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Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

Настоящее имя Cordozar Calvin Broadus
Дата рождения 20 октября 1971 г.
Откуда Long Beach, California, United States
Жанры Gangsta Rap
Годы 1992—н.в.
Лейблы Doggystyle Records
Capitol Records
Geffen Records
Death Row Records
Priority Records
No Limit Records
EMI Music
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Pharrell Williams
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Альбом Snoop Dogg

Tha Last Meal (19.12.2000)
Hennessy and Buddah (feat. Kokane)
Snoop Dogg (What's My Name Part 2)
True Lies (feat. Kokane)
Wrong Idea (feat. Bad Azz, Kokane & Lil HD)
Go Away (feat. Kokane)
Set It Off (feat. MC Ren, The Lady Of Rage, Nate Dogg & Ice Cube)
Stacey Adams (feat. Kokane)
Lay Low (feat. Master P, Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy & Tha Eastsidaz)
Bring It On (feat. Suga Free & Kokane)
Game Court (Skit; feat. Mac Minista)
Brake Fluid (feat. Kokane)
Ready 2 Ryde (feat. Eve)
Loosen' Control (feat. Butch Cassidy)
Back Up Off Me (feat. Master P & Mr. Magic)
Y'all Gone Miss Me (feat. Kokane)
. . .


[Girls In The Background]
Snoop, Snoop, Snoop

Hell yah mutha fuckin yah
what up niggaz and niggets
back acha with some of that real shit
and they say you cant keep a top dogg down


Bow Wow

And I'm sendin this one out to the uhh gangsters, the ridahs, the ladies, the playas and the macks,
Now this is what I want ya'll to do for me,
Kick back and blaze one up to this shit.
Ya'll know who the fuck I am,

but if ya dont
I'm S, N Double O, P
Yes I am

I'm S, N Double O, P child
Yes I am

I'm S, N Double O, P
Hell yah baby

Snoopy Snoopy
Sing it girls

Say my name Bitch

. . .

Hennessy and Buddah

[Нет текста]

. . .

S-N-double-O-P D-O-double-giz-ee
(repeat x2)

[Snoop talks over Intro]
Izzle kizzle, fo' schizzle
My nizzle, what you sizzle?
Fo' schizzle bizzle, ha ha

(Snoop Dogg)
Me and my partner, in my Impala
Poppin our collars, tossin up dollars
A truck on the side of with hoes that wanna follow
Bet a hundred dollars that they all wanna swallow
Doggy Doggfather
I do it to you real hard then it gets harder
It's nada - thang on mine, bang on mine
I smoke an ounce and bounce at the same time
It's off the limbo with Timbo, you motherfuckin bimbo
So quit knockin at my window, you nympho
Maniac, bring it back, now shake it up
Put it on the table, now break it up
Give it to me, now put a lighter on the end of it
It really don't matter what you spent on it
As long as you're gettin what you paid for
That's what it's made for, ain't that what you stayed for?

Who's that dippin' in the Cadillac?
Snoop Dogg
Smoke till your eyes get cataracts
Snoop Dogg
You've got a girl lay her on her back
Snoop Dogg
Millionaire, makin that paper stack
Snoop Dogg

You play me and I'll play you
You pay me and I'll pay you
Hold on boo, you got the game all wrong
This aint your thang, this my song
Move on, we in the club, at the Shark Bar
Valet my keys, and park my car
No snap shots, cuz I might get popped
As I slide by security, givin 'em props
First thing I do, when I get in
Let me take you back to when I first slid in
Grab my gin and, get my woman, put my bib in, no bullshittin
We be sippin, in the corner
With smoke comin' from up under us like we sittin in the sauna
Burnin' up the charts, break a bitch off hard
Little mama don't you start


S-N-double-O-P D-O-double-giz-ee

Tick tock, the ice on my watch
Slap me 'cross the face around 2 o'clock
But the party don't stop till we blow up
Now every little nigga wanna show up
Manuev'in to this, groovin to this
Dippin to this, flippin to this, trippin to this
Ain't no skippin to this, trust this
Bust this, it's too hot to touch this
He say, she say, I say no way
Don't need foreplay, ok, obey
Everything that I say
And every day'll be like a holiday
I put you in the front seat of my car
And roll you round town like a superstar
Recline your seat and turn up the beat
Number one with a bullet, rollin down the mothafuckin backstreets

(chorus x2)

(Timbaland making vocal scratches to fade)

. . .

f/ KoKane

{*cameras flashing, Snoop interviewing Bill Clinton*}
Yo, hold on hold on hold on hold on
Stop the cameras, stop the press stop the press
Now Bill, this yo' nigga, Snoop Dogg
Now answer me this - did you fuck that bitch or what?

[Bill Clinton]
That's actually, not the first time that question's been asked; but 
since, I believe, and I think any person - reasonable person would 
believe, that that is not covered, in the definition of sexual 
relations I was given - ahh - I'm not going to answer it except to 
refer to my statement. I had intimate, contact with her that was 
inappropriate - I do not believe any of the contacts I had with 
her violated the definition I was given; therefore I believe I 
did not, do anything but testify truthfully on these matters.

[Chorus One: KoKane]
What's the use of the truth if you can't tell a lie sometimes?
What's the use of the truth if you can't tell a lie..hie..
What's the use of the truth if you can't tell a lie sometimes?
What's the use of the truth if you can't tell a lie..hie..

[Chorus Two: Snoop Dogg]
Lies, lies, stories and alibis
Big Mac in the land of the small fries
Everyone lies and tries to get by
Some of us drink while most just get high

[Snoop Dogg]
You tryin to cover up the holes in your sneakers
You need to put your motherfuckin face to the speakers (ba-bom, ba-bom)
And quit tryin to run from it (holla holla at me)
and c'mere, you big dummy (dumb ass nigga)
Don't you know you can't run from the Dizzogg
I'm down with (?)za, the long arm of the lizzaw
Y'all, niggaz know what's happening you turn your back again
and I'm bound to get it crack-a-lin I'm back again
And everybody happy for me - ain't that the truth?
That's a motherfuckin lie (fuck that fool)
Black folks stick together til we die, hmm
That'll be the day..

[Chorus One]

[Snoop Dogg]
Liar, liar, pants on fire
Smoke so much dope they call me Snoopy Pryor (well God damn!)
Which way is up I'm tryin to get higher
I won't stop puffin til I re-tire
My bitches, my niggaz, they off the wire
They love-ly, they love me, call me Sire
Movie star bitches the ones you desire
Angela Bassett, Tyra, Mariah, the flyest, the flyer
See most bitches like fuckin with a rider
Slider, to the sider, invite her
to a gangsta, party, provider {*laughing*}
with a lot of meat by-products (mm)
And beat the puddy-pot and got up
She licked the dick from the top to the bottom
{*woo woo woo woo*} (That's a bad bitch!)
Then she grabbed me by my nuts, and said "Hmm I got 'em!"

