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Simply Red
Simply Red

Откуда Manchester, England
Жанры New Wave
Blue-eyed soul
Годы 1983—н.в.
Лейблы East West Records
Elektra Records
Сайт Website
Mick Hucknall
Ian Kirkham
Kenji Suzuki
Dave Clayton
Steve Lewinson
Pete Lewinson
Kevin Robinson
Бывшие участники
Aziz Ibrahim
Tony Bowers
Chris Joyce
Tim Kellett
Sylvan Richardson
Fritz McIntyre
Dave Fryman
Gota Yashiki
Tim Vine
Shaun Ward
Wayne Stobbard
Andy Wright
Mark Jaimes
Heitor Pereira
Graham Cooper
Dee Johnson
Chris De Margary
Sarah Brown
John Johnson

Тексты песен Simply Red

Текст песни "The Death Of The Cool"

My shyness, my misunderstood
My misunderstanding
My destiny is grounded, by confounding weights
As Hollywood greats inspire me to keep my body whole

Since I've been the master of low expectations
Aren't you humans supposed to look like me?

Quotes like “buddy I blew you up
Then gave you a band aid”
Pseudo spiritual kebababallah's we can all be fooled
It's the death of the cool
The death of the cool

We got fakirs, false prophets and fools
And phoney saint saviours
Fame's pick me up gets drowned in
Pop's twinkle and dreams torn at the seams
It can leave you with nothing left at all

Since we're the believers with tall expectations
Can't you humans come have a laugh with me?

Quotes like “buddy I screwed you up, made you the new slave
The fastest growing guru in the market place of happiness
We can all be saved
“Buddy I blew you up, gave you a band aid”
Do you really need to learn to be a human?
We can all be shamed
Its the death of the cool
The death of the cool

Quotes like “buddy I blew you up, gave you a condom”
Do you really need to learn to save a human?
We could all be blamed

Buddy I blew you up
The death of the cool

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