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Tha Dogg Pound

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Альбом Tha Dogg Pound

Dogg Food (31.10.1995)
. . .

[Intro: Dogg Pound]

What up?
Like that muthafucka, ay blaze it up!
Like that muthafucka
(Don't shoot!)

[Verse One: Kurupt]

Now my rhymes, are as potent as pipebombs
It takes time to concoct rhymes like mines
Like land mines, all set to explode
Microphones, all set to unload
So, watch the means, watch the zone
I made it different with a million dead MC microphones
And they all wanted back by their peeps
Sleep if you dare, cause death catch niggaz when they sleep
Beware of the consequences, it's senseless
to face a prosecuted life or death MC sentence
Travel through your inner thoughts
Just to vision how far I can get, explore to the inner core
and ain't stopped yet, continue the journey
Cause all that shit you kick just don't concern me
You can't U-turn me, back... to... reality... where niggaz pack straps
and they mentality react so violently to leave MC's breathin silently
with hollow point talons for the violence
Ain't no harmin me, ain't got no love for no hoes in harmony
It's easy to find MC's to execute
Chances of survival too small to compute
Recognize, like this was Samuel Sneed
I grip the microphone continue with my devilish deeds
Cause all I see, in my M-I-N-D
Is D-P-G, for L-I-F-E
And all I see, on the M-I-C
Is another mangled MC opposin me
Supposed to be, regulatin in this rap era
Made one error up against the microphone terror
It takes two to tangle
I told Daz don't worry like Keith Murray I'ma strangle
MC's, with the microphone cord
You don't faze, your thoughts been invaded and explored
I know the ins and the outs to you buddy
I know where you live, and how you make your money
I came to violate you, desicrate you, I create two
murderous scenes, can you relate to

[Chorus: Dogg Pound] [gun fight in background]

A Dogg Pound Gangsta (DPG)
I'm a Dogg Pound Gangsta (DPG) [x2]
Straight Dogg Pound Gangsta

[Verse Two: Daz]

I got the right to serve your ass when you headin to school
Cause I'm Dat Nigga Daz bitch, and I'ma fuckin fool
Don't play with my head nigga, killers don't speak
Come out the woodworks on your ass, then niggaz start to streak
Unmatched in my inner circle
Where only G's roam, hellhounds in the war zone
Not giving a mad fuck (about what?)
About your click, or what you representin ain't meanin shit
Bustas jump and get they fuckin wig split
Caught up in the twist while I'm stickin dick to your bitch
You don't know me cause I'm down to do low
Your bitch is jockin Daz I'm diggin deep as Cousteau, check it out
I'm, massive, you get your ass kicked
Tangle with assassins down for mad shit
Nigga the strap's in your hand, now what you gon do
Is you gon blast me, and blast Kurupt too
Are you just gonna hold it and act like a bitch, where's he at?
Cause I got me a gat
And I'ma show him how a true G's sposed to act with a strap
(There's somethin bout bein a Dogg Pound Gangsta nigga)
Till I die, Dogg Pound for life
Show me a hoe and I'll be fuckin that bitch by midnight (but see)
It ain't nuthin nice, shakin these niggaz like dice
I told you once, so I ain't sayin it twice

[Chorus: x2]

[W-BALLS radio skit follows]

. . .

(feat. Big Pimpin Delemond , Prince Ital Joe)

[Intro: Dr. Dre]

I know you're bobbin your head, cause I can see yah (repeat 4X)
You can't see me, hah
Back up in that ass once again
With some of Dat Nigga Daz shit
Beatin up on your ear drums with some of that G Funk
Some of that gangsta funk
Some of that ghetto funk
Call it what you want, just don't forget the G
Got the motherfuckin Dogg Pound in the house

[Verse One: Dogg Pound]

Now tell me what's poppin in your head my brother
What you wanna do end up dead motherfucker
I don't know why we got to kill each other
Cause on the streets it's do or die motherfucker

Now as a child I was raised in the church
Now what ever possessed me to do the shit that I do to put you in the dirt
I gives a fuck about a nigga on the street
I'm runnin ninety-fo' and I done ran ninety-three, don't like no hurdle
For the murders I committed in my Omni Fo' convertable
And not a soul saw who did it
As I lean to the side in my Omni G-Ride
On a mission, fo' deep, Dogg Pound do or die

Now if you see me mobbin down the street what would you think (not)
Realizing that I'm surviving off instinct
What makes my mind click to perfect timing
For me to twist shit switchin bullshit the fuck up like The Shining
Cause I'm in my own zone, alone look down
You think you saw but death is all round like a ghost town
Perhaps you, know I axe you
Fool if I have to, can you comprehend or adapt to

[Chorus: Prince Ital]

Respect to the Deathrow Inmates
Deathrow Inmates lawd dem never hesitate
To bust a gun shot, in a i-diot face
Dis is Dogg Pound and your life goes to waste
Fraid, Dogg Pound carry no grace
Lifetime in static, put you inna your place
Dogg Pound be killin a bitch mentality
Mess with Dogg Pound and you be dead each way

[Verse Two: Dogg Pound]

Now wit Dat Nigga Daz, everywhere I roll I'm set to blast
The way to success is elevating too fast
Every corner that I turn, there's money to burn
With no concern count the amount there's more to be earned
Set-Trip, the word I hear every nigga spit
Sixty percent's trippin forty percent's bullshittin
Industy's shady, my safety's in jeapordy
Control the mind with mental telepathy nigga
Shady as fuck, Kurupt can see it in your eyes
Anticipatin for the real to come from the disguise
The Pound, we roll thick like one-time
And I could fuck your bitch after I bust just one rhyme
All we do is smoke weed and get blitzed
And kick that motherfuckin gangsta shit
(Say what say what say what say what say what?)
Kick that motherfuckin gangsta shit

Well I see myself on top, by the age of twenty-two
or will I drop, a fallen star that has been forgotten not
In the past, I mainly hustled for the cash
Suprised to see that nigga rise up on that ass
Anybody killa, do or die if I have to
On deck, twenty-four seven and blastin if I have to
I live my life I done swore to courtin trigger long
Who would stop the movement why I journied so far
From the danger that lurks, from the one that's out doin dirt
Step to modify this and vanish away from this Earth
Beyond the heartbreaks and heartaches, rest in peace
Riders died death is unexplainable when you die

[Outro: Prince Ital]

