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Тексты песен Vetiver

Текст песни "Everyday"

Every day, I'm away from you
Shakes me up inside
I wanna be near you
Know that you are here
Lyin' just next to me
How happy we'd both be

I say it all the time
You don't pay no mind
when I tell you that I love you
Now do ya ?
I wanna be clear
All I wanna hear is your voice
Have your face to see
How happy that would make me

Do-do-do-do-do (repeat)

I alway seem to make
something out of nothing
But I can't make you appear
While I'm away
Just know I'll play this song
for you and wait

Wait for me now (Do-do-do)
Wait for me now (o-oh)
Oh wait for me now (Do-do-do)
Wait for me now
Wait for me now

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