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Solange Knowles

Тексты песен Solange Knowles

Текст песни "This Song's For You"

This song's for u!
Stop now go!

If you been hated on or lied on, (hated on)
then ooh this song's for u.
If some one ever told u wouldn't do good, this song's 4 u.
If u've looked down on and been discouraged
I want u to say 2 urself I rock fo sho I', not gon' stop now go.

(Verse 1)
I have a lot to prove.
So many waiting 4 me to.
And every step that I take,
So I got to make sure that I do the best that I can.
In every way and everything and block all the haters away.
I'm gonna claim it or so I say.

(Verse 2)
So many people want to have something to say towards u
Have to suffer from their lies.
It happened so many times.
Inside I'm building up being happy forever.
People try to bring you down.
If you don't let them they won't do it.


(Verse 3)
If some one's ever doubted u (this song's for u)
If some one's misrouted u (this song's for u)
Say to yourself I'm still gon' make it! Don't fake it.(this song's for u)
If some ones mistreated u.( this song's for u)
And if they mistreaded u. (this songs for u)
Say to yourself I am prepared for whatever.

(Chorus till end)

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