We dont got to stoop low
We dont got to stoop low
We dont got to stoop to your level
But when they see we coming lawd
Now when they see we coming lawd
Now when they see we coming lawd they tremble
Cause we a rebel, terror from a well fractured gun
And you know we keep it real to make your life invisible
So don't fuck, you betta be respectable
The nine millimeter, is really dreadable
Wicked an wild yes you're wicked an wild
Prince Ital Joe yes you're well versatile
Is it Dogg Pound yes you're well versatile
Dey form de picture of the gangsta styler
An wild yes you're wicked an wild, Dogg Pound
An wild yes you're wicked an wild
Is it Death Row yes you're well versatile
Yes, gangsta drop make the gangsta smile
De sexy girls dey love de Doggystyle
An wild, yes you're wicked an wild
An wild... hahaha.. eazy!
Dogg Pound, run tings, y'know, yeah
Cause we no respect no guys
Cause guys dick arder than shit
We no take orders, we give orders
Respect to the crew
Nigga Daz Kurupt an Dre, come down
EAZY! Yeah
West coast, everytime, everytime, big-up!
To the Death Row posse
Nuff respect
Just quote, de faggot come here wit de violence
Death Row are gon make you dead and silence
Well dem fraid to try, when afraid of no person an
No faggot come here actin like dis
Oh lawd, oh lawd, hahaha
Yes star Ital, you're large
Big up Daz an de crew
Snoop Dogg, big up, everytime
Dr. Dre an de massive

. . .

(feat. Snoop)

Yo B (turn your speakers up man)
Turn your speakers up money!
Yo God! (Yo God?)
Yo I got mad skills.
Isn't that money?

[Chorus: Snoop]

New York New York big city of dreams
And everything in New York ain't always what it seems
You might get fooled if you come from out of town
But I'm down by law, and I'm from the Dogg Pound

[Verse One: Kurupt]

It's the incredible, the lyrical
You can't be me like Niece, to see me is gonna take a miracle
I'm driving motherfuckers hysterical, with a
touch of this twister, stylistic mixture
What I create pulsates, there is no escape
Annihilate your mental mindstate
Dre labels my vocabulary abusive
I packs more knowledge than Confuscius, I'm deadly
Induce you like Medusa, with thoughts to shed
And niggaz throughout this hemisphere, far and near
Prepare, catch me chillin like the winter
Up against the number one contender, as I enter
Cause I gets heated like friction
Motherfuck your whole jurisdiction, react this fact not fiction
Telepathic addiction, to this homicidal recital
Dangerous and vital to all my rivals
Suicidal, brainwaves conveys
To the average motherfucker's minds these days
I'm all ready to put work in
Take ten steps and turn to shoot the first nigga smirkin
Give a FUCK, what's your name, what you claim
Or why you came, motherfucker don't explain
Simply, don't tempt me, cause I'm simply
Layin hoes lifes empty, the invicible MC

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Two: Snoop]

Too much, I serve too many people, too much
It's too much, I serve too many people
And when I finish servin ain't gon be no sequel

[Chorus One and Two]

[Verse Two: Kurupt]

Gimme a couple G's, for every MC, I knocked to his knees
Verbally useless, oh you got the juice? I squeeze you juiceless
The barbaric, versatile, you're no kin to me
So how the fuck you inherit my style?
Now, out the clear blue sky, I can't deny
Not a day goes by, don't get high, don't ask why
Tonight's the night for me to rip microphones
Into bits and pieces lyrical telekinesis
Gets me into verbally vindictive
Violent vocabulary bobs to existance
Catch me in the pitch black path
I sit and let the sick thought pass through my mental
till I hear an instrumental
And detrimental verbals get to spittin
The highest in intellect, try connectin with the written
Now they faced with the forbidden, vocally chosen
To explore new terrain, then remain unseen, throughout the war
Dips like a low-low, with my verbal fo'-fo'
The cocoa complexion MC with the slow flow
Fo sho', I takes it to you from the do'
Motherfucker, mentally I go hardco' (you know!)
I disconnect ya, Kurupter, MC to vocally
bore your whole molecular, structure
Catastrophic, mystic as Mixelplix
Hittin MC's like picks the deadliest lyricist

[Chorus One and Two: x2]

We live... tonight I serve two thousand MC's
We live... cause can't none fuck with the DPG'z
We live (baby) because tonight I serve two thousand MC's
We live (baby) none can fuck with the DPG'z
DPGC, ba-by
ABC the DPG'z

[Verse Three: Kurupt]

Eryday, I bust rhymes and recite
In ways that make MC's stop in daylight
I'm the deadlies MC you wanna see on the streets
Invincibility is what makes me complete, compete
Nah you can't even fade me
I fuck, you, your momma, your auntie, and your lady...
[bzzt to static]

. . .

This is DJ easy dick And this is the golden shower hour early in the
morning Wake your goat mouth ass up This is 187.4 fm on your dial And
we flipping it just like this For alll you motherfucken real Gs out
there Huh come with the real shit 187.4 fm on your dial Until the tick
tock yeah dont stop Until the beep beep and you dont freeze Aye check
it out baby bubber in the place to be My name is Snoop Say what? The
one they wanna see so um Blaze up the bud and break out the champagne
Cause we rollin in the fast lane trying to find the right lane Doing
it just like players Laying down laws Governors mayors to stay up on
top of things Theres something bout being in tha Dogg Pound gang That
makes me wanna have some type of hustling life If being wrong is wrong
I cant be right Despite all the madness youre hitting on Daz Stealing
rhymes with super duper scenes to get you paid But you played yourself
cause you cant play me I see through you but you cant see me Hes been
watching you Been watching So Smooth Longbeach is on the move smooth
like the motion of your body Hes been watching you Been watching you
So smooth So smooth Longbeach is on the move Now Im a qualified
microphone technician with styles I came to storm on like electrical
clouds See me now Ill go killing like Micky Mal Down to trip and empty
clips infermanently examine our position Competition to strip and
dismantle Light em up like candle stick but dont stick to prevandal
Vandalise I ran from anim cs to freeze To reguarantee the temperature
decrease degrees Bows and stiff keeps me in control Never fold I score
like order and oughta let these hoochies I sorta sometimes get in
shorter It sort of limits ya But to me the skys delimits ya No I
diminish ya To dust takes spinister Bust one rhyme its like a voodoo
hex Connect complex styles my vast hi tech flex Cause And if she like
me ooze in their like swimwear Dont despite me cause alot of hoe like
me mashing them nikes out of See niggas on Tv This nigga Daz Now Ive
got one question nigga how does it feel Check your game But I aint
even saying no name Procaimed lyricist dissing us for fortune and fame
Did I do something to you Did we sold your hoes(house) Cause youre on
tv rapping like you knew me You know me but you dont really know me
That mothafucken nigga from the DPG The K-U-R-U-P-T Im too smooth
Mothafucka Hes been watching you Hell be watching So Smooth Dogg Pound
is on the move Its on the move Hes been watching you Hell been
watching you So smooth Dogg Pound is on the move Is on the move Every
Every Every Every I know thats right Real smooth here on 187.4 fm on
your dial The station thats playing platinum hits baby thats keeping
you coming And Im the DJ with the fatest sack DJ E-A-Z Look between my
legs and youll know why On that station thats sockin some soul to your
ass W Balls fade em off And now we gonna take some callers I wanna
dedicate this one to my girl Cheryl out their man with a fat ass
Beeitch Yoo this is Barry White youre the Dogg Pound youll
mothafuckers sounding good Keep doing what your doing youre players Im
Kevin Slo Jammin James from 92.3 the beat Man this shit is so smooth
Im switching up get me an application I wanna work for W Balls

