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The Futureheads
The Futureheads

Откуда Sunderland, England
Жанры Post-punk
Indie Rock
Годы 2000—н.в.
Лейблы Vagrant Records
679 Recordings
Nul Records
Сайт Website
Ross Millard
Dave Hyde
Barry Hyde
David "Jaff" Craig
Бывшие участники
Peter Brewis

Тексты песен The Futureheads

Текст песни "Radio Heart"

I've been waiting by the radio for someone like you
But the people that are calling in today are few and far between
You were listening
Their word are .. the syllables slow
But ever day I have to call into this show
Last week I decided to give it a go
I caght your ear when I said

"I'm a man who sits at his desk
So I guess I've got nothing to lose at this request
I want a girl who doesn't like to dress to impress
A girl with a radio heart
A girl with a radio heart
We've never met but we've never been apart
A girl with a radio heart"

I took a risk and gambled on a voice I didn't know
Turned up my lonely radio
I leave my job, sell what I own
For someone who knows what the radio knows
Expose what the radio knows
I've been waiting by the radio for so long
Then you tuned in, not listening
Then I caught your ear when I said

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