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The Sadies

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Тексты песен The Sadies

Текст песни "Never Again"

So many times I tried to give you what you said you need to live
but lately i can't catch you when you fall.
you know I'll never find a way to satisfy your side
cause you and I don't know myself at all.

Don't talk about back then,
I don't remember why or when
and I'll never be the way I was again.
Not again.

It's so hard for me to listen to the words you have to say,
I put you up where no one else could touch you.
You still haven't learned your lessons you just read the same mistakes,
and I won't be hanging 'round to watch them crush you.

I used to think that you and I
Could work together if we tried but I'll never be the way I was again.
Not again.

You know where and why you're bound
It's not place to cut you down,
I'll leave you up there swinging from now on.

Wasted time is killing me
And you're not strong enough to see
That you can help yourself by hanging on
We could be like different curves
in a twisted shallow river
but I'll never be the way I was again , not again.

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