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Spooky Tooth

Тексты песен Spooky Tooth

Текст песни "Love Really Changed Me"


Turning around, coming up from the town
In which you found me
Filled with delusions and self-persecutions around me
Somebody got to say hello (I need somebody)
Somebody wanted me to know that you wanted to be what I'm needing and
Love really changed me
Love really changed me

So be gone all the wrong
??????? desire for me
I belong to a wiser man inside of me
We love another
Really ???? like me

Racing the feet
How's the man that is weak getting stature?
Chasing a rainbow
How few really see that they catch her
Somebody took my fear from me (I need somebody)
Somebody showed me just how free I could be
I'm in sea of tranquility
Love really changed me
Love really changed me

Take me…

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