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The Human League
The Human League

Откуда Sheffield, England
Жанры Electronic
New Wave
Годы 1977—н.в.
Лейблы Virgin Records
EMI Group
Wall Of Sound
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Giorgio Moroder
Joanne Catherall
Philip Oakey
Susan Ann Sulley
Бывшие участники
Ian Burden
Jo Callis
Ian Craig Marsh
Martyn Ware
Philip Adrian Wright

Тексты песен The Human League

Текст песни "Heart Like A Wheel"

Calling up the promised land
Johnny Seven's coming over the sea
He's taking your time
When you want to be free

Holding out a helping hand
Are you ready for a real career?
Will you be so cool
When it's happening here?

It don't say nothing that I haven't heard
If what I hear is true
You won't keep the law with a broken word
So what are you going to do?

Heart like a wheel
Turning away
from anything that's real
Heart like a wheel
Changing in time. Beating colder steel

Pass the message around the world
The medium is in retreat
The power is here
And packing some heat

Sell your soul to a holy war
Set the captive free
We make no promises anymore
But it isn't fooling me


You can't keep the wheels turning anymore
With anger, blood and fear
Or make any friends with an M16
When you blast your way
through here

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