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Vickie Winans

Тексты песен Vickie Winans

Текст песни "Angel Of Mine (A Song For Friends)"

Angel of mine
You are my friend
Through the hard times
Here till the end

Verse 1
It almost seems
We’ve known each other forever
You and i, my friend
Difficult days seem a little bit brighter
Because you are here
You always know just what to say to keep me smiling
God knows i needed you in my life
To make it to the end


Verse 2
You’re an awesome (friend)
And a very special (friend)
You’re everything i need and more (friend)
Together we are just a little bit stronger
Together we are just a little bit wiser
Together we are just a little more beautiful


Eyes have not seen
Ears have’nt heard
What god has in store for us
Together we stand
Believing his word
We will conquer the world


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