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The Catch

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Тексты песен The Catch

Текст песни "Dive In"

She came from a little Southern town
dressed in pretty hand-me-downs
And wiht a tougue like bitter wine
cut through a thousand dreams of mine
My sentimental education
reading out of desperation
Paled in comparison with everything she'd seen and done
She said "You're OK, so I'm OK"
"Be my refuge, prayer and bread"
With these words she took me to bed
"Still waters run deep, so dive in, dive in...
I hear you talk in your sleep, so dive in, dive in
I want to see you sin, so dive in, dive in"
In Act Two the story changed
She cheated time and time again
Made herself at home in me
But wouldn't dare give back the key
I challenged her for what she'd done
"Is this your idea of fun?"
She turned around but just to say
that I should try it too one day
I said "Goodbye so now we're through"
Before I knew just what to do
She dragged me back inside her room
Such a common tale to tell
But now I've learned my lesson well
Don't you think you'd tell such a m an
If you did all the things a woman can?
You're giving me loving. You're giving me nothing...
Sent by Yui

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