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Stephen Sondheim

Тексты песен Stephen Sondheim

Текст песни "Live Alone And Like It"

Live alone and like it
Free as the birds in the trees
High above the briars

Live alone and like it
Doing whatever you please
When your heart desires
Free to hang around or
Fly at any old time

No equivocation
Most of all no guarantees
That can be your motto
Free of obligation
Only the murmuring breeze
As an obligatto
Live alone and like it
Why is that such a crime?

Free to call the tune,
Free to say if you're
Gonna work or play
You can have the moon
But you don't have to have
It night and day

On your own with only
You to concern yourself
Doesn't mean you're lonely
Just that you're free
Live and alone and like it
Don't come down from that tree.

That's the answer for me
That's the answer for me

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