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Styles P

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Альбом Styles P

Time Is Money (19.12.2006)
G-Joint (feat. J Hood)
Testify (feat. Talib Kweli)
How We Live (feat. Jadakiss)
Real Shit (feat. gerald Levert)
Who Want A Problem (feat. Swizz Beatz, Jadakiss & Sheek Louch)
Favorite Drug (feat. Rashad)
Can You Believe It (feat. Akon)
Kick It Like That (feat. Jagged Edge)
I'm Black (feat. Marsha Amrosius of Floetry)
Fire & Pain (feat. Sizzla)
Burn One Down (feat. Flipsyde)
. . .

(feat. J-Hood)

[Verse 1: Styles P]
Man I rock the fuck out, though
I don't know about everyone else
Whatever we don't make, we gon' take muh'fucker
Get this straight and fix yo' face
I ain't got to sell millions, I'm in the buildings
where papi comin through with them bricks by 8
Listen cocksucker and clown, I'll be leavin you cut
You're like a dutch, how I'm bustin you down
Niggaz drivin in a circle wit'cha hoe in the back
'll be the only damn way I be fuckin around
And I'm aimin for your waist, hopin you duck
So I can bust you in the head when I'm buckin the pound
And I told you that I'm Holiday Styles, let's celebrate
Heard you gettin money, I'll rob you right now
And you gon' get popped in the head, true story
Crips do they thing in blue gloves, pop off some red
Me, I'm on the move only stopping for bread
Double R and D-Block nigga, copper and lead, whattup

[Verse 2: Styles P]
Stay in the zone
I don't know why the fuck you amped yo
Got hoodrat bitches, carryin birds on the public transpo'
Niggaz in the hoods that go out like Rambo
They hot since 138th had that cancelled
Young buck... dumb fuck
I'm two guns up, "Ryde or Die" 'til the sun's up
"Gangsta and a Gentleman" dog, I got class
I'ma send a bunch a roses to your men in the morgue
I'll be down South bendin a whore, ten in the morn'
Dirty on 85 like Jay, Barnes, Sean Paul
Beef with New York rappers, I'm killin 'em all
On my Slick Rick shit, y'all could "Lick the Balls"
I been cool cause these niggaz is ass, but fuck that
Might as well call me pool cause I'm gettin splashed
And that Lamborghini liftin the stash, even gettin the mass
While some haze to mix with the hash, whattup

[Verse 3: J-Hood]
Pass that blunt nigga!
I'm in the hood where the eggs get knocked off
Gang members find they family members with both of they legs chopped off
Niggaz ain't scrappin, they bangin ya
The judge don't need a tree branch when they hangin ya
All y'all fags'll get ate like clams
Since this is a "Bloodsport" bitch, you could call me J Van Damme
All these so called guerillas be tellin
How a rat gon' give you "Thoughts of a Predicate Felon," muh'fucker
Homey what you want, the blade or the slug
I'm the one that send the order when they sprayed up the club
Bitch nigga, bow your head in the presence of G's
Load the lead up and squeeze; I'm a great dane, niggaz is fleas
Fuckin rats cant wait to call cops
'Til I make 'em sick and put pellets in they mouth like cough drops
J-Hood bitch, my name ring in the ghetto
Cause I'm O.G. and I play the streets like a cello

. . .

(feat. Talib Kweli)


[Styles P:]
Time I testify, listen
Why Malcolm get killed by the N.O.I.?
I'm yellow but I'm dark for real
And why nobody flip when Martin was killed?
Why Mandela did all them years
All that blood, all that sweat, and all them tears?
And I can name thousands more
that died in the struggle from Mr. Wallace to Mr. Shakur
That's why I stay influenced to "Kick in the Door"
Bring the White House dudes around the blacks that's poor
Notice that it's "unity" in "opportunity"
Make a lil' cash, now the block is screwin me
Brand new E-Class, cops pursuin me
Guess they wanna see me park it
Lookin at my gun, they wanna see me spark it
But I'm the Ghost and if I could vote it would be for Sharpton

[S.P.:] {tes-ti-fy} [Kweli:] {tes-ti-fy} equality
[S.P.:] {tes-ti-fy} [Kweli:] {tes-ti-fy} equality

