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Тексты песен Vetiver

Текст песни "I Know No Pardon"

Maria please don't leave me
now I need ya
I'ma wanted
there's nowhere I can go
My up's turned down
my luck's spun round and left me
no I didn't see it comin
but oh I'ma watchin it go
so I chose the company of those
who don't need protection
took a new name,
mostly to fool my friends
swore off the days
when I had to count on others
cause courtin the knife means
countin your days to the end

I made enemies of those
who might defend me
Partnered with men
liable to do me in
snakin' my way
past deals what make you wonder
what kind of heaven
are these killers dying to win
did I lose my way
or did I just play
the cards the way
the dealer gave em to me
I try not to regret
the things that I've done yet
I know no pardon pity for the guilty

some games you play to win
well you lose
sometimes you're dealt
you don't get to choose
some guns get drawn
but you don't need to use them
some tried that
before their troubles begin
oh but I oh but I
I seemed to have it all
I had the women
and the law by my side
I climbed so high
the sky dropped down to teach me
how to lay low and
keep my ear to the ground

I'll get caught one day
least that's what they say
red hands are but a killers way of trying
don't ask me to confess
my peace will come on rest
confessin's just
an honest way of lying
my nerves are tangled and are cursed with the fear of knowing
no alibis or ties
left to keep me going
no alibis or ties
left to keep me going

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