[Chorus One]
[Chorus Two]

{*KoKane scats and ad libs to the music*}

Ah what's the use of the truth 
if you can't tell a lie sometimes?

. . .

f/ Bad Azz, KoKane

Whassup nephew?
Sittin here choppin game, my nigga Bad Azz
Niggaz get the misconception of us
cause we so cold at what we do
But I really wanna let niggaz know what's happenin though
You feel me?

[Chorus: KoKane, Snoop]
[K] Now I don't want anybody
to get the wrong idea about me
I don't have nothin to hide
I want the world to see..
[S] I'm a gangsta gangsta
Gangsta niggaz do your dance
(C-Walk, C-Walk homey, yeah)
Gangsta bitches wave yo' hands

[Bad Azz]
See me, I'm bout my money my paper I'm bout my dollars
Poppin collars with this mac and this slack and these two revolvers
See we smoke and go (?) cause the bitch ain't never shit to me
and pussy stay sellin, so I never let it get to me
The shit to me is simple, it relies on credentials
We credible individuals, ahead of you we original
Better known as criminals, thuggin off on the stereo
Killin 'em on the radio, some of them wanna hate me though
Fuck 'em cause they can't see me doe and here we go again
The jealousy (?) over success, just keep you slower
While, you get nothin, we keep gettin more
Pump pump the jam up, drop drop the top
Hit hit the switch and smash down the block
And oh yeah this Long Beach so you know when you see a nigga
And don't never get the wrong idea nigga
(Yeah, nigga what?) Holla at 'em


[Snoop Dogg]
I keep my khakis creased, hat tilted to the East
On a bitch I remain the beast, none the least
Police try to cuff me and stuff me in the back
of they patrol car, cause I'm a former parole star
With the cool name, this nigga here's a fool mayn
Go on and do yo' thang, gang-bang
in the hood and in Hollywood
Record company executives think it's all to the good
Get to showin me around they house, then he slide me in the back
and had the nerve to try to buy me out, check this out mayn
I'm down with P, and D-R-E
A real nigga from the motherfuckin L.B.C.
I just look like this, I stay down for the twist
I'm real with this, deep as abyss
I gave you a pound, then I gave yo' wife a kiss
I had to dip cause y'all was full of that bullsheeit

[Chorus] - 3X

{*singing ad libs by KoKane to fade*}

. . .

f/ KoKane

Let cho' mind not be confused
If you can walk this walk nigga take my shoes
New fools, you fools, these fools, all y'all
talkin bad about me, and my motherfuckin dawg
He ain't trippin, I ain't trippin, but y'all niggaz still dissin
To me, some of these suckers'll never get it
Full clip and if I miss it I'ma tip it on the Crip
and DoggHouse in your mouth, now tell me how you livin
Who the villain, you the villain? Nigga Ren is "The Villain"
My homey from the C-P-T, cold chillin
Now as time flies by I see the game gettin mo' reala
as I get mo' scrilla, can you dig it?
I always tend to come widdit
Gravy train on your brain, nigga come get it
I'm too young to retire, I'm havin fun wit it
See when you learn what to do with it, I'll be done with it
Come with it

[Chorus: KoKane, Snoop]
Go.. (just go away).. go a-way!
[S] Niggaz can't be trusted
[K] Just come back another day
[S] Niggaz be on bitch shit
[K] Just go far, a-way
[S] Niggaz get it twisted
Just go a-way..

[Snoop Dogg]
Now she said she don't like a G
Well listen here bitch, get the fuck from 'round me
You thought you was bout to get a drink on me?
I put hands on you bitch like Suga Free
I always let a bitch know her boundaries
Same with a nigga, I treat him like a flea
You claim to be, you aim to be in my spot
Motherfucker - you will get popped (BLAOW)
Not, knowin who you fuckin wit, niggaz be on bitch shit
Nigga we be fuckin quick, nigga we ain't talkin shit
When the heat's (?), niggaz be on bitch shit
Tryin to get somewhere, coverin up they biscuit
And then he in the club, all up on my dilznick
But when I leave, you niggaz pullin trick shit
But it's cool, cause niggaz gonna miss this
Cause I'ma keep it all business, what is this?


[Snoop Dogg]
I said let yo' mind not be confused
If you can walk this walk nigga take my shoes
You fools, these fools, new fools, all y'all
talkin bad about me, and my motherfuckin dawg
He ain't trippin, I ain't trippin, but y'all niggaz still dissin
Look here (?), some of these niggaz'll never get it
Full clip and if I miss it I'ma tip it on the Crip
and DoggHouse in your mouth, now tell me how you livin
Who the villain, you the villain? Nigga Ren is "The Villain"
My homey from the C-P-T, cold chillin
Now as time fly I see the game gettin mo' reala
as I get mo' scrilla, can you dig it?
I always tend to come widdit
Gravy train on your brain, nigga come get it
Too young to retire, I'm havin fun wit it
When you learn what to do with it I'll be done with it
Come with it


[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah I'm bout to go far away
So far you might not see me
My nigga Meech on the beat
We takin over this motherfucker, ha ha!
And they thought we fell off
Fell all up in your motherfuckin ass
KoKane - aww that's funky right there
Puttin it back on the map
Uhh, let me hear some dawg
Ahhh, as we take your mind
to a dimension you never thought existed


{*vocals ad lib to end*}

. . .

f/ Ice Cube, The Lady of Rage, MC Ren, Nate Dogg

{*Timbaland ad libs while Snoop talks*}

Real nigga shit..
Now I'm bout to show you how the West coast rock
Real nigga shit
Now I'm bout to show you how the West coast rock
Real nigga shit..