[Talib Kweli:]
Yeah, yo, yo
We never stop like the news watch
Still tryin to fill the void of Biggie and Tupac
We on them avenues with the red and the blue tops
Dudes hot to shoot cops from the rooftops
Too many snitch niggaz TESTIFY
Warrior kings sent to the bing and left to die
Girls confuse sex with love so they extra dry
And got birth control stuck to they necks and thigh
Whoa, it ain't a game, they want the blacks all killed off
Our caps all peeled off, nigga this real talk
What's ill is y'all niggaz still caught up in them battle raps
There's beef in the hood, +Escaladin+ like Cadillacs
Monkey on your back livin like a junkie
Addicted to a dream, wanna die for your country
Tear down the prison walls, set everyone free
From freedom fighters to Askari X to Pimp C


[Talib Kweli:]
Yeah... kids slip in the clip and aim
for the fortune cause the fame ain't shit to gain
They get stuck on whips and chains, so freedom slip they brain
And psychologically that shit's insane
Now that's crazy, a function of raisin the crack babies
Sell it back to them cats freebasin back in the 80's
(C'mon) Disco shit, nigga cock the toast
Hi-Tek on the track and we rock with the Ghost

[Styles P:]
Damn right I make gangster music
But I still spit poetry like Langston Hughes did
Pressures of the ghetto might make you lose it
Grab AK's and go and make the news kid
Might lose control, but not my soul
Won't sell for the white man to buy me some white gold
Sell for the black man, to buy me control
P, Tek and Kweli, the shit come from the soul y'know?


[scatting to the end]

. . .

(feat. Jadakiss)

[Havoc:] Yeah! Watup, son?
[Styles:] Havoc, watup nigga good lookin for the beat. I'ma talk shit over this one
[Havoc:] Told you I got you my nigga. But um, I want you to let these niggaz
[know why you in that top 5.
[Styles:] This is my livin nigga
[Havoc:] Why you that nigga.
[Styles:] It feel good in here
[Havoc:] Yeah!

[Verse 1:]
Second time around I'ma let the magic shoot
This time it's off the Havoc flute yeah
I'm a general and criminal yall fags salute
I'm in the streets while yall sweet like a bag of fruit
And I stick to my timberlands like I'm maganoo
Ya man lookin like he want it he can have it to
Try to tell these muthafuckas they should do as do does
I been smoking haze just as green as the zoo was
Sorta like the city of Gods
We be screamin out "we gon' make it" but I pity the odds
I'm like knock out Ned when I pop out led
But I even been around to pass Biggie cigars
So I smoked wit a legend, if you took the oath then the ghost is ya bredrin
blowin smoke in the seven
Or maybe it's the hooptie in these pisshole slums
Just tryna kick my piece off of kiko's drums
Ya know

[Jadakiss:] This is how we live
[Styles:] Smoking, drinking, hustling, thinking
[Jadakiss:] This is how we live
[Styles:] Drug spots, projects, Jail cell stinking
[Jadakiss:] This is how we live
[Styles:] Whole block run when they see cop lights blinking
[Jadakiss:] This is how we live
[Styles:] Benjamins, grants, Washingtons Lincolns

[Verse 2:]
Die once you live twice die twice you live once
Get the shit confused so I'm puffin on the big blunts
Kick it wit the kid that be deep in the zone
It's the ghost, I got to go to sleep just to get home
I'm spiritually outta this world
Meet my lyrics on the darkside come back when the dutchie get twirled
I'm the alpha and omega of nice
I'm the messenger sent by the force at the head of the light
But satan's ridin my back in the dead of the night
I be doin some crazy shit for some bread and some ice
God I'm tryna focus with my third eye lens
I smoke haze to see my brother when he blow that wind
And I'm a grown man so I know my sins
And niggaz don't get the picture so do Kodak win?
The shit'sover their head and under their nose
Not a star cause I'm a sun when it come to a flow
Ya Know


[Verse 3:]
I'm a rare individual
Represent my team till they put in me in the earth no air in my physical
I don't need to dream I live another life when I sleep it's so deep I'ma
spare you the visual
Far from religious but my heir's name is biblical
Stay away from crabs they don't care cause they miserable
School lil niggaz
You could by diamonds but I could play wit words that's a jewel lil nigga
Tongue sharp like a sword
I could get ya fam killed just off my word that's the proper Art of War
Stay wit the Parker and the Porsche
I don't trust a soul cause niggaz threw rocks up at the Lord
The cash aint right there the mask is right there
Niggaz try P I'ma blast 'em right there
You don't want ya right ear next to ya Nike Airs
Said I'm from the darkside bringin the light here

[Styles:] Second time around, you know what time it is. It's all lyrics over
here nigga. Feel me nigga! And I'm in the hood for real. All day all night
shit like that. Yo Hav once again good lookin out for the beat nigga. SP the
Ghost, ONE!

