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Настоящее имя Sarah Joyce
Место рождения Pakistan
Жанры Soul
Годы 2010—н.в.
Лейблы Atlantic Records

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Тексты песен Rumer

Текст песни "Thankful"

It's the first breath of springtime
And a warm wind picks up the fallen blossom
And sails in circles around the street

??? passed with her hair in braids
As they're pulling down the ???? to the train station cafe

I'm alive and I'm thankful for this time
I'm alive and I'm thankful for this time

6 o' clock summer afternoon
Next door's kids are playing in the yard
I'm doing the dishes out the window and the radio's playing ????
And the sun falls down
On the garden next door
Two young boys are fighting 'til a woman appears at the door

And the fires and the fog and fallen leaves
???? ???? October's ????
You walked me home in the cold after closing time
As the leaves rushed by

How I want to be loved
How I need to be loved
Now that I've found you
I'd do anything for it (?)

In the forest of angels
That's where we laid you down
And I can hear you whisper when the first frost falls on the ground

You're alive, just be thankful
For this time
You're alive, just be thankful
For this time

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