[MC Ren]
Here come The Villain again, grab your hoe and get the fuck outta town
This nigga shit make the world go round
It's that black nigga Ren, duck when I bust
Make Jada get on these nuts, make Will, love to cuss
You wanna fuck with us? Man, I wouldn't do it
Ask this nigga here, his ass, we ran right through it
You out actin like yo' shit be tight
Get some shit, fuck it off like Tamika Wright
Get the fuck out my site, I Ren-incarnate
Droppin West coast shit in every motherfuckin state
Motherfuckin legend, y'all niggaz be knowin
You can leave yo' bitch and keep on goin

[Snoop Dogg]
I am Doggy Dogg bitch (beitch) love to hit a switch
Never hit a bitch (beitch) love that gangsta shit
Can I hear your flow? Can I fuck yo' hoe?
Boy you hard on 'em - nigga you ain't know?
When you testify, you got to keep it fly
A lot of niggaz lie, shit we do or die
E'ryday we high, it's like a nine to five
I got my nina my fo'-heata beata by my side
I keep it tucked close when I'm on the West coast (West coast)
I keep it on post when I'm with my East coast folks locs (East coast)
Y'all know what's crack-a-lackin
I'm from the hood of the drivebys and kidnappings, and car-jackings

[Chorus: Ice Cube]
Me and Snoop Dogg on the hog
On our way to the mall, fuck alla y'all
We gon' ball til we fall, watch the chrome crawl
Intercept these fine bitches cause we want 'em all
Droppin drawers, poppin coochie and lickin balls
Only gangsta ass nigga follow nigga laws
Only gangsta ass bitches get to run the hogs
Only real ass niggaz get to set it off

[The Lady of Rage]
Now, the way I gets off in that ass it's a sin to not assassin
Grab a microphone have flashbacks and start flashin, ahh
I'm bound to toast ya
String you up like you was on the Ponderosa
Sip on Mimosa do it that way cause I'm supposed ta
Now most of ya, don't measure up
I'll make it hot and turn the pressure up
Steamin, regular, nah supreme and I ain't gassed
I blow an MC away like Fox(?) when I pass
Ain't nuttin shitty about this here fuck around and that's that ass
Just like, grass I, I want more Green than the Goblin
Matter of fact I want more Bank than that chick that be modelin (UHH!)
My uzi weighs more than a single ton
I leave you single son, who wanna mingle not a single one
Hah, now tell me what you figure, nigga
Rob load up the show slow flow spitter
The hard hitter (UHH) the R nigga, roll
I break it down sweet then I bring it back slow


[Nate Dogg]
Nigga that was dumb diggy diggy dumb dumb
Here them niggaz come kiddy kiddy come come
I think a nigga sprung spriggy spriggy sprung sprung
Probably why he done diggy diggy done done
Yo' lady think I'm cute, I be knockin her boots
When she's away from home, she be swallowin juice
You thinkin that's yo' son, but he ain't lookin like you
See the barrel of a gun, nigga whatcha gon' do?
Set it off

[Snoop Dogg]
Niggaz pop mo' shit while we drop mo' shit
Continously, nigga nigga please
Slang yo' ki's, birdies and trees
You can catch me and my niggaz, overseas
Shootin the breeze, with a cute Vietnamese
or was she Lebonese? I think she Chinese
It really don't matter cause they all on they knees
It's somethin bout these motherfuckin West coast G's
Make that cheese, when the cops come you bet' not freeze
Blast on 'em like the Genovese, they yo' enemies
Lock you up and fuck you up
Talk shit to you beat you down then cuff you up
and leave you in a cell stuffed (damn!)
I ain't got no money for bail, that's real as fuck (f'real)
Tryin to get a meal ticket and kick it
Chill, catch a plane to Spain or maybe Brazil
on the real can you feel me?

{*Timbaland ad libs for a bit*}

Yeah, yeah, set it off
It's Kurupt Young Gotti
Doin it big, for all y'all suckers
We set it off, Snoop Dogg!
It's "Tha Last Meal"
Last time y'all suckers gon' eat off my big homeboy
We set it off!
We set it off! West coast

. . .

f/ KoKane

A little something for all the O.G.s out there
That put the foundation together
Was doin' this thang
Before I knew what to do with this thang right here
Ya know
But just to let them know what time it is
And how we get down
Me, Kokane, and Battlecat
Gone let y'all know how we do this thang here
Check this out y'all

We stay on point like Stacey Adams

24 hours a day,7 days a week, can ya dig it?
That's real talk baby
You know what
We stay on point like Stacey Adams
That's real talk right there baby
(Stacey Adams)

Verse 1:

I'm in a 3 piece suit
Looking too cute
Mashin' flashin'
Lookin' for a prostitute
Boo boo, you got that loot
I'm watchin' you, you watchin' me
It's all to the gravy cuz it's V.I.P
And everythang in here movin' belong to me
That component set, was given to me
By a pimp buddy of mine Disco D.
He told me, Frisco E.
This here gone be
The baddest pimp nigga that you ever gone see
Colder than Fillmore Slim
Tilt that brim
Snoop Dogg gone sell that trick
Keep it crackin' like pistachios
Get that money
And continue to mash these hoes
And when the Player's Ball roll around again
I'm guaranteed to win
You know why?
Cuz we


We stay on point like Stacey Adams
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Yea, yea

You know why?
We stay on point like Stacey Adams
You know that's all we know how to do
(Stacey Adams)
Gee'd up to the feet up

Verse 2:

Not only that but uhh
Make it spectacular
Put on my black cape
And look like Blackula
Smack ya up with the shit that I drop
911, call the cops
There's a bitch, snitch
Ain't that a bitch
I can't trust nobody in this sonofabitch
I get rich on the fakers who hate
Bakin' my cake
And catch the Lakers at 8
On channel 9
Pop a bottle of wine
Then at 10 hit the club
With my nephew Dub
11:30, talkin' dirty to this little birdy
I'm trying to get mine early
I can't be seen with your girly
Continue to mash these hoes
I keep it crackin' like pistachios
I get the money first
With no rehearsal
Snoop D-O double G
Still controversial

Chorus 3x

. . .

f/ Butch Cassidy, Tha Eastsidaz, Dr. Dre, Master P, Nate Dogg


[Dr. Dre]
Ay ay Snoop whattup? This your nigga Dre
Ay man I was thinkin I ain't said shit on your whole motherfuckin album
So check it out, put this on there:
All you motherfuckin haters out there, can suck my motherfuckin dick!
And we still smokin, what?!

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
For the nigga who be talkin loud and holdin his dick
Talkin shit, he better LAY LOW
For the bitch that said I shot some shit up out of my dick
Now she sick, she better LAY LOW
For the niggaz who be claimin my hood
and really ain't from my gang, better LAY LOW
I hope he don't be thinkin I'm just talkin
and I won't do a thing, really HOPE SO!