. . .

(feat. Gerald Levert)

[Styles P + (Gerald Levert):]
(From the heart)
This shit is crazy Storch
(From the soul)
Thank you my nigga (yeah, yeahhh)
I appreciate it (ooooooh, from the heart)
Y'know I'm so much in the street (well well well)
I don't get a good look all the time (it's f'real)
So thank you (it's f'real, it's f'real, yeah)

"In God We Trust," it says it on the dollar bill
So should I say hallelujah?
Matter fact, what's a dollar to ya? Is it a paper painted green
or the root of all evil like your father schooled you?
They wanna bill me quick, niggaz wanna kill me quick
Gotta spend a buck for somethin nice at the dealership
Can't work for minimum wage nigga, to tell the truth
That's why I live in a cage nigga
Soon to be dependin on haze nigga, shit and I ain't pretendin
When a crook get a book with a happy endin
Dawg I'm in the bad mood most the time
Nine milli' have you close to dyin
But it's senseless, when I can let loose
and just spit a sentence of some absurd shit
Like four cars copped off of one bird flipped
I know crime ain't rhyme but I prefer this

[Chorus: Gerald Levert + ad libs]
This is the real shit, givin niggaz real fits
And if you can't handle it
Then you ain't been where I been
And you ain't been where I been
This is for real shit, givin niggaz real fits
And if you can't handle it
Then you ain't been where I been
And you ain't been where I been, this is for real

[Styles P:]
Die fo' what you believe in
Get high for numerous reasons, no confession, no {?}
Just me in a dark room and the fumes that I breathe in
Spirit leave the physical, leave off the Earth
Then I breeze on the burst cause I'm cursed with bein lyrical
Dawg I decapitate niggaz, I never was yellow
But I'm nicer than the happy-face sticker
All I need's a beat and the mic gloved up
Your career's goin good 'til you're bumpin into me
And I hit you with some shit that make your life fucked up
Only thing to stop me from killin you sloppy
if God intervene or Christ jump up... what?

[Chorus: w/ ad libs]

[Styles P]
Shit's close to the end and I ain't a beginner
Think I got a little thinner, only thing I mean is that
everybody dinner - this the house of pain
Tell everybody in there, I'ma bring it to 'em right
Money burn, guns fire, led finger to a life
Change your address, feds follow when they glue the kite
Shit is all love, same time it's real too
Move OT or go and kill 'em 'fore they kill you

[Chorus: w/ ad libs]

[Styles P: over Chorus]
This is the Ghost nigga, Double R and D-Block
Scott Storch, whattup

[Gerald Levert:]
No no no no no NOOOOOO~! No no NO!
You ain't been where I been, no no!
No no no no no no no no no nooooooo...

[Styles P:]
Get high

. . .

(feat. The Lox, Swizz Beatz)

[Styles P (Swizz):]
Oh yeah, S.P. the Ghost, I'm back
Y'all know how I do
You don't want no problems with me (LADIES!)
You see me, leave me alone
'Fore somethin bad happen, y'know?

[Swizz Beatz:]
Who want a problem ha, ha? [x4]

[Styles P:]
Yeah, I wanna know who got a problem with me
I ain't got a model with me, good lookin hood chick
that'll hit you with a bottle for me
A couple homies from the hood that know how I do
When I move they gon' follow me
Yeah, you from D-Block right?
Ruff Rydin all night, you outta see my lights
Watch the 'gnac get chased by the champagne
Mary jane blowin, livin life in the fast lane
Gotta stay fresh, cause I live by my last name - Styles
And they ain't make 'em like me in a while
Black tie affair, them Airs is crocodile
So whoever want a problem I still can stomp you out

[Chorus x2: Swizz Beatz]
Who want a problem ha, ha? [x3]
Is it the nigga over there?

[Sheek Louch:]
Yeah look look
Neo on the beat, glock in my murder hand
Back seat Pakistan, I can just kill a man
It's gettin warm, they home for the summer
And left the winter clothes in the dorm
I don't want a problem, it's too much flesh out
They want me to cock back and blow their chest out
See me in the yard with a Newport, stressed out
It's too damn hot to walk around here vest out
Feel me dawg, make money or make a hit
Other than that, can't think of shit
My son gettin bigger, it's like every week this lil' nigga
His clothes or his Jordans don't fit, who want a problem?


