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The Wrights

Тексты песен The Wrights

Текст песни "Knew All Along"

The things you told me, where just a littel while,
wouldn've taken me a hundred years.
I can't imagine travelin these miles
without somebody like you here.

Guess I knew all along, he's take his angels home,
cause he loves them to much to let them stay,
guess I knew all along he'd
take his angels home but I didn't know it was gonna be today.

I remember the places that we've been the little things we used to do.
Looking back now thats when I began to realize I'm alot like you


Friends and family helped to pass the time,
thumbing through pictures of you feelin lonesome missin you
and cryin but thats not what you'd want me to do.

Chorus 2x

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