[Snoop Dogg]
Hmm, lay low, nobody move until I say so
Limo tint rollin deep like the President
See I don't go to clubs, I never chase a bitch (beitch)
I'm here to bang that gangsta shit to the apocalypse
We call it stress, some of y'all call it chocolate
Return of the Top Dogg, and ain't no stoppin this
Whatever the case, I ain't tryin to catch it
Lay low, blow big dope, and slang records
Unseen but well heard, do not disturb
The only reason you alive cause I ain't sent the word
I flip, faster than birds, Snoop Dogg will emerge
from the smoke and go loc, you shouldn't provoke
I bring the worst from the L.B.C.
Smash motherfuckers thinkin they gon' smash on me
Snoop and Dre give a FUCK about what y'all say
From the "World's Most Dangerous Group" - N.W.A
Ay, ay

[Butch Cassidy]
Our rise, it was no surprise
I always knew these fools would trip
Hatin, fakin, schemin on mine
and on the down low talkin shit
Best move cause I refuse to lose
no matter which damn road I choose
So lay low cause you might be bruised
Top story on the evening news
I ain't for games, so if you wanna play 'em lay low
Lay down on the floor
I'm in a rage, so if we gotta do this let me know
That's what I came fo'

[Goldie Loc - Eastsidaz]
Where that nigga who be talkin shit?
He don't come around no more because I fucked his bitch
I made her suck my dick, while I was squeezin the tits
Then I hit it from the back, gripped tight on them hips
She tried to make me cum, but I was tryin to take her home
Dropped you off and seen you fishin on your raggedy Brougham
Coulda thumped you and the dog (you little fag)
And don't sag too hard, you show everybody your thong

[Tray Deee - Eastsidaz]
Booyaka booyaka, we bring it straight to ya
From 22's to Luger's the shit that shoot through ya
Who you motherfuckers think the Top Dogg bang with?
The same click he came with and made the game flip
Now niggaz grow they hair, hope they stayin act hard
That's even tho' yo' CEO talk shit get slapped hard
The backyard is where we get our scrap on
The black car drive by then you get capped on

[Master P]
Whassup pimpin? It's P and Snoop
With Dre on the beat, this ain't nuttin but loot
They call me Jackhammer for all the bread I got
but they call me Bill Clinton for all the head I got
I keeps it real-ah, cause I'm all about my scrilla
The ladies love me cause I'm a million dolla hitta
It's, No Limit til I D-I-E
C-P-3, or Richmond, Cali's where I be


. . .


In this times 

Of hate and pain 

We need a remedy 

To help us through the rain 

Can't you see 

I'm straight up G. 

[Snoop Dogg] 

Old Chief 


Fuck you niggas 

Think you can't fuck with me 

[Suga Free](Snoop Dogg) 

Oh c'mon 

Now that pimp is gonna jump back 

Bitch, and fuck that 

Shit, I'm qualify to knock a hoe no matter where ever I've go 

Excuse me partner, this is pimpin' little pimpin let you know 

Break the bitch you say "I will" 

Separate the bitch but you saying "I will" 

Damn nigga, shit 

Since you but it like that 

I'mma lay some right now nigga 

And take them straight to the track (track) 

I've never let a bitch pimp me 

Trying to tell me what to do but I'mma stay O.G. 

Fresh out the pen only 30 today (30 today) 

And every bitch ? in a multiply ways 

Now since world 

Why did the little girl walk around with a gold fish in her pocket 

So she could smell like the big girl 

And check the one with the fast mouth 

Just get your money if you have to knock her motherfucking ass. 


I don't care whatcha do 

Long you don't fuck with mine (C'mon sing ya'll) 

You think you can't be touch 

Niggas disappear all the time. 

[Snoop Dogg] 

Oh blue eyes 

Dogg Sinatra 

Make a nigga disappear like Jimmy ? (Where is he) 

The glock cocker 

Hold hopper 

Show stopper 

Watch your mouth, Watch your mouth 

I put you in a freak in a billiard 

And separate you from your children (Daddy) 

I stay G'd up 

All the G's from my set ain't never P-C-up(hahaha) 

If you hit the main line 

You gonna get stop 

Paying motherfuckers off cause sucka duck 

Me and my niggas go heart and pain 

Putting pain where ain't making bitch niggas pay 

It's a clear blue sky there on the Eastside (Eastside) 

Throw your set up and wave it from (Rolling) side to c-side 

I'm talking big shit 

Hold my dick 

Banging on u cuz 

Nigga this crip. 

[Kokane](Suga Free) 

I got so many tricks up my sleeve (Ah you ain't knowin') 

For you hoes to gets with me (Oh to the basement) 

You wanna bang let's bang it on (Oh Oh) 

We about thousand niggas strong 

I don't care whatcha you do (I don't care what the fuck whatcha do) 

Long you don't fuck with me (As long you don't fuck with mine) 

You think you can't be touch (Uhhhhh) 

Niggas disappear all the time. 

[Suga Free] 

No, I don't love you, bitch 

You a hoe, I never will (Never will) 

Can't tell you my feelings 

Scratch the fence and don't fell 

Bitch, matter fact be gone 

Fuck around and how you Mama saying "Baby, he won't" 

Talking about he a real pimp 

Bitch, It's jumbo lance with proper proper jumbo shrimp 

Since I'm prepare with my hoe 

Got it cracking with my hoe 

Study macking with my hoe 

Now I'm stacking with my hoe. 

[Snoop Dogg] 

I pop a bottle of Mo 

About to model a hoe 

I'm working them, serving 'em and breaking a ? (You know) 

Did the weed, man get in 

Take it too long 

But when he get it dogg 

I'm taking us off (Give it up nigga) 

Niggas know how D-O-double G "does it" 

Known for making that crip hop music 

Don't abuse 

Just ride to the rhythm of a pimp ass, upper class, cold motherfucker. 


(Humming ) 


Long you don't fuck with mine 

You think you can't be touch 

Niggas disappear all the time. 



