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Sworn Enemy
Sworn Enemy

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Тексты песен Sworn Enemy

Текст песни "Never"

The anger i feel pushing me to the point i can't deal
why would you try to push me to the side
all this pain im feeling on the inside
it rots my guy, gotta get myself out of this rut
before i do something i'll regret
you haven't seen the last of me yet
never gonna hide my feelings, not to you or anyone else
even if it means i'll die you wont ever see me cry
never gonna be what you wanted to
never gonna be what you wanted me to be
i live my life my own way
this is how its gonna be this is what i say
this time i'll take life by the balls
i won't stop till i've had my fill
i'll keep draining till there's nothing left
i won't let life pass me as i stand still
never gonna hide my feelings not to you or anyone else
even if it means i'll die you won't ever see me cry
i'll rip your ass apart
i'll watch you scream and shout
you won't get a second chance to live
cause i'll tear your heart right out
you'll fell my pain

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