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The Exit

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Тексты песен The Exit

Текст песни "Worthless"

I dont mind seein things
your pictures on the wall
i dont mind hearin things
like pacifers and all
I dont mind sittin up
waiting for your call
I dont mind kissing you
with evertything you put me through

I tell you what I see
a faded memory
you inside and me outside again..
And if your so worthless
why do i keep coming back again? (2x)
I keep coming back for more

I dont know what to think
I think that this is wrong
I cant stand hearin things
like pacifers and all
I dont even care
that you've been around
I dont mind even you
with everything you put me through


and ill tell you what is gettin me
startin to fell awful lonely
it heats me up inside
theres nothing left to try
ive been sittin up all night
withought you by my side
i just cant comprehend
being in love again

(Chorus 2x)

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