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Sleepy Brown

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Тексты песен Sleepy Brown

Текст песни "Margarita"

[Verse 1]
12 o'clock when I stop that colt 59
Just to, hear some, got a call from sleepy brown-brown
Said he's going down-down town at the mouth-mouth
Definitely crowded with the happy hour crowd
Drinks for a dollar, everybody's buzzin' cause
We spittin' like a major league, pitcher's tryna cut some
Only throw 'em balls, no strikes for tonite
She walks on to the step before she heavy pantin' let's ride
To my underground bungalows, approach the mouth
Baby I'm the headcoach now, wow. Baby needs a cold wet towel
Pharrell's on the way, so stay and play a while
Aw, uh, Sleepy Brown, Pharrell, Big Boi, yeah
(Ss-ah, Ss-ah, Ss-ah)

I've been working all day, now I'm gone so see ya
It's time for play, so name the place I'll meet ya
Make it through the bar, sip margaritas
Stay on the floor, go with me for the ri-de-uh
Aren't you feeling ni-ce?-uh Doesn't it feel ni-ce?-uh Is everybody high?

[Verse 2]
Ooh baby, do your thing now
Sittin' at the bar, with would you hangin'
I wonder if, you know I'm watching you
'Cause everything you do, is so good to
Love the way you run your finger, over that glass
Ooh the way you look over your shoulders when you dance
(Aaahh..) I'm tryin' to get the nerve, to talk to you
So maybe we can, find something to do


[Verse 3]
Ooh yeah baby, I'm here my lady
Staring at your eyes, tryna read your mind
Don't you realize? I'm right for you, the type for you, one that'd makes
Oh your dream reality baby, will go as plan
Then we'll start to fade into a serious romance
(Aaahh..) Can't believe my dear, what do you need?
Your every wish, oh girl I can't wait


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