HEYYY~! I'm comin the 4th quarter
So I'ma just give you the summer to tread water
Way they wrote it down in the paper it said slaughter
Found him in the tub with nothin but red water
But anyway, back on track
Honey in the black on black, ass all fat
Whattup ma? You feel like winnin, feel like spinnin?
Lil' Jimmy Chu footwear, antique denim
Shh, you do the math to that, six months
for these Louis and these jeans is a half a stack
What more could you ask than that?
Whoever got a problem get all of the desert and half the mac


[Swizz Beatz:]
Talk to me!

. . .

(feat. Rashad)

[Styles P:]
Somethin 'bout you, I don't know, HA HA~!

[Rashad (Styles P):]
You're the one (yeah)
You're the one, yeahhhh (that's what it feels like)
You're my favorite drug (you're my favorite drug)

[Styles P:]
You're my favorite drug, amazin love
Cause you never, tell your friends where David was
Got a blunt blaze it up, we can get a room in the Trump
That's the one with our favorite tub
Damn you fly, why lie when I get high
All I do is think about how I'ma ride them thighs
I ain't never been one to make no girly songs
But I'll be up in this chick 'til the early morn'
Mighta came with some Temples but those Shirleys gone
She laughin makin a joke she gon' sell out porns
Got me head over heels, puffin on a dutch
Thinkin to myself, might spread some bread for some wheels
I might be wrong, but honey is right
Got to have my back strong when I come for the night
Her "Milkshake" bring my ass to the yard and we don't care
if we do it in the telly or the back of the car, what?

[Chorus: Rashad]
You're my favorite drug, get me high
Like the skies above, yeah
Feels like I'm in love, I'm so high
You're my favorite drug

[Styles P:]
Stoned as usual; pickin up my chick
We gon' bone as usual; she been talkin shit
on the phone as usual - pull up on the block
in somethin real nice on chrome as usual
Either one of us don't care where we headed
Park the truck, get a dutch, watch "American Wedding"
I like her cause she cool, graduated school
Got a mean stick in pool
Cut a nigga quicker than me she a fool
When everybody flip she was still playin rules
She the shit like some stools
I'm open like the windows is
Everytime we have sex I'm in limbo kid
And she make me stop quicker than my brimbles did
So no longer do I care where the fuck them other bimbos is
She's my favorite drug, the shit so serious
Me, her and purple, point black period

[Chorus: w/ ad libs]

[Styles P:]
Me and her been doin it far too much
'Til the 55 box of cigars is up
Right before checkout time is the hardest nut
The valet call the room and say the cars is up
A dutch and a shot, that's what P thing is
Then I be all up in that ass like them G strings is
She is my favorite drug, so is the purple
So I get 'em both together then I blaze 'em up

[Chorus: w/ ad libs]

Drug.. drug.. drug..
Only one I want in my life
Only one I want in my LIFE~!
Ohhhhh-hoooo, yeah-yeahhhhh
Drug.. drug.. drug.. [fades]

. . .

(feat. Akon)

[Styles P & Akon talking:]
What up John (testing one, two, three)
What up Kon (hey convict music)
Let's go (can you believe it)

[Verse 1: Styles P]
Fresh white tee, fresh car walls, summertime hood niggas look like stars
Jewelry drip, fresh white airs, mommy shake it up keep your ass right there (ohh, can you believe it?)
My man got liquor and my cup's right here, I can smell smoke pass the dutch right here
Nigga pass that, Capri pants with the waist cut off, I wanna smash that (ohh, can you believe it?)
Party ran pack, mingling baby, and I can LL shake, you jingling baby?
Back your ass up, I'm a start tingling baby, we can have more fun if wiggling baby (yea, can you believe it?)
P hit the club with a dutch and a dub with it, nigga don't cuff it if you ain't in love with it
Matter fact let the grub get it, please don't hate cause at least you can say you was with it

[Chorus: Akon]
Can you believe it? Get a break and get off the streets, clear my mind from the shit I see
In a world full of smoke, contact from the weed, that's when it really bond on me
I'm a be here for life, i aint never gonna leave, the ghetto is all that I know
It's just another day in the hood my nigga laying back trying get this dough
yellin out ohhhhh, all up in the club and you know how we roll, squad deep like ohhhh
Bad little bitch*s with their booty on score trying to beat like whoaaaa
Know your ass feel it cause its outta control
Let me hear you say ohhhhh, let me hear you say ohhhhh ohhh
Can you believe It?

