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The Alchemist

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Тексты песен The Alchemist

Текст песни "Smile"

(feat. Twista, Maxwell)

[sampled from "Keep Up the Front" by Smoked Sugar]
I hide my tears, from the crowd...
by smiliiiiiiiing...

[Verse 1: The Alchemist]
(Eh!) Gotta keep movin the weight
Winter, summer, spring to the fall
Gotta keep food on my plate, gotta keep plaques on the wall
Gotta keep proving I'm great, I'm so sick of it all
Gotta keep smile on my face, even if I slip and I fall
Gotta have mask for the pain, if you want to master the game
I was only after the props, really I was never after the fame
I was never after the Range, now I'm like a rat in a race
Always tryna catch up the chase, feelin like I'm trapped in the maze
Never let 'em see me when I'm down, never let 'em see me with a frown
Even when the game beat me to the ground, I get up and go another round
Lock it up and show another town, break it up and roll another pound
Change it up and go another route, flip and make a whole another sound
Like the way I did on "Hold it Down", yeah you know the kid'll hold it down
Never knew the name, you know it now, never knew the face, you know it now
Look at all this cake I'm holdin now, thinkin of a way to throw it now
Fuck it, everyday I blow it now, gotta get it where I know it now

[Chorus x2: Maxwell]
I'm even smilin for me
Smilin so you know why you cain't hurt me
Smilin for somethin, not hide 'em from fallin
Now what you know about what smiles are all about

[Verse 2: Twista]
Gotta get it how you gotta get it
That's what's up to family, I'm that committed
The only way that we can all get the cake
is if we get up, how we got to split it
If you got a verse, you better spit it
If you see a job, you better get it
and if you can hoop, stay on yo' pivot
'cause the truth is this is life you gotta live it
Try not to travel down the wrong road, so that when your legacy is told
You was known to be a hustler who provided for his family and did it cold
Conquer obstacles and challenges
Make your competition bow to this
Spit it for my homey Alchemist
Hold up! Let me find another style for this:
Rap-ain't-another-comparable, gonna-be-doin
The-shit-I-be-doin, I'm-killin-'em-breakin-'em-off-of-the-gwap
Until I'm on top of the world, I stay focused
Until I'm gone, no one be ferocious
Make your body move like law, make the cane move like Moses
Make them wanna move like a shark, trees move like a summer breeze
Smile in your face tell you to grind hard 'til you get you one of these

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Maxwell]
Eh, you see...

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