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Ruff Ryders

Альбом Ruff Ryders

Ryde Or Die Vol. 3 (2001)
. . .

Ruff Ryders... Ryde or Die volume 3... In The R We Trust...

(Swizz Beatz)
Ladies and gentlemen, dogs and bitches,
Present to you (present to you)
R3 (R3)
And what you gotta do (what's that dog?) its let that shit just bang.
Let that shit just bang (oh! oh! oh!)
Man, let it bang (oh, let it bang, what's up?)
Let it bang (what's up?)
I'm your host today (what's up?)
Swizz Beatz (Swizz Beatz!)
The monster (monster!)
I'm in the ?limousine? (fuck y'all) doin big things
This record right here (uh) contains the new (what's that?)
(Chorus starts)
R3, some new producers, new ???
We ain't playin with y'all,
Hell no.
Now let it ryde, let it ryde, let it ryde, let it ryde
I don't care if you from L.A., ???, Atlanta, New York,
All them other cities out there,
Let it bang, god damn it, let it bang,
Do the damn thing and ryde out, ryde out,
Now ryde out, now ryde out
Let it ryde, let it ryde. let it ryde, let it

Now now
We about to ryde to this motherfucka!
We about to get ?crazy? this motherfucka!
We about to start to ryde with this motherfucka!
We about to get ??? (uuhh!)
We about to lay down this this motherfucka!
We about to get ?crazy? this motherfucka!
We about to start to ryde with this motherfucka! (uhh!)
Put your middle finger up if you rydin with us!
Put your middle finger up if you rydin with us!
Put your middle finger up if you rydin with us!
Put your middle finger up if you rydin with us!
We don't give a fuck about if you hatin on us!
We don't give a fuck about if you hatin on us!
Put your middle finger up if you fuckin with us!
Put your middle finger up if you fuckin with us!
Heey-heey-heey-heey, let's go nigga!

. . .

(Petey Pablo)
Everybody everybody everybody everybody
We call it the dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty
Dirrty dirrty dirrty (Double R) Double R
Everybody everybody everybody everybody everybody everybody
And we call it the dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty
Dirrty dirrty dirrty, Double R

Nigga let's get dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty
I'ma let my pump go early, from Thrusday to Thursday
Eight o'clock in the morning
That's why we go out on a cop on my corner, yessuh
Gimme that Lex', I'm gonna exit
So I can pull up outta here, we gone
Slow the shit down now so I can catch it
I'm gon' catch it, catch it, catch it
Play it to the band cause Petey Pablo threw me a bone
so I could fetch it, fetch it
Me and Petey Pablo make you follow
Put the gun in his mouth, make him swallow
Do a nigga like, Diallo
I know I'm warm but now it's time to get WA-ARM!
Now it's time to turn up, hurry up, y'all niggaz best to be GO-ONE!
Left his head to be LO-ONG! - from the first day I was born
Pop guns like popcorn, s-s-stutter like
Y'all motherfuckers ain't stabbin shit like a butter knife
That shit just don't cut right
On my block all we hear is WOOP WOOP, niggaz it's time to run
Grab your guns cause beef with me and Petey P. hide your sons
Double-R motherfucker
Let me slow this shit down before y'all make us spit rounds
Murder your block then skip town, nigga!

(Chorus) 2X
This gon' be the anthem for the clubs (YEAH!) code of the thugs (YEAH!)
Repped it in the streets (YEAH!) loved in the slums (YEAH!)
Who am I? (A RUFF RYDER!)

(Petey Pablo)
So tired, these so-called drug thugs bust they gun niggaz
Mean mugged, supposed to be the toughest in the club niggaz
Watch out, motherfucker say somethin I'll, I'll fuck you up
Tie ya ass to the back of a pick-up truck and just leave, uh
You a waste of good slug
And I told the motherfucker I'd get him, so what?
It ain't like you hot
It ain't like we got work, meet me at yo' block
It ain't like we won't come through
and take any motherfuckin thing you do got
We done had you a strong shower, one-five-one, no raw
I'm whoopin them drawers off, takin charge, play the bar
You dealin with the right one; if you want it, you sho' can get some
I ain't come to play, Double-R told me to come up to New York and I came
Drag-On told me to write tonight and God dammit we doin our thang
Dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty - whether you like it or not
me and Drag got this thang on lock and we about to change the game
I'ma bring the rain, I'ma bring the pain
I'ma bring the wood and the grain
Get back with ya motherfuckin five-dollar ass, huh, 'fore I make change

(Chorus) 2X

(Petey Pablo)
Drag, I can't lean lean - this motherfuckin track too hot
This shit keep callin me, still can't believe it
These motherfuckers waited so long (shit, me neither)
Should've been like I slid right
but I bet you motherfuckers were scared
cause this shit start shootouts and club fights
The shit might jump off tonight
I done seen the nigga and this bitch that I don't like (he gon' get it)
Ju-ju-just just-just-just as soon as I fit him (he gon' get it)
Simple-minded motherfucker shouldn't have been there
They role is to kill him, Drag what's wrong with them?

