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Unwritten Law
Unwritten Law

Откуда San Diego, California, United States
Жанры Post-Grunge
Alternative Rock
Pop punk
Годы 1990—н.в.
Лейблы Epic Records
Interscope Records
Lava Records
Suburban Noize Records
Red Eye Records
Сайт Website
Scott Russo
Steve Morris
Pat "PK" Kim
Dylan Howard
Бывшие участники
Tony Palermo
John Bell
Wade Youman
Rob Brewer

Тексты песен Unwritten Law

Текст песни "Close Your Eyes"

There once was a kid who lived just down the street
a quarter block from me
he shaved off his hair, put boots on his feet
and said this was his country
the day came around and the shit all went down
and too late to see the light
he was caught up and shot up in a fight
won't you close your eyes
there once was a kid from South Central L.A.
who threw up his set all day
all dressed in blue nothing to do
said "hey man, what set you claim"
the blood pulled a nine
and threw up his sign, then let the trigger slide
and he was, caught up and shot up in a fight
life can get cut short so
try to stay in line
you wanna be a man
but this shit happens all the time
so let's just all hang out
don't give a fuck about what they say
cause they're all lame
and we're all still the same

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