come to terms
With you leaving
Here the spark
But not the dark
Now it's lucent (?)
Take a hit
You'll understand
Up to this (?)
See you fall
Through it all
You get through it

Learn to fall
Learn to fall
Through it all
Learn to fall

Starts as nothing
Leads to something
Could you see my jumping (??)
Comes back to nothing
Back to you

Call it off
It must be stopped
With much amusement (?)
Come to live
With much to give
Now just fall in
It's got to be
Just you and me
At the right moments (??)
Trying to awe (?)
The blue ball (??)
They've been cruising

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