. . .

(feat. Malik, Snoop Doggy Dogg)

[INTRO: DAZ talking]
Back in your ass with a twenty sack.Straight up,Dogg Pound Gangstas in
effect for the 9-5 y'know?We been havin a little confrontation with a lot
of motherfuckers out there and,but y'know they just can't do the thangs
that we seem to do.And the things that we seem to do is make platinum
hits!Straight u,motherfuckers can't even fade me.

N-N-Now who the hell wanna phase me?
To make me act a complete fool lately
It's been cruel,my mentality plus don't helps me cope
With no smoke,I'm depressed and easily to provoke
..45's and Nines I'm heated,me and Kurupt puffin on a Berry all day
Repeatedly and immediately in the days we stoned and phased
In the back of the truck lies a gauge,be any buster
Acting brave,maybe I can see what no other rapper assault
With my skills to murder em all
And can't be friendly when you know I'm after ya
Got the heart to balst at'cha,matter-of-fact
To capture those who don't belong be on the strong
Gots to pack up and jet,booty rappers don't have long
Now can I get a witness?My riches attract women wit' class
That nigga Daz is about to mash all over da cash
Blast to dash,me in the getaway car now
Known rap stars turn to outlaws,wanted for the murder
Of Rudi [???] fuck y'all,Dogg Pound Gangsta click
To represent Dogg Pound to the fullest cos I'm

So when you see the D-O-double G,sleep creep low
I see through you but you can't see me
I see through you oh so clearly
[REPEAT 1/2]

N-N-Now ya escapade and ya (?beltin rave?),masqueradin
Around town like ya paid,so where's the stack?
Attract the wrong eyes to the Buick out back
Now I'm a dump until I feel I made ya lungs collapse
The assembly for dismemberin when I'm strapped
Off Hennessey I blast that ass to Tennessee and back
Who's that?I'm hopin I'm about to bust this fool's back open
I'm laid back scopin,but don't open
The three main ingredients to the plot
Some weed;my nigga D-A-Z;and some heat cocked
I just concoct the schemes,the perfect team
We take gettin paid to the extreme,it seems that I'm a
Bring a little more than the drama,come dash
Two litres and Daz down to mash cos I'm


Now that I open my eyes to no surprise to these imitations
But I keep my mind disguised when in elevation
No hesitation,the ground beneath my crack o'sacks
(?Rib behind my back and then I bring ya blue?)
Bring the blacks straps front-to-black
So what you want with that?
It comes with a ticket for you till they stone flat
Hos say that "I like your cyco-azz,trigger fast nigga
So when I see you rub my head to flow that's how the shit go"
Shit hit the fan goddamn,kill or see killed,it never phase me
Topics flow on regular cos topic happen daily
Now what amaze me?Was poppin on down my hat
And now I come strapped with some of these thunder raps
Like this,uncut then I get uncocked
I [?]paralese[?] for some reason that keeps gettin a lot
Now put this on some of that and put that to a stop
But you can put that on me
Because I sold the ki to the beef
And as you can see never early,ya late,collaborate professional need
Now peep as I drop bombs on ya Moms like songs
When I'm rainin no pain,no gain when I'm maintainin
This lyrical explosion and my nigga Daz on react
With this track got'cha open,poetical graffiti
Hershey gotta pound for ya town and delete to the needy
Lyrics to test drugs like P-C-P
And I ain't lie till I die D-P-G-C and I stay

[CHORUS x2: 1/2]

You murderer,you murderer


That's what I'm sayin y'know?Still puttin it down like we suppose to.Every
day,all day,it don't stop and it don't quit,so pack up your shh and bail
outta dime.Ha Ha!

. . .

Ahhhhhwww shit, fuck!

[Dat Nigga Daz]
It's a brand new day in the hood
It's money to make, and I'm doin bad and it ain't lookin good
It's all about the you know what everywhere that I roll
And never leave emptyhanded without packin my chrome
If it's on it's on, I put down my gangsta hand
Show and prove and be gat, put the jack down a chance
See I can put down like this, and you don't know why
Niggaz always would try, but soon they all just die
How they come up like I, would put my biz in the street
I'd like to say is that the jack made my life complete
Fifty-four thousand the cash he left cheesed and stitched
But it still ain't enough, so what can I plot next?
An armored truck'd be fine, as I come up from behind
Grab 7 bags and fled, not wastin no time
Coppers tailin my ass, breathin hard on my back
Now my biz in the corner as I aband' the 'Llac
Grab the satchel full of money brother Star crib
I throw the money on the table say 'be back in a bit'
I caught the biggest dope sack, I got my hood sewed up
Now everybody bought to make the bomb soaked uncut

Ridin', slipin' and slidin'

Ran out a door my situation's back where I left
A voice quietly tellin me -- you got to come up on some bread
Don't get twisted for shit, see I be mashin on my own mission
Never dreamin or wishin the money that I'm missin
I heard some, niggaz doubt clockin rakin in all the dough
And since I'm doin bad I gotta jack for they dough
Called my partners in crime, Kurupt, Nate Dogg, and Style
True soldiers from the Dogg Pound, puttin it down
Kick the door in with the gauge and fo'-fo' (don't move)
Blast a couple of niggaz as I style with all the dough
Five pounds of coke, two pounds of ?
Now we baggin it up, and smokin all night long
I wanna trip, then I didn't have no chip
And my pockets be short, and I started to trip
To maintain with no problem stopped by my bitch house
She was poppin with them sales I don't play that shit (bitch!)
and sold five hundred in cavi barely happy today
Feelin knockin rowdy and my homey had to say