. . .

f/ Mac Minista

{*funkafied version of "The People's Court" TV show in the background*}

[Mac Minista]
Mac Minista in defense of the honorable Snoop Dogg
The anti-player has filed and submitted an "alpha"-davit
in the Game Court. With trumped up charges against
my client Snoop Dogg, Tha Doggfather - for 227 counts
of flexing his G's, popping his P's
dotting his I's and crossing his T's.
The anti-player has filed and submitted an "alpha"-davit
in the Game Court. With trumped up charges against
my client Snoop Dogg, Tha Doggfather - for 357 counts
of verbal and reckless endangerment
from the million dollar mouthpiece;
and leaving these super-sap suckers, 
discombobulated and confused and shook up, like a pair of dice.
The anti-player, has filed and submitted an "alpha"-davit
in the Game Court. Charging my client Snoop Dogg, 
Tha Doggfather - for distributing and manufacturing game.
Crossing state and county lines, with the intent to pimp the system.
Now if you wanna judge Tha Doggfather, 
bring him before 12 G's and open up his files
and you will see, that ever since Snoopy was a pup
his tail was straight up - ready to shake rattle and roll
and charge from a hoe to a henchman about his pension.
So all you jerks with them $11 words
comin out of your $2 mouth
about a multi-million dollar Crip
who's got the mind of a bid'ness man, the heart of a tyrant,
and the tongue of a mack - I said, 
he's a five-star guerilla Crip, with bars and stars
while you suckers is lookin for stripes.
His game is as sharp as a mosquito's needle;
and with this in mind, I'm gonna ask the Game Court
to grant a motion, of 995 - grounds, of dismissal.

. . .

Bow Wow
Dogg House 
Oh serious 
I heard that
So I didn't know about all that
Keep my industry as much as possible
Snoop Dogg
Found out, found out
On all ya'll niggas
Check me out homie

Everywhere I go 
I got niggas and bitches on my dick trying to take my shit
Now, I don't really know 
But I try to keep my head to the skitta
Slice my piece of hitta
Whatcha hating for?
You better get up, get out and get your own, Nigga
Pick up the phone and holla at your folks
Young locs in the hood, mashing Dogg House
Fuck them other fools
D-O-double G
Kick back, blaze the sack 
I catch a muthafucking big, Mack Attack
We blazing up the dogg
It'll hurt you
Nothing but purple in my circle
To the day we die
We don't get money, bitches and high
Dogg House Gangsta Crip
Right back in your muthafucking ass for the R-2-G, bitch
What ya'll wanna do?
Seems like niggas wanna talk all night
What we gonna do?
We ain't gonna say nothing more, we gonna get with ya'll, on side
That's how suppose to see
So all that straggling in the gate trying to get close to me 
Ya'll niggas need to stop
Trying to flip the hip hop scrip
I snap and crackling POP
Tell your friends and folks
It's a whole new year and situation and I'm still hating hoes
Will it ever stop?
Look I really don't know but on the up I doubt that, loc 
Now what about your hood?
Man, I'm doing mine they're doing there's 
So I guess It's all good
And, what about your crew?
Shit, my crew it's +Tha Eastsidaz+
Fool, I thought u knew
Dogg Pound ain't the same?
Yeah, them niggas split up and did they own thang and went made their own gang
Money is thicker than water?
That's fuck up but on the real that's how it is cuz, damn
The world just ain't the same?
And come to find out this niggas crossing out my muthafucking name 
So what am I to do?
I put it on mind continue to shine
Everything fine
In G-O-D we trust
That's why ya'll suckers can't "Touch us, Touch us"
Meech u made the beat
And you know when we get together 
Shit, we like bread and meat 
We coming with the heat
Close your mouth cause Dogg House is definitely turning it out
And what about the cop?
I pay them and the ones I didn't I slaved them, haha
Will it ever stop?
It's like asking "Who is it" before a nigga even knock
The game is here to stay?
And I'm here to change the rules cause I'm a player that loves to play
Did you thank the lord today?
Think I did and on that note young loc, I'm getting dose
Why you tell the truth?
Cause I'm hundred twenty proof from the turf to the roof
Bigg Snoop

. . .

f/ KoKane

Woman: Ya baby
Snoop: Ya playa
Woman: Ya baby
Snoop: That's some real pimp shit right here
Snoop: These bitches is outta line man
Man: What's the matter dog you can't control your bitches?
Snoop: Check this out man

(chorus: kokane)
I got bitches all in my game that don't even know my name
then pump your brakes, you hoes
You could talk all day behind my back, but wont say shit in my face
then pump your brakes, you hoes
you are then one, you are then one, 
you are then one, you are then one, you are then one, hooo
you are sexy, sexy, sexy, you are so sexy
you are then one, you are then one, 
you are then one, you are then one, you are then one, hoo hoo
you are sexy, sexy, sexy, hmmm

Carla, Darla, Charlene and Camina
Tereka and Erika, they love to take care of her
Real motherfucker from the DPG
Keesha, Resha, Tammy and Renesha
I appreciate the way y'all skate
when the clock hit eight
now April and Kate
Y'all be doin' too much
Running your mouths
Fuckin shit up, you gotta get up
cus I done had enough
Getting sick and tired of the same stuff
You told Kamil and she told Karla
and she told April and now they all know
But I could give a fuck 'cus all y'all my hoes
So, all that confronting the real nigga on site
today is today, last night was last night
As I leaned with my hand on my balls
I had to really check these bitches and tell then like this dog


Nina do this and Tina do that
Sabrina, Sakina, nigga them all my hood rats
Back in the days when I was on the ???
At an early age man
I was on the ???
Non-stop, I beat it up and tell that bitch to get going
(They be like hot butter on a breakfast toast)
Hollarin' out, poppin' a collar out
And talkin' shit on the phone to me at my baby-moma's house 
(who's she?) Look here bitch do you know who the fuck I am
You better read your motherfuckin' first telegram
you remind me of this bitch that used to work for me
Had to cut the bitch up 'cus she tried to get too close to me
And tried to confront me at a club one night
Fuckin' with her friend, a fake bitch (Is that right?)
But you know I had to stop and appause
And I put my hand on my balls and said ??? what's up dog


I got my own spot and I got my own keys
So can't no bitch talk shit to me
Like Kiki did me, bitch changed the locks
And kicked me up outta spot
I learned a lesson, I wasn't guessin' or stressin'
I got another bitch and she was at the ??? home
She said she needed a companion
Shit I needed a chaperone plus a new home
Snap, crack, it's on
But in no time at all seems she fell in love
But i wasn't ready for that
Topcat had to scat
I hit her friend from the back
While she was at work workin'
I was jerkin' that skirt
And fuckin with all her friends that was flirtin'
And when she found out she told me that that shit hurt (boo-hoo)
A week later she fell in love with my homeboy Kurt
Bitch you a'int shit but dirt for dirt (biotch!)

