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Shadows Fall
Shadows Fall

Откуда Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
Жанры Thrash Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Годы 1995—н.в.
Лейблы Roadrunner Records
Atlantic Records
Ferret Records
Century Media Records
Spinefarm Records
Everblack Industries
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All That Remains
Killswitch Engage
Сайт Website
Brian Fair
Jonathan Donais
Matt Bachand
Paul Romanko
Jason Bittner
Бывшие участники
Adam Dutkiewicz
Philip Labonte
David Germain
Derek Kerswill

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Тексты песен Shadows Fall

Текст песни "Redemption"

1st Verse

Intimidation, I stand before you now
Hold my ground, you won't strike me down
A validation of all the blood I spill
Survival of my will

(Pre Chorus)

There's nothing left to say
Yourself you have betrayed
We must try to seize the day


All the world will hear you
Our voices can't be bound
All the world will hear you
Redemption in the power of the sound

2nd Verse

Interpretation of all the thoughts I share
Drag you there, creating all your fear
A brand new nation for those who perservere
The future is so clear

(Pre Chorus)



A validation of all the blood that I spill!
(Repeat Chorus)

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