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Откуда Birmingham, England, UK
Жанры Dub
Годы 1978—н.в.
Лейблы Virgin Records
A&M Records
DEP International
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Альбом UB40

UB40 (11.07.1988)
Breakfast In Bed (feat. Chrissie Hynde)
. . .


. . .

He used to think that it was neat
When he hung out on the street
Now that it's his daily beat, he's not so sure
Cause he's come to depend
On a street with a dead end
And he'll sell you his best friend, so he can score

Boys and girls come out to play
The junk mans on the streets to say
He'll make your dreams feel real today
And steal your minds tomorrow

Now his thoughts don't seem so clear
His whole life is filled with fear
His habit cost him dear in every way
His girl can't take the heat
But his friends all cross the street
Still the needle keeps him sweet
If he can pay for one more day

His bones have got no meat
LyricsHe's unsteady on his feet
And he doesn't get to eat, not every day
What started out for kicks
Has become a daily fix
And his girlfriend's turning tricks to pay his way

Boys and girls come out to play
The junk man's on the streets to say
He'll make your dreams feel real today
And steal your minds tomorrow

. . .

(feat. Chrissie Hynde)

You've been crying your face is a mess
Come in baby, you can wipe the tears on my dress
She's hurt you again, I can tell
I know that look so well

Don't be shy, we've been here before
Pull your shoes off,
And I will lock the door
And no-one has to know, I've come here again
Knowing it'll be like it's always been before

[Chrissie & Ali:]
Breakfast in bed, kisses for me
You don't have to say you love me
LyricsBreakfast in bed, love can make you sing

What's your hurry, please don't hit and run
We can let her wait, my darling its been so long

Since you've had me here, I've returned again
Darling it will be like it's always been before


. . .

I thought I knew you well, your right and wrong
Thought I could steal your secrets and put them in a song
I thought that you'd be waiting patiently for me
That only I could see

You build me up and tell me lies
You hold my hand, say close your eyes

You're always pulling me down
You make me lower my expectations
You're always pulling me down
Why do you complicate situations
You're always pulling me down

I don't know what else to do
I'm still in love with you

I wish that I could see things through your eyes
I want to lift the veil and penetrate your lies
I want to take your truth and hold it in my hand
Maybe then I'll understand

You contradict in a thousand ways
You call the tune and guess who pays

. . .

I didn't mean to be so late
It's just that I got talking
I had a drink with a couple of mates
Missed my bus and wound up walking
I tried to call and let you know
It was busy and I couldn't get through
I didn't want to let you down
I know how much it hurts you

I don't know what came over me
It must have slipped my mind
I'll try and make it up to you
Let's leave the past behind
I promise that I'll do my best
To mend my wicked ways
And don't believe the things you hear
Don't listen to what they say

I would do for you
All you'd have me do
LyricsAll you have to do
Is ask me to
All you have to do
Is tell me when
And I'll come running back again

If there's something wrong then let me know
Don't bottle things inside
Your pretty eyes can melt my heart
Your sadness they can't hide
Please try and give me one more chance
To set the record straight
Meet me here tomorrow night
And I promise I won't be late


. . .

If I spoke in words you didn't understand
Wouldn't that make me a better man
Elocution class to lend a hand
Get me a self-improvement plan

I don't know, it seems to me
Things I do best come easily
I don't feel the need to say to you
I'm better cause it isn't true

Exquisite verse to higher the tone
Performed in phrases not my own
To hide the truth to I'll tell a lie
With pictures from another`s eye


If I sport the latest cut of cloth
Would you all assume I'd got some style
And wear my hair just long enough
To turn the heads of fashion for a while

A sports car sexy, slimline, fast
Quick enough to hide my past
Rich enough to open doors
I never could unlock before


. . .

I'm sitting here praying that you weren't just saying
Leaving tomorrow was what you had planned
No point in pretending, I know that it's ending
I just want to know where the ending began

Where did I go wrong to make it like this
No warmth in your body, no touch in your kiss
Holding you now, hurts more than it should
If I let you go, girl, you'll be gone for good

I thought you had saved me, the love that you gave me
The sweetest loving in all of the land
But you've taken my heart, and you've torn it apart
And its crumbled to dust in the palm of your hand


There's nothin' worth sayin', I know you're not staying
Might as well face it, it's out of my hand
No point in pretending, I know that it's ending
I just want to know where the ending began


. . .

Some people search for the holy grail
Run round in circles and chase their own tails
But you can't really blame them for clutching at straws
For weeding some truth in our morals and laws

Some people say that revolution will descend
On this madness end this confusion
But we've all heard the privileged boast and preach
And the promised land we want is still out of reach

I once knew a man who wore self-righteousness
Like a medal on his inflated chest
He hated all people for breaking his rules
Looked down with distaste on the cowards and fools

He lived like a king in his castle of stone
And sneered at the man who worked hard for his home
He knew all the right words and who to defend
And would be with conviction the working mans friend

Contaminated minds play judge and jury too
But contaminated minds are blind to truth
Contaminated minds speak with loudest voice
But not everybody has the luxury of choice

. . .

Just a matter of time, till you run out of breath
Money mountains you climb, never hedging your bets
But your luck can run out, you'd better watch your step
Just a matter of time

Just a matter of days, till the factory's done
When they shut down the lathes 'cause the work has all gone
And nobody cares 'cause there's no-one
It's just a matter of days

I know what you mean and I suppose I agree
I'm a bit pushed for time, please don't bother me
Take you guidance elsewhere, 'cause I've heard it before
In case is not very clear, I don't care anymore

Just a matter of hours until you're forgotten
Your pushing up flowers, and you're used to the rot
So that was your life, didn't manage a lot
Just a matter of hours

I know what you mean and I suppose I agree
I'm a bit pushed for time, please don't bother me
Take you guidance elsewhere, 'cause I've heard it before
In case is not very clear, I don't care anymore

I know.... anymore [Repeat till end]

. . .

When the dancehall jus' ram, some people call it confinement
But if you're with your woman or your man, it's pure excitement
When you see the girls groove, they get right in the mood for loving
And if the weedman in the place, there's no time for pushing and shoving

You see the dj on the scene, he knows just what you mean about rubbing
And when you're feeling alright, he's right out of sight while he's dubbing

Well the dancehall jus' ram, so you see we're dealing with pure niceness
And the music so loud that to shout above it, you'd be left voiceless

The music so right
We could have danced all night
The feeling so nice
Operator play it twice

They have the reggae and soul and the ital vital dub plate riddims
They have revival 45, calypso, soca, and all kind'a riddim

You see the busy barman in the dance, he's used to dealing under nuff pressure
And after you've had your drink, you're gonna need another refresher

Everybody in the dance just grooving, looking laughing and smiling you see
So if you're feeling irie little darling come and have a dance over by me

. . .


. . .

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