(chorus x2)

This is a sexy bitch

{*Music fades out*}

. . .

f/ Eve

Keep it shaking, Cali keep it quaking
Cause the Ryders got me bringin home the bacon
Show me love, and it wasn't no mistakin
that I would dedicate this melody - fuck the hatin

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg]
I had to tell my girl to pack her shit
cause she slipped and dipped inside
I need a girl that's ready to ride
to keep the heater right by her side

Aiyyo, so what the deal Dogg, tell me, keep it real Dogg
Niggaz seem (?) to the brain, how you feel Dogg?
Nigga I'ma ride, set it up, let it spill Dogg
Anything you want, I can flip, got the skill Dogg

[Snoop Dogg]
Baby girl you so so-phisticated
Finance related, you graduated
to the next level in the game, wearin my name
Bad little brickhouse, go and do that thang

Yo - niggaz surprised when they open they eyes
Thick in the thighs wasn't part of they plan
Not just his bitch, I'm like his main man
Act shifty - your resistance gone swiftly
Bitches mad at a nigga, askin why he kissed me
Stop whinin, just to cry and get the mackin daddy
I don't like it when the angry chick is actin crabby
That's why he bagged me
Ghetto jewel, never loud and trashy
No stressin over chicks - problem? Bet I solve it fastly

[Chorus] - 2X

[Snoop Dogg]
We gangbang on these niggaz like we 'posed to do
and I'll be damned if I let a bitch get close to you
We posted Boo - you, my, one and only
Quick to dump before the homies
Remember when that phony nigga ran up on me at the club?
You filled him up with slugs, that's what I call love
All that pushin and shovin, kissin and huggin
Thuggin, dig it, dug-in
I'm lovin every minute of it Boo
The way you stay true, and always kept your cool
You kept the heater right by your thigh
And when the shit got hectic you was ready to ride
You didn't run out, when I pulled the gun out
That's what I'm talkin bout, no doubt
Ruff Rydin, Eastsidin, to the realest y'know
D-O-double-Gizze, you know how we get busy

Aiyyo, how could I leave a real nigga? A real nigga's all I need
Fake bitches try to take my place, fall to they knees
Don't violate, see my man, he don't like no scrapes
And if I heard you was frontin I hope on the case
Wild one? Maybe, but I'ma protect my baby
Test me fool and by the end you gon' think I'm crazy
That's how I do for my Dogg, keep my (?) strong
Both sides relied on the shit, nigga sing the song

[Chorus] - 2X

[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah.. hahah, E-V-E! D-O-double-Gizze! Y'know!
Ruff Rydin, Eastsidin! Foe life, ahh! Yeah..
And you thought it'd never happen
Fuck the haters, bow wow!
Woof.. woof.. woof.. woof..
{*Dogg panting*} BEOTCH!
It's official now, yeah
We gon' Ruff Ryde up on out of here on this one
Eastside up Eastsidaz
Goldie Loc in the house
Lil' 1/2 Dead
DJ Jam, my nigga E, Davey Dave, uhh, misbehave
Give it to 'em Dogg
Whattup DMX? WOOF!
Master P? UNNNGHH!
Dr. Dre {*chronic inhaled sound*}
My nephew Scott on the beat
Illy Philly-delphia

{*sounding like a P-Funkster*}
Awwwwwww, yeah babyyy!
It's another one, funky as they come
Evey Eve and Doggy Dogg
Bitch please, awwww!

. . .

f/ Butch Cassidy

Man, you got me goin' crazy Baby
I'm losin' my mind

Chorus (Butch Cassidy + Snoop Dogg):

(Butch Cassidy)
Feels like I'm losin' control
And I don't even know
Girl you hurt me oh so bad cuz I love you so, hey
But it don't matter now
I'm doin' better now
Whatever you do, Bitch
Will come back to you, Bitch
Heeeeeeey, hey
Heeeeeeey, hey
Heeeeeeeeeeeey, hey
Heeeeeeey, hey

(Snoop Dogg)
I was in love at times
I was so hurt, she made me forget my rhymes

First Verse (Snoop Dogg + Butch Cassidy):

(Snoop Dogg)
Now who would ever think that I wanted her home?
Three kids and a wife, never be alone
A dog in the front yard and that picket fence
Havin' somethin' on the side? It didn't make sense

(Butch Cassidy)
I'm a family man sportin' a wedding band

(Snoop Dogg)
I heard them niggas on your pager didn't give a damn
I gave you eighty percent of all my trust in you
The other twenty was cool, cuz we gone make it through

(Butch Cassidy)
The homies said she got my mind blew in, blew in

(Snoop Dogg)
I told that nigga like Chris Tucker, 
"Don't worry about what the fuck I be doin'"
We was makin' chemistry, but who is he?
And how this nigga know the deal about you and me?

(Butch Cassidy)
I fell to my knees and asked the girl "Why?"

(Snoop Dogg)
She looked at my eyes with no reply
So I cried
I was in love at times
I was so hurt, she made me forget my rhymes


Second Verse (Snoop Dogg):

I was in love at times
They say game don't wait, ha Warren G?
Well the game better wait for me
I'm spendin' my time while I'm writin' these rhymes
In the Hills for real, sippin' wines
Girl, you'z a dime
Got me losin' my mind
Well if lovin' you is a crime
I'm down to do my time
Lock me up and throw away the key
I once told that "This was the way love was meant to be"
I see you with me forever
We can do things that you never,
Thought you could've
Up out the hood-uh
Is where I took you
Never overlooked you
I can't believe that you shook to another spot
And left me cold, now I'm hot
I'm tryin' to find you, what am I to do?
I gave you everything that you needed


Bridge One (Snoop Dogg+Butch Cassidy):

(Snoop Dogg)
You know what girl?
I was in love with you and you treated me like that,
But you know what they say?
What goes around comes around

(Butch Cassidy)
How could, how could, you do me wrong?
You be messin' up my songs
Now a nigga must move on
Gave love, and you just, straight played on me
Had a nigga sick for weeks
Now I must begin my streak

. . .

I am Sir Dogg, DPG fuck... and I hate water.
I never learned to swim....
AAAAH! PUT ME DOWN!!!! Let go of my leg!!!

Now matter where I go, you got'cha eyes on me,
And everybody sittin' around waitin' on me,
Show us how you do it Uncle Snoopy,
So fluid wit' your technique, y'all niggaz gon' respect me,
Man, I been doin' dis' shit before I even learned how to crawl though,
Gettin' interviewed by mothafuckaz like Geraldo,
And niggaz wanna know if I smoke Newports or Marlboros?
Man, I'm fuckin' wit' dat real shit, nigga can you feel dis'?
I make dat shit for the realest of millions,
While I'm wheelin' and dealin' and feelin the feelin',
Hmm... and oh what a relief it is,
That Snoop is back in dis mothafucka handlin' his biz,
Takin' care of his kids and makin' hits, oh shit,
There it is again, you never know if your career might flop, fizz
So, stay on your toes and keep a pair wit'cha foes,
And keep a set of new hoes and floatin' and tie da bow,
Fuck these niggaz and peep out Whitey Ro (?),
Somebody told? Well then, somebody gettin' rolled on,
And that's usually how the scenario rolls on,
Baby girl said she wanna keep her clothes on,
She either fuckin' gettin' stole on or gotta stroll home,
Well number one, keep your hand on your gun,
And don't (don't) trust (trust) anyone (anyone, one, one.....)