Well I got me a plot on the Westside on the town
With some mark ass niggaz from the other side (yeah let's put it down)
Now Dogg Pound Gangstaz true indeed we see
the layout down, as we proceed
Two in the front, three in the back, about to make niggaz collapse
Cocked back the strap two minutes before the jack
takes place now we face to face and I'm in the mood
for a murder, so I'm all for the do low and you know
The chances, advances stages
Gauges and three-eighties, crazy, nigga shady
To my lady, what I'ma do is mine for my loot
with the homies mash on the massion about quarter to two
When we arrive, I be the first nigga to dip
Straight to the front door and intention's to straight trip
I gotta make my grip and I made my grip with the quickness
niggaz here to lick and got paid, bitch

Ridin', slipin' and slidin'
I don't trust a bitch, so fuck a bitch
What's the function, what's the game
All abord, the cavi train
All you busters, riding round
You don't wanna, see the Pound

. . .

(feat. Big Pimpin)

A player, only plays for so long, then he's played out
A hustler, only hustles for so long, then he's hustled out
A pimp only pimps for so long, and that's for life
For all the pimps I've known, it's been pimp or die
A whore, a whore only whores for so long, before she's whored out
Put that on this life
To play these games on the field of life
is a very hard game to play on
Yeah put that on somethin
That's so damn flossy like a trip to the tailor, and the parlor
Don't even matter about the dollar
When I hit the streets the whores gon' holler
If dripping wool is gonna shine to blind
Hypnotically to the flow of my pen
It's gonna let you know, that I come to peel with my whore
But somebody's gotta do it, somebody's gotta win at it
Because the game's never gonna stop
Champagne bottles still gonna be popped
Like the players at the top, of their game
like Daz, Kurupt, the Pound
Put that on this life
Yeah, and a girl, can give up that ass for free, for only so long
Then she's labelled a whore, might as well get paid
Cause treasure, is the pleasure that the girl sells all day
Better hit the corner, let's get La-Di-Da-Di
Pay me enough money so I can share it with everybody
Like La-Di-Da-Di, let's go and have this party
Like the Megatron Mack from the year two thousand
Yeah we bringin it back, we bringin it back
Cool we

[Dre] Geyeah, kick some smooth shit

. . .

(feat. Michel'le, Nate Dogg)

[Intro: Dr. Dre]

That's right
Some of that shit you just can't fuck wit
Tha Dogg Pound flava, for the nine-fever
KnowhatI'msayin? Michel'le in the house
That's right, set it off

[Verse One: Dat Nigga Daz, Michel'le]

Young Daz struck a match and the match went out
But it wasn't no more lights in the house, check it out
Speakin of house let's play a game of it
Are ya wit it? Hide and go get it, I betcha love it baby
I'll play the daddy and you can play the momma
so we can get down upon the living room floor
Are ya wit it? I promise I won't kill it
Puddy-cat on a leash what should I do, should I kill it?

See back in the day when we used to play
You wanted to be with me [that's right]
Now that is so right and natural
No other man that I can see
I'm singin in my background
diggin up a hole for you to make your move
But no longer will I be told regroup
Let's play house

[Chorus: Daz, Michel'le, Nate Dogg]

Engine engine number nine let's play house
Rollin down the DP line
[Michel'le] Let's play house...
[Michel'le] Is that what you want me to do with you?
You play tha momma baby let's play house
I'll play the daddy
You can play the momma
and I'll play the daddy
[Michel'le] Let's play house
You can play tha momma let's play house
and I'll be the daddy
and I'll be the daddy
that runs the house, straight up

Verse Two: Dat Nigga Daz, Kurrupt

I'm in the shack bout to blaze up a sack
Yeah we grown all alone posted up the back
There's no mistakin, I can have the whole house shakin
Young Daz in that ass baby doll no fakin
Don't get me wrong, tell me what's the flavor of the song
You know it's Daz in your drawers when ya momma ain't home
Ring the alarm, I got ya buzz, lovin me
Phsyically and mentally I knew that it was never meant to be

I know you know this girl by tha name of Danielle
Body of a Goddess face from hell
but oh shhh, this wasn't the average trick
(She got the bomb) and she like gobblin and swallowin
a whole nine and a half on dat black ass
Groupie now all the hoocies wanna do me from the past
to the present (say what?) let me rep and present
(Who dat?) The biggest nigga hittin all the hoes in your click
Fast as lightning runnin through like the breeze
in the summertime out on the corners making G's
It's the thirst, but I can show somethin much worse
than the thirst, if worse came to worse, but first things first
Brenda, I can remember
How hot y'all be gettin, eighty-seven, eighty-six, and, yeah
The year a young man grows
Some women become ladies, some turn into hoes
Young hoes grown, find a way to stay wit me
In the cut wit Kurupt, come and play with me, yeah

[Outro: Michel'le, Nate Dogg]

[part A]
If ya wanna be wit me, stay wit me, play wit me
Come Kurupt, bring your stuff to me
My, sweet, baby

[part B]
Let's play house, let's play house, let's play houuuusseeee
Let's play housssse, let's play houssse

part A, part B sung as part A repeats

part B sung over part A with Nate Dogg singing "let's play house" [x2]
[repeat this part x3 to fade]

. . .

[Verse One: Dat Nigga Daz]

Working LA
tryin to get paid tha right way
but somehow the right way don't pay
I'm comin home late every night
gotta struggle an fight
wit tha baseheads on tha late night hype
tryin to creep in tha house
through tha cut
for what
so I won't be seen by none of the homies
but tha homie Nate Dogg spots me
and say Yo what's happenin
No you don't know me no more
when ya pass me tha satin
I said ah naw it ain't like that G
I'm trying to go straight
and have a J-O-B
you need to quit that faggot ass job
that's what he said
showed me his grip and took some satin to tha head
Damn that nigga had at least two G's
and he was clockin it wit so much ease
I told him I was gone so I'm headin in tha house
everybody knocked out
so I'm locked out
I go back to tha front
where my homies is hangin at
they offer me a cabby sack
so I can start slangin dat
they say you ain't a hustler
I say don't doubt it
Hold dat thought
and I'll think about it

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]

(I've been dreamin to long, to long, to long)
I don't like to dream about gettin paid

[Verse Two: Dat Nigga Daz]

