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Тексты песен Santogold

Текст песни "Say Aha"

Louder than they allow, Say Aha, Aha!

At night it's eating up your head
backed against a wall
Got you in a tight place
though you're not alone at all
Been fighting, trying to place a name on what it's called
Make you feel like a losing streak
'cause you know but you're not involved

It's alright cause everything they say doesn't make no sense
It's that time, I'm picking up my ass, up from off the fence
Gonna blow a hole in this parade, it's self-defense
I'm a army, got a whole brigade in my two cents


Send in your torpedoes for all they know
make a show, shake them up before you blow
'Cause they don't want no cure, no
You'd better find a way, their aim's not pure

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