[Verse 2: Styles P]
Big ass truck, brand new rims, tank top Yankee, tanned out Tims
Bracelet, chain, fronts bob thin, new tattoos, new black shoes (hey, can you believe it?)
Gucci, Ermays, do that too, wanna feel the breeze get a new black coupe
Nigga drop the top, come thru the hood, put a hundred on your three or your foul line shot (ooh. oohh, ohh can you believe it?)
Lending outfits all in the bus cause none of us could see a summer without trips (none of us can see it)
Mad hoops so the little boys might bark at you but they all lack good if the hood bothered you

[Chorus: Akon]
Can you believe it? Get a break and get off the streets, clear my mind from the sh*t I see
In a world full of smoke, attack from the weed, that's when it really bond on me
I'm a be here for life, never gonna leave, the ghetto is all that I know
It's just another day in the hood my nigga laying back trying get this dough
yellin out ohhhhh, all up in the club and you know how we roll, squad deep like ohhhh
Bad little bitch*s with their booty on score trying to beat like whoaaaa
Know your ass feel it cause its outta control
Let me hear you say ohhhhh, let me hear you say ohhhhh ohhhh
Can you believe It?

[Verse 3: Styles P]
Basketball tournament, pitbull pups
Ladies in the club poring Chris in cups
Niggas in the jail calling home on the phone (cause they locked up)
But you still trying to act like ain't sh*t enough
Mad sieves in the park, mad fights in the park niggas talk how they run every night from the narcs
Aside from the light to the dark then the dark to the light, I wanna smoke but I could search for my life

[Verse 4: Akon]
Can you believe it? I've done spent ten again, watching her bend again, dancing for many men
Tell me have ever though about getting in, a room full of convicts and D Block militants
We'll show you the time of your life, you can occupy my passenger side
Introduce you to the street life, watch you fall in love after just one night
Ohhhh, all up in the club and you know how we roll, squad deep like ohhhh
Bad little bitch*s with their booty on score trying to beat like whoaaaa
Know your ass feel it cause its outta control
Let me hear you say ohhhhh, let me hear you say ohhhhh ohhhh
Can you believe It?

[Styles P & Akon talking:]
Can you believe It? (Can you believe It? )
Lil' John, Akon, S.P. the ghost
Feel what we trying to do (Can you believe It? )
Can you believe It (Can you believe It? )

. . .

(feat. Jagged Edge)

[Jagged Edge:]
Baby, you you..

[Chorus: Jagged Edge]
If it's so good, why you kick it like that
You be callin me when your man's in the back
When the shit blows up, you can go on me
Cause he don't know nothin 'bout a rider like me
If it's so good, why you kick it like that
You be callin me while your man's in the back
When the shit blows up, you can go on me
Cause he don't know nothin 'bout a rider like me
Rider like me

[Styles P:]
Listen ma, I'm far from a pimp
But we can do the thang cause the car got tints
My love's like a jungle, hop around like some chimps
Or we can do the thang 'til the stick go limp
Your man's a wimp like Frankie said
I'm in the white tee gang and I'm a Yankee head
This my sophomore solo album
I'ma take a lot of shots and not for no photo album
Come through in the Polo outfit
Ryde or Die, two guns up, who I roll out with
Keep talkin to me you gon' end up spouseless
Keep hearin you're jackassin who you out with


[Styles P:]
Tell your man he can meet the pump
I'm at the double-oh suites of Trump, for at least a month
Got a whole lot of liquor and some reefer blunts
I'm on the laid back tip, I don't need to front
Tell your man he don't want no problems
Better let him know that I'm hard like J.E. album
I'm just tryin to fall back, get me some revenue
But I'ma make you feel like you walked out of heaven too
Ride like the down South Caddies, listen
He might be yo' man, but I'm yo' daddy
Call me from the back cause you want me badly
Ask me to scoop you and I do that gladly


[Interlude: Jagged Edge]
If it's so good, girl
Why you kick it like that, girl
Callin me from the back, and
My niggaz don't know how to act, and
And if it's all hood, babe
Why you lookin so sad, babe
Always gettin mad at me
My niggaz don't know how to act, no-HOHHH~!

