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Тексты песен Spitfire

Текст песни "Mother Earth In Labour"

26 years in an aborting world. Mother Earth in labor. Cesarean life rips limb after limb after limb.
No one knows the fucking woes of the arthropod.
So, flinch like a stillborn and die like a newborn.
You are the flushed fetal remnants of this aborting world.
You've been raised up wrong Lazarus in this this aborting world.
Mother's metal hanger and it's cutting rapist wit, poked fun at a bastard.
Now you must cut the cord of mother, cut that fucker and eat the placenta.
With ideals as utpoian as Freud in uteri.
A strangers smack on the ass is your welcome to this world.
26 years the mother bird puked in your mouth.
You've been raised up wrong.
You're 26 years aborted

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