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The Twilight Singers
The Twilight Singers

Откуда New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Жанры Rock
Годы 2000—н.в.
Лейблы Columbia Records
One Little Indian Records
Сайт Website
Greg Dulli
Dave Rosser
Scott Ford
Greg Wieczorek
Rick Nelson
Бывшие участники
Cully Symington
Jon Skibic
Michael Sullivan
John Nooney
Mathias Schneeberger
Peter Adams
Manuel Agnelli
Shawn Smith
Harold "Happy" Chichester
Bobby MacIntyre
Brian Young
Jeff Klein
Michael Horrigan

Тексты песен The Twilight Singers

Текст песни "The Beginning Of The End"

You better shut your eyes, here's where your life begins
There's something gone, anesthetized again
I see you run, you're never coming back
You lost control, so easy to distract

All come alive for the hesitant
The summer sun is blind and inveterate
Some seek a light
Some creep at night
Some run and hide

I do what I want to, I calculate
Forgot you were broken, my mistake
I look in the mirror, time to pay
And nobody knows me, when I'm awake

I'm so sad, so keep it coming
You're falling down, I'll get your money
Walk in the room, and I see your ass has gone astray
You've lost your way, come find your way

All come alive in the present tense
The summer sun has died of irrelevance
Some see the light
Some sleep at night
Some take their time

I do what I want to, I calculate
Forgot you were broken, my mistake

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