[Styles P:]
You can say she's sorta like my Wednesday lover
We in the Benz if he find out he probably plug us
I don't wanna ride on him, just came home
Matter of fact I'm tryin to hide on him, get in that dome
She wanna call from the back, knowin I don't know how to act
I don't got a problem blowin the mac
But I'd rather play the bed with her legs in the vertical
Knockin Jagged Edge, Porsche Turbo convertible
We can leave New York, skip to the A-Town
Five star suite, hit me off with the hay now
I'm just tryin to stay low, ma you feel me?
I don't need no jealous dudes tryin to peel me


[Outro: Jagged Edge]
No, it's it's so good
Hey yeah, yeah yeahhhh
While your man is in the back
Yeah-heyyy, oooh...

. . .

(feat. Marsha Ambrosius (of Floetry))

(I'm Black)
Whether I'm poor or rich, or rich or poor
Though its all the same shit
(I'm Black)
Even though my skins kind of light
That means my ancestors was raped by somebody white
(I'm Black)
So I like to sing dance and crack jokes
Eat good food and be around black folks
(I'm Black)
Sort of like the Holys on Sundays
Drink all night and still go to work monday
(I'm Black)
So I like the kids looking real nice
Cuz I've been poor and I know what it feels like
(I'm Black)
And I'ma say it loud like James Brown
People be proud cuz we all up in the game now
(I'm Black)
And I'ma hold my right fist real high
Might see my man and we might get real high
(I'm Black)
And I know it, and I aint afraid to show it
(I'm Black)
And I'm the genius in the motherfuckin Poet
You know it

(Ohh Ohhh)

[Chorus: Floetry]
So proud to be just who I'am
So proud to say that I'm me...
So proud to be just who I'am
So proud to be so free
(I'm Black)
So proud to say that I made it
(I'm Black)
The one who struggled in the hatred
(I'm Black)
And I'm not afraid to say it
(I'm Black..Cuz I know I'm Sinking)

(I'm Black)
So I gotta heart full of bravery
Do for my peoplez that went through Slavery
(I'm Black)
So you know I'm young in the sports
Nintey percent chanced I get hunged in the Court
(I'm Black)
Don't you be scared of me Mister
Cuz you don't really seem to be scared of my sister
(I'm Black)
And I can ride first class too
Or buy an exotic car and like murk past you
(I'm Black)
And I don't need a tan in the winter
Mind strong and powerful now a cypher can't enter
(I'm Black)
And I don't need jewelry to shine
Look in my skin color is like the jewelry is blind
(I'm Black)
They focus on the negative attention
Do something positive, and never get mentioned
(I'm Black)
Listen it's a fact, original man
I wouldn't change it if I could and thats that

[Chorus: Floetry]
So proud to be just who I'am
So proud to say that I'm me...
So proud to be just who I'am
So proud to be so free
(I'm Black)
So proud to say that I made it
(I'm Black)
The one who struggled in the hatred
(I'm Black)
And I'm not afraid to say it
(I'm Black)
(I'm Black... I'm Black... Ohh... Yeah... Yeah)

(I'm Black)
Even with a caramel complextion
Look in the mirror see Malcolm and Martin reflection
(I'm Black)
Just like the PANTHERS, looking for an answer
It's prejudice shit is like a cancer
(I'm Black)
Look in my eyes the wall can't get pulled over
Look in my cars and stay gettin pulled over
(I'm Black)
Me the public enemies number one
Government looking in the hood sending in the gun
(I'm Black)
I grew up off the good time show
Drink liquor smoke weed and let the good times roll
(I'm Black)
I live for my wife and my seeds
And my mom with a bond only God can acceed
(I'm Black)
I got to show my homeboys love
First thing you learnt in the hood is homeboy love
(I'm Black)
And I'm mad if I ain't nuthin else
(I'm Black)
I'm beautiful and I love myself (Say together)
YEAH! (Love myself...Ohh yeah)

[Chorus: Floetry]
So proud to be just who I'am
So proud to say that I'm me...
So proud to be just who I'am
So proud to be so free
(I'm Black)
So proud to say that I made it
(I'm Black)
The one who struggled in the hatred
(I'm Black)
And I'm not afraid to say it
(I'm Black)
(I'm Black... I'm Black... Yeah)

. . .

