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The Wrights

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Тексты песен The Wrights

Текст песни "On the Rocks"

I don't like the way you been treatin' me lately.
An' I can't stand to hear you talk.
One of these days you're gonna drive me crazy.
You're almost there: you could probably walk.

We're on the rocks.
On the rocks.

You're like some child, always playin' your game.
An' I never knew a man who could be so wrong.
An' I'm warnin' you, honey, if that's your real name.
You can call me whatever you want when I'm gone.

We're on the rocks.
On the rocks.

Instrumental Break.

I don't know why I made you my baby.
Who you callin' "baby": you made me your wife.
Some best man: he didn't even try to save me.
Can't believe I gotta spend the rest of my life,

On the rocks.
On the rocks.

'Cause you don't even know what I like in my coffee.
You don't even know how I take my tea.
Just once, I wanna hear you tell me you're sorry.
What's the use, baby? We'll always be,

On the rocks.
On the rocks.

On the rocks.
(Ah, it ain't that bad.)
On the rocks.

On the rocks.

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