The thought's complete so let me take a seat
since I was born and raised on tha streets
I quit tha job I had
caught myself a sack
went from a double of fifty into a ceno stack
within a week but my peak wouldn't reach
I was gettin too known on tha north side of Long Beach
Niggas got to trippin and I thought I heard it
so I went to tha hood
on Twentieth and Murder
I came up quick with some homies dat I knew from way way back
and bid my sack
or maybe it's seven
or was it eight hundred strong
In other words Daz had it goin on
I bought myself a bucket
That's right a bucket bitch
who you fuck in my car on my dick
My lifeself switched a bit
but my attitude didn't
I told all my old bitches good riddance
cos when you got money hoes come automatically
and no hoes don't do nothing but cause some static see
I went from khakis to guess braids to a fade
I'm not Special Ed but I had it made
livin tha life of a baller care free
havin bitches dyin to sleep wit me ya see
But I went bankrupt from all the spending and gamblin
business was gettin slow
and I wasn't handlin
mine tha way I was supposed to
Now I'm broke and on a jack mission
so don't get close to
tha D-P-G gang cause we scandalous when we broke
We get tha doggs in in us
we get ta actin like some


[Verse Three: Nate Dogg, Kurrupt]

Last night I had a dream
felt so good it had to be
me and my homies were gettin paid
man oh man we had it made
some homies want to roll wit me
some homies claim insanity
well if you want to set trip I will
if you don't want to drop be still

I can't believe this
but you can best believe this
I'm on another mission to get paid
serve what I can serve right (right)
so my pockets will stack up
nigga don't trip
nigga back up (hold up)
I gots to react off the first impulse I find
but my mama thinks I should take my time
and work for mines
but how much work would it take
and how much money would I make
theres somethin I gotta think about
but I ain't got that much time
moms want a nigga out tha house
I ain't gettin no younger
I'm only gettin older
I'm only
thinking about what my mama told me
Now I'm a Dogg Pound gangsta for life
and the fact that I'm out to get paid twice
I ain't nuttin nice
down to slang or pull a heist
jack or break mutha fuckas on the dice
That's real
Now what should I do
Just chill when it's time to peel caps and adapt to kill
I've concealed tha concealed
so I've maintained for tha salary
and my mentally is raw from tha door
I go hard from tha door
up against all odds
always down to squab
Dogg Pound for life
I survive til 95
day after day makin hits wit D-A-Z
ta get paid yeah yeah yeah


. . .

(feat. The Lady of Rage)

[Verse One: Kurupt, Daz]

Now here's the perfect niche to let it bubble and foam
Wait these seconds then watch the microphone get blown
It's the mischevious, lyrical genius on the loose
and I pack the deuce deuce of some act right juice
I'm in my own, space and time
The elevation of my rhymes elevates your mind
It's a clear blue sky and a clear blue day
Foe a G from DPG to wear clear blue and gray
I come I came, I am I ain't
the nigga ya wants ta fuck with, get peeled like paint
Bottoms up, nigga give it all ya got
from the bottom to the top or get shanked get shot
Provocative footage, of this lyrical abuse transgression
from this infectious enemy, they on the loose
And unstoppable, Daz
My motherfuckin nigga from back in the past

Now imagine yourself in a bottomless pit
with no way your climbin out, and this ain't the punishment
Deadly as crystal crack, how should I react
with intentions to keep on mashin, strap to strap
Is this my boundary from county to county?
Your homies wanna try to soak me like Bounty?
Dogg Poung Gangsta all day all night
Partyin like a motherfuckin now all night
But uhh, simple as fact I been wantin to serve your whole fuckin crew
Now whatchu wanna do? (Hmm, whatchu wanna do? Yeah)
Load up your weapon slowly step in caught your homey straight slippin
You shoulda known from the jump nigga that I was trippin
I gets to bustin (blaow blaow) you gets to duckin (blaow blaow)
Dogg Pound Gangsta gets to dippin in the cut
My performance is enormous the way that I stayed up on em
I catch em and let em have it what's up, with my opponents
I hold it down for the two and I'll be gunned down by no one
Forever I reign, top Dogg number one
My rhyme ?to some inflanable? and Doggs that's untrainable
Uncontainable, my mind state's so strainable

[Chorus: Daz, Kurupt]

[Daz] I'm a D.P.G.C. for life
[duo] I do what I feel and, I do what I like

[Verse Two: Kurupt, Rage]

I hits it like shots, from the homey strap
I smoke indo, and I sip Cog-nac
Give a FUCK whatcha name is, I tell ya quick
Face to face, punk you can eat a dick
Cause you're all out of time, out of sight
out of mind, somethin I wouldn't do without a nine
I got a pocket full of papers and a trunk full of beat
Mashin all through the streets rollin wit some heat
I'm heated, repeat it, day after day
Daily survival tactics in L.A.
I'm on point and alert
with skills like a huntin expert, fuck around and get hurt
Lurked, I puts in work like a chemist
Mentally known to cause motherfuckin dilemmas
See me in black and beware
It's a Dogg Pound Gangsta on the loose out there

Now here's the kickoff, as I'm about to rip off
Rage is knockin lips off, travellin like a spitball, I hit y'all
Right between the eyes, smack dab in the middle
with my rhymes or my riddles, ain't got no time to fiddle
faddle, dibble, dabble
Gotta Rock like Fraggle
I'm hittin so hard I'm leavin that I'm leavin em snaggled
Like Leon Spinks this black cat's got ya jinxed
Fuck around and you'll get chipped off like the Sphinx
Think, about it, better yet forget it
Uhh, play like En Vogue cause you're never gonna get it
The style, the flavor, the flow, the so-lo-ist
Hit you in a second, one two mic checkin
That's my lethal weapon like a chain and ball
I'm wreckin, shop, tech and, glock
Not in my pocket, no need for cock and
gauges just flip the scripts and rippin pages Rage is
the amazin, trail-blazin
Flows shavin like Norelco you can't let go, hell no!
I'm that Lyrical Murderer
Stranded on the Row with my ill type flow and uhh...

. . .

