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Дата рождения 7 января 1986 г.
Место рождения Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Откуда Melbourne, Australia
Жанры Jazz
Indie Pop
Alternative Rock
Годы 2006—н.в.
Лейблы Albert Productions

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Текст песни "Five & Ten"

first of all I was surprised how you looked into the mirror
I could see the holy spirit standing there you saw a dancing bear
you were young and I was younger
I did every thing you said
I remember my big sister
I was 5 she was 10

Taught me most of what I know
How to swim and play piano
I remember how you held my hand the first time I heard ‘Graceland'
never had to learn my numbers, never had to learn to share
On the floor and in the garden
[Julie garder' fred istair] unknown lyric

You could be easily me
And I could be easily you
I know I would be proud to say it if it were true
All the things that I've sed
And things that I've done to you…

Your were young and I was younger
I did everything you sed
Oh I remember my big sister I was 5 she was 10
I was 5 she was 10

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