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The Last Shadow Puppets
The Last Shadow Puppets

Откуда Sheffield, England
Жанры Indie Rock
Baroque Pop
Годы 2007—н.в.
Лейблы Domino Records
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Сайт Website
Alex Turner
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Miles Kane

Тексты песен The Last Shadow Puppets

Текст песни "The Age Of The Understatement"

Decided, to sneak off away from your stomach
and try your pulse,
They captured what seemed all unknowing and candid,
but they suspected it was false.

She's playful, the boring would warn you be careful
of her brigade.
In order to tame this relentless marauder:
Move away from the parade.

She was walking on the tables in the glasshouse,
Endearingly bedraggled in the wind,
Subtle in her method of seduction,
Twenty little tragedies begin.

And she would throw her feather-boa in the road,
If she thought that it would set the scene,
Unfittingly dipped into your companions
Enlightened them to make you seeth

There's affection to rent,
The age of the understatement.
Before the attraction ferments,
Kiss me properly and pull me apart.

My fingers scratch at my hair
Before my mind can get too reckless.
The idea of seeing you here
Is enough to make the sweat go cold.

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