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Siobhan Donaghy

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Тексты песен Siobhan Donaghy

Текст песни "Overrated"

Verse 1
Making memories take me
How horrible they can make me
See it over freezing
Puffing and wheezing
We all know
When we have acted low
Can feel it from below
A belt of luck come over

And the pain's overrated
But i don't know do you
And the chain's so serrated
And the proof
Well i don't know do you

Verse 2
Will i ever loose
These old catholic blues
That direct my shoes
Give me the strength to choose
I feel all low
The fear won't grow
If i show
It just went and go
But i don't know

Repeat chorus

Everything you fed me
I take it on delivery
Waved it of to lift me
Your all far too slippery
What you gonna give me
(What you gonna give me)

What i have
To get through...

Repeat chorus x2
Repeat bridge to fade

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