(feat. Sizzla)

WOOO~! Ha, King Selassie I know
Sizzla Kalonji, girls smiles, whoa-yeah-yeahhh

[Styles P:]
Shit is too too crazy, listen
Got bad luck, like I ran and fucked the voodoo lady
Every other week I'm in handcuffs
Stack somethin, lose somethin, somethin keep fuckin my plans up
Movin in a hurry, thinkin time is slow
when I pass the cemetery where my lil' brother is buried
All I can do is salute, pound on my chest
God got his army and we all his recruits
But, every other night I see demons
Do somethin wild and I don't know the reasons
Blame it on the air, so I say it's the seasons
Tell my niggaz light the fuck up cause I'm fiendin
Get it - it's somethin when the sadness turn into madness
Got me doin shit, where I'm runnin from badges
I can see my life in some flashes, they think that I'm clashes
I pour more 'gnac in the glass kid

It's all about we got da tools wid us
Fuckin CRAZY~! Things ain't gonna be cool wid us
Luxurious - bring the guns along dey always cruise wid us
Those fuckers know better, that's cause dem no fool wid us
Huh, fuckin dogs, we gon' put dem in some leeches
As far as it reaches, we gon' iron out dem creases
with the four pieces, DEM got to use around the neck
Cannon go squeezes, DEM a soldier CRAZY believe it

[Styles P:]
I go to sleep and my soul cry, nigga it's no lie
Why you think I'm so high, I flow like it's no time
Funny when your mind is a goldmine, and niggaz is golddiggers
Guess you gon' learn when it's yo' time
Stressed up to my shoulders, fuck it I'ma ride now
Brim of the Yankee, sittin on my eyebrows
Look at the stash and think that I'm gassed
off the Godfather saga cause Vito wouldn't lie down
Me and destiny got a date, wheover with me rollin
If you ain't then you go get your 8, cause I ain't gon' fold
I take 'em all on
I've been dyin for the day to get my war on
I reflect on the days when I played Rahway gettin my score on
And came back to the hood with my forearms
Go get more mans, I got floor plans
and 23 ways to blow you out of them Jor-dans

Try to beat me but don't worry I got dem
Make dem bleed blood it's a pleasure to squash dem
They ain't allathat so, I saw dem
escapin from de cops dem ain't see me tryin to stop dem
Say you're livin BIG~! On top of de world
You go against me you gon' get freed on dis side of de world yah
They say you're mad I say things comes and go
But I never leave mi gun because I wan kill dem fuckin punks

[Styles P:]
Some niggaz say I'm the sickest
If I got a show ghetto niggaz go get the ticket
If I ain't blow on the stage, I had me a gauge
Outside on some bullshit, ready to stick it
Like the hood made me wicked as hell
Thought about more bullshit sittin in jail, listen up
It's nothin more important than feedin your seeds
I got two, so I just start believin in greed
It's like I'm needin the weed and needin to read
Got to go against the odds just to even achieve
It's like I'm tired of the hassle and all that
You the king I run up in your castle and all that
I'm nicer than whoever you can name, been through the dark side
Walked back through the flames and came with a lightning push
Shined on the game, and e'rybody die
at the drop of a dime if they rhyme on my name

Sit bak relax heah we kickin for a while
Sizzla Kalonji and Styles, yeah beautiful girls dey smile
Bless your feet on de Jamaican side, dat's de profile
Why de fuck de fuckin enemies wanna spoil, yeah
True born leaders woo yeah we navigate
Yah life is a cycle, so things got to gravitate
Smoke de fuckin herb, that's how I meditate
One love to de world, damn tell dem we ain't gon' seperate

[Styles P:]
Shit is crazy, life is somethin really
I'm the Ghost, woo~!
We gotta live though, fuck it y'know
I know, feel me nigga

. . .

(feat. Flipsyde)

[Styles P:]
Vinny Idol nigga
YEAH~! Flipsyde

[Flipsyde (Styles P):]
And I'm gonna burn one down (gonna burn..)
Burn one down (this song.. the fuck..)
And I'm gonna burn one down (DOWN.. YEAH!)
Burn one down

[Styles P:]
I don't care if it's a blunt or a mic right
If it's daytime I'm lookin forward to night lights
Real street cat, but you know that I'm nice right
And I ain't got to cram, but in a minute I might write
And I don't want that, I want somethin that burn long
A lot of money and a long career that could earn strong
Burn one down this time with the Flipsyde
Burn one down for the homies with sick rides
Burn one down; I'm the one that put the fire on the track
I'm the +Ghost+, so I got the hood, +ridin+ on my back
Ain't no front door, I'm the one slidin through the back
You want heat? I'm the one that's providin you with that
What? Nigga