I seen this ho, yeh whats up bitch
a nigga never knew that he could fuck so quick
looney as the mutherfucka its the d-o-g
The K-u-r-u-p-t and the D-a-z
Well know how we treat ho's
slammin on they back like dominos
on how I love love a bitch
thats why a bitch aint shit
thats the reason why your main ho ate my dick
Eh yo she ate yo dick(uh huh)
she ate mines too/now what the fuck did me and D-a-z pursue
We served the ho's gin and juice
and we blazed up the sac/
relax and chill the bitch didnt know how to act
[Kurupt]Now they all fucked up & theres a knock on the door
[Daz]Who is it?
[Kurupt]It's my nigga Snoop Dogg wit a flock a ho's
[Snoop Dogg]
Man I brought dick suckin Annie Mae
ass lickin Sandy Fae
Renee/Cherl and this here is Tanqueray
ladies chill make yourself at home
once again it's on

[Kurupt]Now if I fuck
[Daz]and if Style fuck
[Snoop]yo and if Snoop fuck
[all]then we all gon fuck

[Kurupt]But if you fuck
[Daz]and if Dat Nigga Daz fuck
[Snoop]and if he fuck
[Kurupt]then we all gon fuck

[Kurupt]Now if I fuck
[Daz]and if I fuck
[Snoop]yo and if I fuck
[Kurupt]then we all gon fuck

[Kurupt]what if Snoop fuck
[Daz]and if I bust a nut
[Snoop]and if I bust a nut
[Kurupt]then we all gon fuck(beeatch)

Drip Drop Drop Drip
look at these ho's all over my dick
tic toc toc tic
ho's be talkin shit but steady gobblin dick

[Daz]Shit im surprised to see this bitch at the party
[Kurupt]Man I like that one Id bet she'd eat a fat one
I bet Id fuck that bitch(put that on somethin)
I see it in her eyes/I know what she be wantin(what)
the ho think I got a gang a endz
I could fuck her..and probly 20 a da bitch friends

Back off or jack off and quit that jaw jackin
and get my muthafuckin endz stackin
You know how my program flow(but I love you Snoop Dogg)
I dont love you ho

I see my cousin Joe Cool pull me to the side
and blaze us all high

Now why are we high as venus you see us floatin....

[Daz] Whole up...waz up?
[girl] waz up
[Daz] where's Thurman??
[girl] up in here
[Daz] how many ho's yall bringin over here
[girl] about 5 for each
[Daz] where yall at the freeway?
[girl] we on the freeway
[Daz] Damn..Took yall long enough we was jumpin like a mu when it
was about 11 oclock
[Girl] Who the hell over there...Kurupt over there??
[Daz], dogg
[Girl] Is Snoopy Dogg over there??
[Daz] Yeah...
[Girl] Well tell that nigga I said whole up we gon be there on
them thang in a minute
[Daz] aight so we gon be here
[girl] what???
[Daz] we gon be here wit some more ho's chillin and relaxin
[girl] ...thats right thats rightnone of us dont carry nuttin
..its goin down...down
Yo we all gon fuck

. . .

(feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg)

Daz, come check it out
Nigga, where the carat, nigga?
Tear that ass up, yeah, honey you like that uh
Oh yeah, huh, oh, bust a nut, hold it, hold it
Oh, I'ma bust a nut in your motherfuckin mouth
Hold on, take this motherfucker
(Ooooh, my pussy)
What the fuck then? I'ma bust that in your motherfucker
[both climax]
(I got the bomb)
Ooh, bitch you got some bomb azz pussy

Ooooh, you got some bomb
Bitch you got some bomb azz pussy (yeah I got some bomb azz pussy)

The bar is closed, bitch you got some bomb azz pussy
Have you ever have you ever had some bomb pussy? [x4]

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]
I took a trip to the other side of the planet
Fuckin hoes in Japan didn't understand it
Joe Cool is my witness and the homey Style
Blowin Saki part one, gettin buckwild
with some hoes from the other side of the globe
I mean this bitch pussy so tight it's fittin like a glove
Could it be a small case of puppy love you see?
(Snoop Doggy I love you) Hey bitch you ain't in love with me

Now if I fucked yo' bitch, would a nigga trip?
Did you know your hoe's goin round blowin niggaz dicks?
Now would you trip? Now trip I can, I go back
to when me and Daz was chillin in Atlanta
Atlanta was the place to be, see it was bitches and shit
we had a, show to go do down at the FreakNik, we had a
bitch, that was all up on our dicks
Cause she knew about the homey and she knew about the Click
I'm Kurupt, and that's Dat Nigga Daz
And that's the homey El, so what's poppin with the azz
[Snoop:] (Got some bomb azz pussy)

Bitch you got some bomb azz pussy [Snoop:] (I heard that)
(I got the bomb)
Bitch you got the bomb [Snoop:] (Shit, you got the bomb azz pussy)
(Yeah I got the bomb)
I heard you got some bomb [Snoop:] (My homeboy told me)
(Yeah, I got that bomb)
Bitch you got the bomb [Snoop:] (He said you got some bomb)
(Yeah I got that bomb azz pussy, yeah give it here)
[Snoop:] (Oooh, shit you got some bomb azz pussy)
(Yeah, I got the bomb)
[Snoop:] (Don't front, I know you got the bomb)
(Yeah, I got the bomb)
[Snoop:] (Yeah, I smell it, can I inhale it?)
(Uh-huh, I got the bomb)
[Snoop:] (Let you tell it, I know you got
some bomb azz pussy)

[Dat Nigga Daz]
You know sometimes
The pussy gets to callin me man
And the pussy be like Daz...
And I respond to the pussy like, what's happenin?
And you can fuck me, and fuck my cousin
And fuck Nate
Then fuck everyone of my motherfuckin homies, in the DPG

Now tell the homies what's happenin hoe, for real
Show me some sex and affection and lick me down slow ya know
That's what I want, that's what I need
Now I'd only satisfy you to fulfill my needs
The hoe get to suckin, five minutes later be get to fuckin
Now the hoe shocked, me just slipped off the rubber
I said OOOH (oooh), NOO (noo)
While I bust a hellified superfied nut, I had to go
Straight pimpin in the city, shakin ass and titties
Some bitches had the bomb puss, but some bitches didn't
Now have you ever...

(Have you ever had some bomb azz pussy?
That make you wanna scream Dogg Pound) [x4]

. . .

(feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg)

Yeah! Straight up 9-5!
Kurupt the motherfuckin Kingpin, Dat Nigga Daz
Creepin and crawlin through your hood, smokin, loccin
Provokin punk motherfuckers like this stuff
Wuz happenin?

