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Sleepy Sun

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Тексты песен Sleepy Sun

Текст песни "Desert God"

Oh, barren land
We are searching higher
For the one who walks alone under the circle around the moon
A dry spell is here
The river has turned to coal
Send us on a trip to find the nectar of our god

Oh, bright horizon
Shine our way home
Read us through the sterile sand the desert’s always known

Oh, timeless spirit
Lifeless desert plain
Guide us through the lonely hearts the weather’s rightly claimed

Oh, mighty landscape
Shine the way to salvation
Lead us through the golden light with this heavy crown we’ve won
The desert god is cloaked in heat
He’s sweating out our sins
A foolish trip, the devil’s trick to pull down with him

Whistling winds on the highest plane
There is life
In the darkest night, and the driest time we have known

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