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The Young and the Useless

Тексты песен The Young and the Useless

Текст песни "It Hurt, But It's Over, And So Are We"

Common sense tells me that we're through but my heart leads me on,
my self-esteem depends on you,
don't leave me hanging like a thread, I never asked for anything,
but for you to care for me like I cared for you,
I never asked for anything,
I guess its hard to tell the truth, what's done is done now
we're through, lets be friends, what's a friend to you?
someone that you can say hi to, I've been hurting for too long,
I've been playing games too long,
I am over this I am over you, you were wrong!

It's taken everything to keep the tears from coming forth
I never want to feel the way I felt the day you said You Don't Care Now
I know that you have been send here to rip my heart to shreads

I wish I could've known the way you felt before I thought you were the one

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