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Vickie Winans

Тексты песен Vickie Winans

Текст песни "You're More Than A Mom (A Tribute)"

It’s been a while
And look what the lord can do
To see you smile
Knowing all that you’ve been through
You’ve ran a mile
And i’ll be there for #2
Just to remind you of your victories
And just how much your love has meant to me

This song is about
Letting you know just how i feel
And i have no doubt
That a mothers love is real, so real
Cause you have been
More like a friend than anything
Sparing your feelings
To make sure i’m happy
Mama you’ve been more than a mom could ever be

This is your party
And it is my honor to sing

When i did good
They way you cheered was always best
Don’t think you understood
How that helped me to hold up my chest
Because you were you
I could be me
That how the story goes

Mama, i love you dearly
Hope you can hear me
Cause my heart is cheering
Cause i am here singing
I hope you are happy
God make her happy
Cause this is your party
And tonight you are the queen
You are the queen

I appreciate you
I appreciate you mama
See, you were there for me
When i wasn’t even there for myself
You are the queen

You are the queen
That’s what i thought i would sing

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