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Waylon Jennings

Тексты песен Waylon Jennings

Текст песни "Six Strings Away"

(Waylon Jennings)

In days gone by but not forgotten
I plowed in the fields and I pulled in the cotton
Things you'd never think I've done when you see me now
I pick and sing and they think I'm a star
But every time I look down at my old guitar
I know I'm just six strings away from that same ol' plow.

I drive a new Royce Rolls
Buy them tailor made clothes
How long will good times stay
A poor boy ways
And hard time days
Just six strings away.

--- Instrumental ---

I met a girl 'bout a year ago
In a little country town where I played a show
And though I love her I still wonder just what she'd do
If I laid that old guitar down
How long would she hang around?
Or is she just six strings away from someone new.

Well, them six little strings
Buy rings and good things
But how long would she stay
If she knew poor boy ways
And and hard time days
Just six strings away...

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