[Chorus: Flipsyde (Styles P)]
And I'm gonna burn one down
(Set or strip, it's money to get, nigga) Burn one down
And I'm gonna burn one down
(Dutch or wood, club or hood, nigga) Burn one down
And I'm gonna burn one down
(Mic on rapid, know what I'm after, nigga) Burn one down
And I'm gonna burn one down
(Crew or click, wheover you get, nigga) Burn one down

[Styles P:]
Third one down; if you in the top five rappers
then you should be a concerned one now
I take anybody, one turn, one round
Just to get the crown, keep your round on the ground
None of y'all is big, not to be funny but
none of y'all is Big, keep talkin that king shit
none of y'all can live, cause I be on the streets where
none of y'all is, it's funny y'all is
talkin 'bout how much money y'all get
But I'm 'bout to show the game how cruddy I get
Burn one down like a log in the fireplace
Whoever think they're the king well come along and try the ace
Yeah, nigga~!


[Styles P:]
Burn an MC like an arsonist
Tell him I'm the hardest in the game when he market it
Seven-six-oh, L.I. and it's carpeted
Five blunts rolled right up where the locket is, YEAH
Is that so ill, I spit like the flames
out the back of the Batmobile; yeah I rap but
you gon' be a rat fo' real, D-Block
Double R nigga clap yo' steel
Burn one down, in a dutch or a wood or a Swisher Sweet
If it's goin down watch the whole hood lift the heat
And I'ma blow cause it's my turn now
Pass the dutch motherfucker, I'ma burn one down


. . .

[answering machine beeps]

[Styles P:]
Street life my niggaz
Shit's a motherfucker you know?
I try to tell these shorties somethin
They look at me like, "What the fuck?
Nigga you worse than me"
Nigga, don't listen to the message
Listen to the message

A message to my son, it's times in my life
where I stood around to fight when it was better off to run
A message to my daughter, daddy ain't make you
But sometimes in life blood ain't thicker than water
A message to my wife, I gotta say I love you
And thank you for makin shit better in my life
A message to my moms, don't worry about your kids
Cause love is always love when we in God's arms
A message to my pops, my head's on my shoulders
And I'm takin care of family and never will it stop
A message to my sister, your big brother got you
But never in life let a coward nigga twist you
A message to my niggaz, when it comes to the hood
Who the fuck in the world could do it better than my niggaz
A message to my group, we got it we made it
Cause nobody in the world sound better in the booth

[BEEP~!] If I don't pick up just leave me a message
I don't pick up, just leave me a message - I'm gone right now
[BEEP~!] If I don't pick up just leave me a message
I don't pick up, just leave me a message - it's on right now
[BEEP~!] If I don't pick up just leave me a message
I don't pick up, just leave me a message - I'm gone right now
[BEEP~!] If I don't pick up just leave me a message
I don't pick up, just leave me a message

[Styles P:]
A message to the jail, I don't really write
Cause it's hard for me to say keep your head up through the mail
A message to the poor, stressin the life
What we don't get now we get in the second life
A message to the kids, stick to your school
Cause if you fuck with the streets that's jail or a bid
A message to the wild, you should calm down
Cause everybody rattin and you probably blow trial
A message to the ladies, depend on yourself
So if daddy walk out you take care of the baby
A message to the rich, you should spread love
'Fore niggaz like me go ahead and spread clips
A message to the hood, shit is bad now
But we gon' be aight, cause it's soon to be good
A message to the world, I don't give a FUCK
P smoke 'til he he and he drink 'til he earl


[Styles P:]
Many ways they can send you a message, like a word from the wise
Or a 45 that send you to heaven
Some'll throw you a look, others a book
Like the king gettin killed by the rook, straight-forward
Some'll grab they soul when they feel like the Lord's callin
Some see it before it come
My nigga, one is all and all is one
I wanna see us all rich before all this done
But it's really God call cause we all his sons
Some I'ma play my role, hope God save my soul
Let me slide for them sins I owe
Pain and more pain's the only change I know
Brain stay in the frame, I'm in the game I blow
Either my watch broke or my lame-ass slow
But I'ma count my blessings 'til I get to the essence
It's all good just send me a message, what?


[Styles P:]
A message to the jail
A message to the poor
A message to the kids
A message to the wild
A message to the ladies
A message to the rich... [fades]

. . .

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