In the dead of winter is when I kick my coldest phrases
Mentalest telepathy, lyrically it amazes
Constructioning thoughts that's as lethal as turpentine
An expert when I flex rhymes feared like ex-cons
In my zone(zone)you can't even find like Atlantis
Stalk like a prayin mantis, leavin battered bodies on the canvas
The burial ground for clowns, open casket
Trackin niggas down like fuckin basset hounds
Tragic how the mic gets handled
Prodigious like a vandal on a midnight scandal
The scramble like Randall abusive when I recite on the stage
Double access with a brand new motherfuckin mic

Now can I grab the microphone and spit some shit that's known
to blow the mind of Michelangeloґs poems, clones get crushed like stones
I forbid, for rusty motherfuckers to be actin like they all in
with the click got checks that shit
And once again it's on and it's on with the gangsta shit
I create the beats that beats the fucks right outta ya speakers
Amps are blown, shown for me to grab the microphone alone
Like Jodeci, notice-see ya self needs help
The homie style got the strap on deck
Don't neglect the fact I can make you or break you(Break you)
Awake you to a new plateau wit' mo' hoes
Now the paper is made, now don't think twice
Niggas is gettin pimped because their game ain't tight
Now well well (well), now welcome where the ballers dwell
Another day, another dollar, Blueberry to sell
I makes that fast cash, hmm Dat Nigga Daz
I'm quicker ta out slick ya, blast in half

DPG eliminates the whole area beyond the thought dismemberin
Motherfuck surrenderin; who, what, when, let's tear shit the fuck up
The homies coolin while you an' ya chest get fuckin blue an'
Provoke us, survey with the superior focus
I'm that nigga like Daz, crooked as scoliosis
S'impossible to survive on my arrival when I arrive
It's left to ya instict of survival
Mashin, cashing in chips I gotta loose sadistic sick mind
They define it Iґm mentally sick, and batter
It doesn't matter when ya into it
Ya just entered in a war-zone all alone with ya microphone unguarded
I just started poetical poltergeist precise and cold-hearted
Empty, tempt me, simply ya get shot
Ya forgot I'm down to empty out my clip on ya block
Stop let the whole place evacuate
wait until we're face-to-face then it escalates
Duck-down, Kurupt clowns niggas daily, hos can't play me
Observe I serve those that betray me

[Nate Dogg]
I ain't never seen a joint that I couldn't light
And I ain't never seen a buster that didn't fight
I ain't never seen a G that would go for that
Especially when he knows Tha Dogg Pound got his back
I ain't never seen a game that did multiply
We gettin kinda deep, yeah the crew and I

[Kurupt] And who am I?
[Snoop] And who am I?
That crazy motherfucker from the DPG, do or die!

. . .

(feat. Tray Dee)

What is reality?
Motherfuckers out here don't know shit
They ain't tryin to know shit
Just a dumb motherfucker out here tryin to represent
Get my motherfuckin paper
You don't think so? Well then fuck you hoe
Cause I'm ridin on trucks, banked all that type of shit
Gotta get paid motherfucker

Fuck dreamin the same dreams, bein down for the same team
When it seems to be reality is just a dream
Eye to eye, the colors that I wear is do or die
When I walk down the street, will I meet evil in disguise
So, I tote a fo'-fo' with hollow tips
While my mind tellin me 'should I not', or 'should I peel it?'
What I represent God only knows what lies for myself
Jealousy and hatred niggaz is out for my wealth
Will I perish? Later selfish for the rest of my life
Cause those who live wrong is bound to live a short life
Will money be the root of my destruction?
Without the money I can't even seem to function

[Dat Nigga Daz]
Now there's, nowhere, for me, to turn
There's nowhere for me to hide from reality
As complex as the situation gets
I remain I maintain, ain't that much strain
To make me twist myself like Kurt Cobain
Ahh shit, I don't believe this
Some niggaz that I fucked with tryin to pull a twist
But ain't that much twistin in existance
And this is how you show me love
It shows me exactly what money's capable of
Now is it that expenses that make you wanna catch me slippin
and pay a visit, cause this is, for all my homies
(all my homies) for jackers only
Come twist, to the fools in L.A. that know me
I'm back with the fifth of Henn
Kurupt and Dat Nigga Daz on the mash again

Now there's, nowhere, for me, to turn
There's nowhere for me to hide from reality (reality)

[Dat Nigga Daz]
I give it to you like it is, got no time for no games
in the world of madness, will my composure be the same
Will my friends be around when they rush me in the ground
a lost soul lost forever, never ever to be found
Life ain't what it seems, for the niggaz full of schemes
on the hood full of cash don't wanna blast for the green
These six bitches wanna get a nigga caught up
for what, a simple nut, a simple fuck

Daily it enhances the penetentiary chances
to survive in nineteen ninety-five
So I got nineteen ninety-five ways
to survive nowadays
Time and time again, I bust a rhyme again
cause I'ma get in deeper shit if I convert to crime again
out to mentally convert me, the same niggaz out to hurt me
It irks me, strenuous controversy
What's next on the list to complete
after all this shit that popped off on the street
And all eyes on me, but I won't change sides
Cause what I represent I represent til I die (til I die)
It's time for me, to grab a tall glass of (Hennesey, Hennesey)

[Tray Dee]
Ya see my ways is to phase all them niggaz that try me
Leave em layin stiff if they ain't on IV's (beep, beep)
I beez the hardest, regardless fool
Livin life day and night stayin hard and cruel
Keep my cool, until my mood abruptly switch
Then I'm on a niggaz ass like bumpy zits (that's right)
It's no remorse when you cross my course
I'm not a hunter, but take a nigga out for sports
Don't resorts, to thinkin you could get with this
Or you will be a eulogy if you insist to diss
Mista Tray Dee, from L.O.N.G.
B.E.A.C.H., where the hardest gangstas be
Twenty-first was the worstest turf on the earth
Yet I feel I was meant to represent from birth
til I die, you wonder why it ain't no secret
Motherfuckers best be in love with this G shit

Now there's, nowhere, for me, to turn
Nowhere for me to hide from reality [x3 in woman's voice (Rage?)]
[continues with variations]

. . .

Now I can't trust none of these hoes nowadays
Cause they be runnin round with that shit called AIDS
and every girl I meet nowadays is lit
So I can't to do them what I would to do you, so...