Ohh... you can't trust nobody baby.... you can't even trust your own Mama!!!
This is Snoopy Collins.... trust no one.... especially a bitch....
Or even a bitch-ass nigga.... Yo Ha!!!!

T-R-U-S-T in me, I'm sexy but I'm pussy,
The homies in the hood call me Lil' Bo Peep,
And you da type a nigga I been dyin' ta meet,
So Snoopy, what'chu tryin' to do?
Now hold on lil' mama, ain't no reason for me to lie to you,
Now what I'm tryin' to do, and what I'm gon' do,
Is hit this bud, I got a wife at home,
Bitch I ain't lookin' for none, you might got kids for cuz, or down wit' bud
Pushin' them dubs, look here cuz,
Lemme tell you how it's gon' be
If I was broke loc, these bitches wouldn't want me
I'm tellin' you the good-god truth, you want proof?
Ask them hoes over there, "Y'all wanna fuck Snoop?" (yeah!)
We'll take the money and the game away,
I bet they won't say the same that day,
But it's okay, cuz I don't trip,
Cuz "Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks",
I thought I told you, bitch I'm a soulja,
East side, long beach, gang-bang roller,
From the solar, cuz this, is it,
Can ya dig it? (I can dig it!!!)
Jelly Roll pulled a rabbit out his hat,
I pull a strap out my mothafuckin' back (Aaah!), cuz I know it's like dat,
I'm in a meetin' wit' these white folks talkin' bread,
They want a contract on a nigga till' I'm dead,
If I don't sign they gon' turn me over to the feds,
They struck me out, now I'm pinch-hittin' for the Reds,
But I'm a Dodger blue, so I gotta keep it true,
I gotta home-run, nigga we long gone,
I'm realizin', justizin', visualizin',
Rip-ridin', put mines in,
Takin' this game to the next level,
Trustin' no one, especially them Red Devils,
Keep ya head level, hand on my get-up,
Stay on the red-up, pimpin' ain't easy, but there's a whole lot of fed-up,
And like I told you from the get-go, don't trust no one (no one, no one),
And like I told you from the getti, don't trust no one...


. . .

Yo.. uh-huh
I'ma try somethin different on this right here
but I know y'all gon' feel it
cause I know y'all feel me
It's some real shit right here, y'knahmsayin?
I ain't never did it like this before
Check this out..

[Snoop - singing]
I'm the kind of G that everybody knows
But I'm so low-key, when it comes to hoes
I never break the rules and that's just how it goes
All my friends and foes - know that's just how it goes
I can flip the script but I chose not to this time
There's so much to say with so little time, but I like it
(Yes I like it)
I'm gon' dip dive socialize and get high
I wish my people had, other ways
I'm thankful, that a brother's paid (that a brother's paid)
But how can I be happy? My hair is still nappy
I miss my grandpappy
I wanna do right but the world is wrong
That's why I'm singin this song

I'm tryin to stack a dollar pop my collar while I'm singin my song
Y'all niggaz better leave me alone (I think you better leave me alone)
I think y'all betta leave me alone (I think you better leave me alone)
I'm tryin to stack a dollar pop my collar while I'm singin my song
You bitches better leave me alone (I think you better leave me alone)
I think y'all betta leave me alone (I think you better leave me alone)

[Snoop - singing]
There's so much goin on out there in the world today
All these - ladies, players, gangsters, and suckers
I get caught up sometimes, some of the people I hang with
they turn out to be snitches, bitches, yeah they switches
But you know like I know I can't stop doin, what I got to do
I'ma keep doin what I got to (I'ma keep doin) y'know!
Everywhere I go, the game is the same
People lookin at me want me to say somethin
want me to do somethin, but I don't know nuttin
If I ain't gettin paid, I can't drop no rhymes
I can't do nothin for you no mo', I ain't got that kinda time
and they know..

[Chorus] w/ minor variations

[Snoop - singing]
I try to be to myself, and try to stay.. away from the world
But the world just keeps runnin after me (runnin after me)
I try to shield myself away from all the wickedness
but somehow, the wickedness is in my circle - what am I to do?
I try to ask God to help me get through this
what am I to do to this? Just do this, let's do this
So I, continue to mash, day by day (day by day)
I continue to play, play by play
And I con-tinue to spit my manuscript (spit it)
and say what I want to say (say it)
And I do it to ya ev-ery-day

[Chorus] w/ minor variations

[Snoop Dogg]
Leave me alone, I think you better leave me alone
Leave me alone, leave me alone - better leave me alone
If it don't pay you wrong, leave me alone
I think you better leave me alone, leave me alone
Leave me alonnnne, leave me alonnnne
If it don't pay you wrong..

. . .

f/ Master P, Mr. Magic

[Mean Green]
What's up y'all? It's the Mean-ster Green-ster
THIS should be played in residential neighborhoods
clubs, cars, at high volume
Get (?) wodies, at high volume

[Master P - over Mean Green]
UNNNNNGHHH! Where all my No Limit Soldiers at?
WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? Where y'all at?
WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? (Throw 'em up, throw 'em up, throw 'em up)
WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? (Get 'em up, get 'em up, get 'em up)

[Chorus 2X: Master P]
I'm a Down South nigga so FUCK Y'ALL NIGGAZ
I'm a West coast nigga so FUCK Y'ALL NIGGAZ
I'm a East coast nigga so FUCK Y'ALL NIGGAZ
I'm a Midwest nigga so FUCK Y'ALL NIGGAZ

[Master P]
Rented gat in his ride, wodie throw 'em up high
We some No Limit Soldiers 'til the day that we die
And everybody in my click be rowdy (UNNNNGHHH)
(?) boot up, or shut up, or get routed!
I'm from the streets and I hang with killers
I make music by the ghetto for the thugs and killers
Wodie respect my hood, screamin C-P-3
Nigga and Magic and Snoop, over there with me
Cause I'm a Uptown nigga so FUCK Y'ALL NIGGAZ
If we got problems we gon' bust them triggers
Throw them thangs boy, like Sugar Shane Mosley
Shake them haters, cause y'all can't hold me


[Mr. Magic]
Get bucked up, nigga tear da club up
If you ain't bout gettin rowdy then back the FUCK UP
Y'all, know when I'm comin you hear the chopper go BLAKA BLAKA
I came to tear the ROOF off this motherfucker
The hyper y'all get the harder I spit (WHOOO!)
And won't stop until they start a fight in this bitch!
When I touch the mic I set the bitch on fire
Who say they harder? They a motherfuckin LIAR!
I touch the stage the crowd go crazy (AHHH!)
The Devil raised me, you motherfuckers can't fade me
Mr. 9th Ward, better respect this
I keep my head in the air because I know I'm the shit!


