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Откуда London, England
Жанры Trip Hop
Trip Rock
Годы 1994—н.в.
Лейблы Mo' Wax Records
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Toshio Nakanishi
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Тексты песен UNKLE

Текст песни "With You In My Head"

You keepin on a holdin',
a holdin' on a keepin,
no giving into taking more but still still feedin',
you're clearly disturbed,
all you want is allegiance
hear them what you saw
you hear them what you saw
you hear them what you saw
you hear them with believin'
oh holy holy water washing on the vesor

collecting all the people you love to sing you a song
even if they stick to humming
Holding on a song to see them
when you're really sick a sick a sick of love
leaving with their heart
to shape them within
even if they stay to running
hold'em on the soul, believing
till you wanna stick a stick a stick to love

when you went down, the men came callin'
changing to stone as you wept from fallin
when you went down, the men came callin'

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