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The Catch

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Тексты песен The Catch

Текст песни "A New Soul"

Listen up. 'cause I've got something to say?
Pay attention. We will show you the way?
A second childhood for the weekend is our ambition.
Forgetting what it was we were born to be; it's a competition.
We hold infinity like a jewel in our hands. Consider everything. A thought to understand?
Some people try to make it on their own - what they're really looking for is a new soul.
Spend their lives trying to earn their weight in gold -
There is nothing that will buy you a new road.
So these are savage times. When reality is the death of the mind.
No age of reason for this sleeping world where love is a crime.
We are a billion. Yet we live from day to day. Always mechanical like animals at play.
We've sat around for far too long. Setting the world to rights (and wrongs)
Getting complicated. Watching while the answer faded.
Give money - your money - more money. Give us money.
Give money - your money - more money. Give us a new soul.

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