[Snoop Dogg]
B-O-U-T bout it (bout it)
Tear this motherfuckin club up, nigga get rowdy
Big Snoop D-O-double-G in this sonuvabitch (beitch)
Gotcha runnin cause I'm comin with that South shit
Close your mouth BITCH, DoggHouse BITCH
Whatchu thought motherfucker? We gon' stay rich
Well, the sayin goes, we slangin hoes
while y'all be payin hoes, we G'd up
and we pushin these pony-ups
And the heat goes where the homie goes
and the homie knows
No Limit and DoggHouse keep it crack-a-lackin
Mackin actin, rip-rackin, gun clappin and chip stackin

[Chorus] - 1/2

[Magic] Back up off me!
[M.P.] Bitch, get off me!
[Magic] Better back up off me!
[M.P.] Bitch, get off me!
[Magic] Better back up off me!
[M.P.] Bitch, get off me!
[Magic] Better back up off me!
[M.P.] Bitch, get off me!
[Magic] Better back up off me!
[M.P.] Bitch, get off me!
[Magic] Better back up off me!
[M.P.] Bitch, get off me!
[Magic] Better back up off me!
[M.P.] Bitch, get off me!
[Magic] Better back up off me!
[M.P.] Bitch, get off me!

[M.P.] I'm a 3rd Ward nigga so FUCK Y'ALL NIGGAZ
[Magic] I'm a 9th Ward nigga so FUCK Y'ALL NIGGAZ
[Snoop] I'm a Long Beach nigga so FUCK Y'ALL NIGGAZ
[M.P.] I'm a No Limit nigga so FUCK Y'ALL NIGGAZ

[Master P]
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Now which one of y'all motherfuckers (??)

Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off

Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Fuck the world nigga, haha (BEOTCH)
We back wodie! No Limit! Snoop! (WOOF WOOF) P! And Magic
So what I want y'all to do right now
BOUNCE! (Shake them haters shake them haters shake them haters off)

Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off
Shake them haters off, shake them haters off

[Master P]
Yo Snoop, it's your country uncle Master P man
The black Tony Montana, I wanna tell you
Thank you for ery'thing you did for No Limit
We won the fuckin war together
We can do what we wanna do after this
It ain't No Limit Snoop, you been good to me
Now it's time for me to be good to you
I'm bout to give you your own blocks wodie
You do what you wanna do
Bring 'em in, we get the kilos from the South to the West
We ship 'em, give it to the world
Sell it to the fuckin record stores!
Tell the fuckin haters to shut up!
Cause it still ain't No Limit
I know they thought this was "Tha Last Meal"
but they don't realize it ain't the last deal Snoopy
It's me and you baby, let's toast to success!
DoggHouse, No Limit, to the fuckin world man!
"Last Meal" on that puta, you fuckin cockroaches!

. . .

f/ KoKane

{*fades in*} .. {y'all gone miss me}
Yeah y'all gone miss me
{*harmonizing*} Never miss what you had 'til it's gone
Yeah, y'all gone miss me
{y'all gone miss me} Yeah, y'all gone miss me

[Snoop Dogg]
Hmm, who that nigga that brought you that gangsta shit
befo' you motherfuckers was even ready for it?
Showed you how to tie a flag on your head
and represent your motherfuckin set 'til you're dead
Bust on the cops while I cuss the Feds
Roll a joint, in the bathtub gettin head
Put the G in the P, flipped the G to a ki
Put the West coast back on the map bay-bee
Check my styles, check my files
I've been gangbangin since I was a juvenile
They cut me loose in nine-deuce I swore to tell the whole truth
Keep it gangbang 100 proof
E'rybody say, "Ay Snoop" - did Death Row pay me?
Look here young loc, shit it's all to the gravy
I really can't trip off the past, on the real I had a blast
Tupac, rest in peace and God bless all my enemies

[Chorus: KoKane]
Rain-drops, falling on my head
Fuckin with them haters, messin with my bread
Talkin bout the raindrops, fallin on my head
Fuckin with them haters, sleepin in my bed

[Snoop Dogg]
Ain't No Limit to this shit, ain't no gimmick
Master P good lookin out homeboy, salute my Lieutenant (at ease)
I'm in it knee deep and can't creep no more
I had to move down South on the low-low, fo' sho' doe
Dippin through the woods with Fiend, Magic, Pokey
Mystikal, V-90, C, Boz and P (ya heard me?)
Windows on tint, ridin like the President
It's evident, shit I'm doin good (yeah)
I moved out the hood like I should (say what?)
And then they had the nerve to call me Hollywood (nigga what?)
But I don't give a fuck, if I'm misunderstood
20 Crip don't slip, yeah it's all to the good
Yeah the homies got twist too, whatchu say?
Oh the homies might get me? They'll get you
Listen here, don't try it, and don't deny it
And don't pay 'em no mind Dogg, man I'm tryin

[Chorus w/ variations]

[Snoop Dogg]
Just when you thought I was gone, I'm back on
Knick-knack-paddy-wack give the Dogg a home
with a gang of pitbulls, rottweilers and doberman pinschers
Bonafied killers
The illest, cap peelers, that you ever wanna meet
Straight up out the ghetto where they pack the heavy metal
I got my hand on the wheel, my foot on the gas pedal
I'm drivin DoggHouse to the next level (woof)
and buckin two shots at the devil
Run up on his ass, and blast, like a rebel
Turn up the treble cause I hit you with the bass
Remember my name and remember my face
Remember these words, and remember the taste
And remember, we all gotta leave this place
I'm tryin to stay focused, I'm the loc'est in the game
The Rap Prime Minister, "Mr. G Thang"

[Chorus Two: KoKane]
Rain-drops, fallin on my head
Fuckin with the wrong folks, messin with my spread
Talkin bout the raindrops, fallin on my head
Messin with my ba-by, who's sleepin in my bed

{*harmonizing to fade with interjections of "y'all gone miss me"*}

. . .

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