They must be crazy and deranged
Do I speak my ghetto slang, got a big chain
They say that was bad but I'ma show you what this heavy metal bring
That's how I settle things like
What y'all want, what y'all want? (You motherfuckers don't want none)
Roll that blunt, smoke that blunt (You niggaz stay in the pub)
We gettin high, gettin by, me and Petey Pab'
Connectin like, shit to a fly, clip to a gun, y'all clip better run
Pick anyone got plenty of it, y'all niggaz really don't want it
That's a hit boy, y'all fittin to love it
Feel this clip up in yo' stomach, uh

(Chorus) 2X

. . .

Uh-huh, now what we gonna do
Take it from the Eastside to the country
Ya feel me? Ya feel me?
Ya feel me? Tchka-tchka-tchka
Check the chorus...

Jada talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no
Bubba talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no no
Jada talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know
Bubba talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no no

Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh, yeah
Yo, uh, yeah, yo...
Aiyyo, this I'll make ya head hurt
When the hawk take the day off
I make the lead work, I'll put you in the red dirt
Ice make 'em look like stars, they comin' through
On the bikes, but they look like cars, it's somethin' new
and Jada talk soo good, but 'cha brain is
Nowhere next to ready for this stainless
It's no helpin' you when them thangs melt in you
and way down in Athens, Jada's a bell ringer
I'ma bring the hood to the farm
Bless 'em with some purple hay
Remove the wood from the barn
Introduce them to the yak and cranberry
and make sure Bubba Spark good, then I'm gone
Even if we run the war, I'ma still run the raw
You can come and see me, I got 'em for twenty-four
Double R and Beat Club, who hard as us?
R3: In The "R" We Trust, c'mon

Jada talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no
Bubba talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no no

Jada talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no
Bubba talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no no

(Bubba Sparxxx)
Uh, uh...
Boy, silly if you saw them crackers ridin' with them pigs
and thought I might would hit this robe for less than twenty-five a gig
Doin' sixty-five, I sled off acid and shitty bourbon
Took a minute to adjust, but right now this big shit is workin'
I'm white just by chance, but I'm country by God's graces
Nowadays I find myself doin' laundry in odd places
But still, I keep it Bubba even into Mr. Kiss and them
Brought 'em down to Athens, let 'em cut with my sister's friend
Now we gettin' blist again, back on the block in Yonkers
and Tim done laced a track, man this shit is hot as bonkers
Kiss, not to flaunt ya, but just tell 'em Bed has come here
I'm doin' for my family, but y'all are really done here
But Bubba is the truth and perhaps this is discussion
Of wither I'm that deal or a product of Tim's percussion
Y'all know to him is bustin', so just dap me up and frown on
Me and Kiss is necessary, that much you can count on, yeah

Jada talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no
Bubba talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no no

Jada talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no
Bubba talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no no

(Bubba Sparxxx)
How did him and Bubba rise from this dirt and this cow feces?
To show you folks the hope for this changin' shall be me
Notice how he see, the picture for it's painting
and poured you up of this mixture before it was tainted
See I was rydin' ruff only when me and D became aquatinted
and I pledge to maintain it, be damned if I'ma change it
This shit is anus, ain't it? Fuck 'em, Kiss bring it home
I ryde or die with Beat Club, won't bend for the sake of this song

The streets is still mine, I stay with the still nine
and it's still long and if I'm stronger than corn like I pinkeyed
Niggaz pretend to be weeded, that's what the industry needed
Kiss flippin' his flow, enemies heated
But we gon' let the gats pop
From the old rifles on the dirt road to the handguns on the blacktop
Don't get the plot wrong, this ain't a black or white politic thing
Cocksucker, it's a hot song

Jada talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no
Bubba talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no no

Jada talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no
Bubba talk so good, but they brain is not ready
They don't know no no

. . .

