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Ted Nugent

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Тексты песен Ted Nugent

Текст песни "Thighraceous"

I ain't talkin' about diamond rings

I'm just talkin' ‘bout the simple things

I don't care about the time of day

I don't care what the people say

She's my baby I don't mean maybe

I better get goin' ‘fore she runs away

She's my baby

She's so thighraceous

She's my girl

Can't ya see her dancin' in the street

Uptown to the sexy beat

The little girl ain't no friend o' mine

She's the hurtin' kind

She's my lady Don't mean maybe

Get her while she's hot

You know you're drivin' me crazy

Stepped into a crossfire

On the wrong side of the street

The little girl is dangerous

But that's alright now

She's so thighraceous She's my girl

She's so thighraceous She's my baby

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