Another session, check in session
Dogg Pound Gangstaz

[Dat Nigga Daz]
I'm on top of the world, with niggaz with perms and jheri curls
Runnin around town with the flyest girls
Ain't no place like home, nigga that I can call my own
Smokin dove sacks and quarter pounds down to ozones (who you?)
I'm Dat, Nigga, D-A to the Z (uh-huh)
A motherfuckin playa, for the D-P to the G

Connectin lyrics like dot to dot, connectin blocks
I concoct vocals that's libel to make your heart stop
Termination completed, and I'm out like the seasons
Murderin MC's for no fuckin apparent reason (motherfucker)
Dis, lyricist, kicks lyrics
so intent to disable to kill your whole vocals existance
Like in for instance, the murderous methods of my ridin
The Thunderdome, niggaz had em squabbin
Shit, all I know is you could talk that talk (this Dogg Pound)
and you best to be able to walk that walk, because
we ride right, daylight, or after midnight
Game Trump tight, down to dump on sight
Call me the sniper with mo' chips than Wesley Snipes
Niggaz oppose me to get cracked like the pipe
Born in the East, raised a G on the West
Westide, smokin and rollin with a S on my chest

[Dat Nigga Daz]
I roll swift as a pigeon, diggin niggaz graves in tomb stones alone
One on one, microphone or phone
Stampedin like a heard of buffalo you tumble
Now when you try to get up, motherfucker you stumbled
Now it's a must that I can bust, from the shots from my 12 gauge
dust to get you high blown in the meanwhile my profile
of my styles unusual from a buckwild child
But in the meanwhile...
I can tear that ass off be like an Al B. song
I maul fifty MC's, divided just by one
Now who's the greatest motherfucker other than myself
Droppin lyrical vitamins for your health, motherfucker

One by one, we'll start to subtract
And see how many motherfuckers got your back
Cause when it comes down to it, we outs to clown
It's them Dogg Pound Gangstaz, puttin it down

[Dat Nigga Daz]
Now picture that ass and frame it, what a shame
motherfucker to remain to obtain game

I'm on another journey, my mind set on twisted
gettin twisted and twist this fool for his grip then dash
Daz in the Jeeps that the church drive
cause he don't give a fuck, and down to put in work
And this is how it's done like one two three
Kurupt, and I'm quick to fuck shit up on G.P., lethal
There's no stoppin me, top notch, there's no equal
to the philosophies that I concoct

[Dat Nigga Daz]
We makin examples out of motherfuckers like you
Nigga there's no idea, nigga, and there's no clue, you through
You outta here motherfucker, finished you scared admit it
Your new album... shiiiit!
So realize with your two eyes that my rhyme hypnotize
just like Jim Jones bapnitized his followers
The wrath, of the slaughter, have you ever heard of a
serve from my homey now he rhyme for baby sharks (and I)
I load for ammo for ammo the young hollow is dippin
to Pomona Ave to ride up on you on the corner
It's kinda cold, how his ass got smoked (well alright)
And now you know that we ain't no joke

I never trust a busta, so I never trust yo' ass
Hope you got satellites around when we bust yo' ass
I peeped you out the sides of my eyes, cause I be peepin
Murderous situations, you got yourself knee deep in
You're walkin around while you're sleepin
So awake yourself nigga then break yourself
And I don't give a fuck if your money is spent
I want your hat to your clothes cause dollars make sense
I got so many hoes on my dick, I gotta shake hoes
and I'm controllin mines, like Waco
Texas, Mr. Flossy in the Lexus
Super supreme I plot schemes like Stephen King and


DPG, yeah I thought you knew, DPG
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah, DPG

. . .

Have you ever seen... sooo much style?
We bout to do it a little somethin like this
Cause it's Dogg Pound on mines, you know what I'm sayin?
(and you don't stop)
Fuck all your motherfuckers
(and you don't quit)
And umm... for some strange reason
(and you don't stop)
Niggaz like to duplicate
(and you don't quit)
(and you don't stop)
Transformin ass side bustas, Daz
(and you don't quit)

[Dat Niggaz Daz]
Come get at me, and play get back
The plots, concoct thoughts on DAT, can you counteract?
I'm openin my eyes, and my thoughs a blink
(but yet and still) there's no ideal what these thoughts contain
All alone (like) like no else around
in the area (say what) runnin shit from here to Siberia
Now is this a jack?

Nigga yes it is
Cause I'm a Young Gun like Emilio Estevez

[Dat Nigga Daz]
And dreaded, how you get shredded like paper
tryin to intrude on the caper, who the hell can relate ta
That, automatic straps that's supposed to
be hittin new clothes and expose
Knows, not, who to step to
This fool select to get his whole jock connect too
I select too so motherfucker bow down
Niggaz swear the Pound got so much style

Sooo many styles [x3]

Now have you ever seen me? Seen meaning saw
Niggaz running up in me murdering em all
My composure, stays above sixty degrees before
I enter in a circle and start maraudin MC's
The hysteria starts, multiplied two times
Supplied by the vibes, here's a run wild style
they can't match, in the back of my vocab batch
If you come in and take the stash nigga I'll start from scratch
So enter in my zone, I refuse to be dethroned
I got a microphone I had to kill and murder to own
From the bottom to the top and when you stare in my eyes
emotionless shit registers in my mind when I get high
The darkest secrets, keep it untold
when it's revealed the Amityville mirage will unfold
Take flight, I ignite like C dash 4
With Daz I blow the shit the fuck up like the last world war
My creations, mental invasions
Thoughts that's able to annihilate generations, with so much style

[Chorus x2]

[Dat Nigga Daz]
Now let me take a second, for Dat Nigga Daz
to amaze with the ways to catch snap bones, let alone
Fuck up the scene, drop bombs upon the microphone
How can you see me when I'm already high and blown
to the fullest, Kurupt pull the MC's card
Now the Pound is blessed, like dove
I'm a Dogg, we gotta get paid, we gotta get paid

Every single day our shit is gettin played
So conclusively is the conclusion
The art of illusion
Niggaz step in the midst of confusion
How can you see what can't be viewed?
DPG has the ability to end a whole feud
So forget it, you're feelin lyrically energetic
So I sentence you to death by use of poetics
That's my realm, so don't even try to explore it
Niggaz tried and wonder why they lost they whole life for it

[Dat Nigga Daz]
Niggaz don't realize what's with the Pound
Blueberry smokes clears the town when me and Kurupt puts it down
From the shoulders we be sling with the straps, we be jumpin
No suggestions needed when my Mac-90 start dumpin
Let me explain (whassup) niggaz don't know what time it is
I ain't even tryin to make friends
Fuck the bullshit the idiotic type bullshit
that you be stressin, let me get to the lesson
Peep me out, now you know
Ninety-four's the year now we fuck up hoes
Ninety-five we survive everyday
and what they say (we got styles)

[chorus to end with spoken shoutouts to DPG over]

. . .

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