[chorus 1]
you, me, and she
what we gonna do
baby, baby

i did it to myself, couldn't help the way I felt about him
sick when he wasn't there, like I never delt without him
played the fool by choice, all I had was this man
letem have the best of both worlds cause it was his clan
all the things I wanted to hear, he told me gently
whatever it was, wanted nuthin, gave me plenty
told me that he split with this chick but couldn't shake her
cause she had his kids, so he fed her with this paper
first it started off like that, dough for closure
started slackin off, in fact it wasn't over
now my world is crumblin down, I'm fealin shake-e
used to be a superwoman, no bitch could replace me
wanted him to leave me alone, but I was caught up
thought I was strong, broke down, when braking up was
brought up
tried to really ryde with this dude I thought I loved him
and every time I asked what I should do, he said trust him

[chorus 2]
you, me, and she
what we gonna do
baby, (trust me) baby (hold me, yeaaa)

you, me, and she
what we gonna do
baby (believe me), baby (need me, yeaaa)

to hate, I must be crazy, feeding hI'm the bullshit
attitudes and tryin to hold out that shit was useless
the more I tried to back up, the more he kept comin
lie after lie, shit, lieing wasn't nuthin
tear after tear come down, tellin me to be cool
all I need is you baby, nobody could be you
believed him, he decieved me, just to keep me
callin me from her spots, sayin how he need me
i had to step back, he got me stressed out
this aint what I planned, thought I had my life sketched out
huh, I guess not, love me to hurt me
hurt me to make-up, then make-up to desert me

[chorus 2]

back and forth with the he said, he said got me dizzy
if I leave, know the routine, he beg cause he miss me
too late, cause you had me, lost me, daddy move on
boss-bitch, no more floss, nigga I'm gone
arguements for hours me and her comparing notes and
after all the screamin stop, we comparing quotes
you got sloppy thoughts, you was that nigga let me catch you
heart didn't hurt till I covered up your tattoo
my statue, on a pedestal, every breath too
never new the worst till you felt what the best do
and I'm that, its over now, hope I stressed you
But Niggas only do it when you lie, when I let you..

. . .

(Phone call)
Icepick: Pick up the phone, motherfucker!
Swizz Beatz: Who the fuck is this?
I: Whasup, nigga?
S: Kid, bitch ass nigga
I: Whasup nigga? I've seen some Ruff Ryder nigga. I never seen a Ruff Ryder nigga fuckin with the West Coast like that, man. It's the real shit. I've heard they were conected to...
I: I got this SP with motherfuckin Tha Eastsidaz, nigga.
S: True?
I: Styles P, Styles, nigga from The Lox, Ruff Ryder nigga, the hard nigga, the hard nigga, yeah.
S: You wild out, boy
I: Yeah, that nigga, that nigga, be here and got a joint. I told you motherfucka...

(Phone call ends)
Dee:Yeah, volume 3 motherfuckers, locked and load (gun cocking). Take this for a motherfuckin ryde, bitch (gunshots)

. . .

(Tray Deee)
Who run these streets? Love Thug Beats?
Ruff Spoken, Guns Speak, Blood Leak
Lug heat for the threat not protection,
Not a question, Busta Tests I got rest 'em
Catch 'Em Slippin, in the hood or the mall
You ain't strapped, we can scrap, I'm good with the Doggs
Fuck Talkin', Chuck Walkin' in my khakis
Rag Swangin', Gang Bangin' nigga brang it at me
Eastsider, Ruff Ryder loved by the masses
We The Niggas holla out the set when we blastin'
Insane 20 gang, anything killa,
Tracy Davis, Hair Raises, Goldie Loc The Stealer
Gang Lock Down, We Cant Stop Now,
Get in the way of villan and Tray spray hot rounds
Suckas chose thuggin' as a last resort, aint that a bitch?
Here we do this shit for sport This CRIP

We ridaz, keep the heat beside us,
Better Not try us, Touch ya like Midas
Ruff Rydaz, Ride with Eastsidaz,
Bustaz bow down to crown, the Royal Highness
Well we gonna take your raps, and gats, stacks and sacks
Dippin with the Jags and 'Lacs
Eastsidaz roll with Ruff Rydaz
Try to step aside us or get right behind us

When I die, fuck a moment of silence, this is Holiday
Gangsta rap gunnin' and havin' moments of violence
Its an Eastsider, Ruff Ryder thing, Why you mad at me?
Holdin on an AK, puffin' on some Cali weed
Streets is my girl, asked her to marry me
Yellow and Purple Ears, tryin' to see Shaq's Salary
D-Block Gang, Ruff Ryder Mafia,
Make Sure the bullets hit u cause i stand on top of ya
Bounce like I'm Hydrolics (Hydrolics),
And i got niggaz in the hood that would shoot you over nine dollars
Asked if I'm a gang member? Fuck nah, I'm a gang leader
Boss to the boss and I bang heaters
And you dont wanna see my arm jerk
Cause the work i put on your face is bound to make your mom hurt
And this one is for my Cali niggaz
Eastsiders, Ruff Ryders and you can die in an ally niggaz


