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The Saturdays
The Saturdays

Откуда London, England, United Kingdom
Жанры Pop
Годы 2007—н.в.
Лейблы Polydor
Fascination Records
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Сайт Website
Una Healy
Mollie King
Frankie Sandford
Vanessa White
Rochelle Wiseman

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Тексты песен The Saturdays

Текст песни "Ego"

We used to go together
Lookin after eachother
I thought that you were better
Look at you (look at you)

You used to be so laid back
you always kept it so cool
I loved you cause of all that
Thats the truth (thats the truth)

(Bridge) I don't think you know where your headin,
Cos I was always there to help you break the fall.

(Chorus) And now you wanna pretend that your a superstar
And now you want us to end what's taken you this far
Don't tell me that you're done as far as we go
You need to have a sit down with your ego
When everyone's gone and you're all by yourself
you know that you're gonna come to me for help
Don't tell me that its time for going solo
You need to knock some sense into your ego

You act like your on fire
living your delusion
you just need you to take you higher
off you go (off you go)

(Bridge) You can make the call when your ready
I will not be there to help you break the fall


And When it's time for you to come back down to
where you started
where we parted
I think you'll find that it is very hard to
face reality


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