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This Providence

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Тексты песен This Providence

Текст песни "Selfish"

Bright lights and butterflies
I take my place tonight
Bright lights and butterflies
We drink to my demise
I've got this selfish grace
A lavish taste for a brightly lit place
Infamous and famous
They are one and the same
So we drink tonight to my impending fame

You might deny it, but you're tied to your desires
And you're selfish
Yeah, you're selfish just like everyone else
So drink up

I found the perfect disguise
Impossible charisma
The bright lights are shining in your eyes
Rock 'n' roll, honey
And impossible charisma

I am taken by the nighttime
I'm taken by the moonshine, moonshine
I am taken by the nighttime
I'm taken by the bright lights, bright lights

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