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Take That
Take That

Откуда Manchester, England, UK
Жанры Pop Rock
Годы 1990—н.в.
Лейблы Universal
Sony Music
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Сайт Website
Robbie Williams
Gary Barlow
Howard Donald
Jason Orange
Mark Owen

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Тексты песен Take That

Текст песни "Affirmation"

It's just a fraction of time,
Until we move into reverse,
Can feel the pressure and all the minds,
And the whole Universe.
Is it a question of force,
And a physical law,
We've had this battle a thousand times,
Never been here before,
Never been here before.

Haven't got the strength to fight anymore,
Got no desire to die anymore,

I want to see you again, again, again...
Haven't got the strength to fight anymore,
Don't even know what i'm fighting for

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