(Goldie Loc)
I never write raps like a song can make me
Trick off my money and let these bitches break me
Cause I'm a cold piece of gold, dickies saggin in the dirt
Sellin' my double knucks, to enhance my work
Nigga Q keep it Pimpin, I'm 'a keep it Crippin' (Crippin')
Me and Dip Dippin, Dogg tha Police Trippin'
Im an Eastside Ryde or Die Nigga
And I believe you fools are some quick to lie niggaz
Sippin on Sans call me lil Bit
A down to earth brother, Gang Bangin' and rappin'
Fake Blow Joes not hoppin' Lo-Lo's
Im tired of you bustaz and fake C-O's
You can ask Deal Dogg,Motherfuckin' Scoop
We Done rounded up the homies and the front line troops
Look Cuz, This game dont give me my cheese,
Im 'a shit down your thorat, with tricks up my sleeve


. . .

Yeah, yeah! YEAH!
We ain't NEVER went nowhere nigga

(Chorus: Fiend + McAfee)
I'm speakin from the rock bottom, got a problem I can solve 'em
Get your paper burn 'em out and I can pop 'em
I'm speakin from the rock bottom, got a problem I can solve 'em
Get your paper burn 'em out and I can drop 'em

I said son of (?) drugged up with Kevin
Visit yours my mother protected my Smith 'n Wesson
We all done struggled the same up in the crescent
Muscled our way for now to be present
Long ways to replace that, try and take that
We gon' get there, guess where his wake at
Life-threatenin, walk over to the Gotham
where it don't cost much, for you to pop one
Not one - shot clean after I'm out with the glow
Found him in a bag on the road
Everything that's fat is trapped in his nose
Gats was arosed, then and again
He was, with no sin as if you wanna see us
It's mandatory, no motherfuckin glamour story
Strictly owned, got the fame and glory
My name'll hold me down, I witness how it's goin down
I see my will is bread and rosy like a weed growin out

(Chorus) - repeat 2X

I got niggaz confusin the loser, Fiend mental ball cruiser user
These tactics, that make you do more than bend you over backwards
Bring slaughter to men, that serves less than a quarter
All of us are just in line so we can sail at the border
Hot water couldn't remove, the blood out the grooves in my shoes
That's because then that nigga died on last night news
That trigger played with no shell, no clues
And the job was more handed to you - that's where the real money
Feedin survivors real hungry
Like lines stretchin them similar, to the cord on the bungee
My Lord told me, "You gon' take, everything but my soul from me
Along with somethin out the four-oh from me"
Spit it how I live it, my heart got calm, go take a visit
And see that I'm repetitious that kinda survives so I did it
It's all in this speaking, playa is you eatin?
If it's 'bout helpin you, bought a piece
and his balls are the reason for the..

(Chorus) - repeat 4X

Rock bottom.. rock bottom, rock bottom..
(Rock bottom, rock bottom.. rock bottom, rock bottom)

(David Banner)
This how we do it.. from the rock bottom, you dig?
Mississippi David Banner, bringin it home, where it belong.. {*fades out*}

. . .

Artist: Drag-On, Fiend
Album: Ruff Ryders * Ryde or Die Volume Three: In the 'R' We Trust
Song: We Don't Give a F**k

Yeah, yeah, Volume Three
Real disrespectful on the one Unc', uh-huh
I ain't got no more respect for these niggaz, uh-uh
Icepick, where the f**k your knife at?

Now who the f**k wanna ryde with this gangsta nigga, thug nigga
.38 snub busters, slugs rush ya
I should be in anger management class, the way I'm aimin a mac
That's how I let off frustration pertainin my past
Murder ya block, then Drag's wavin at cabs
Feds is on cars that's why they give him On-Star
Straight blood, when I walk in, throw on the red light bulbs
Then I throw my pinky ring on and writin up the club
I'm all real, y'all slight thugs, I'm just like
them Arabs, f**k a gat, I use a knife
Keep my dick sucked like, straws in soda
Y'all know the deal like, cards and poker, huh?
I'm a monster on the street, I'll play all strips
I'll beat down lyrics and stomp out beats and dump out clips
If I ain't got it I crack knuckles on jaws, stab a couple on tour
Y'all faggots never knuckled up before, bitch

(Chorus 2X: Fiend)
We don't give a f**k about none a y'all (none a y'all)
I'm talkin bout all y'all (all y'all)
Don't make me grab the thing and get to runnin y'all (runnin y'all)
Every single motherf**kin one of y'all (one of y'all)

Listen up..
I bought a yellow banana six cause the way I peel off
Tommy gun banana clip, if you thinkin I'm soft
This'll silence yo' ass quick, put a apple on the tip
Then go sip, apple martinis and laugh about this shit
Niggaz wanna look at my chest, nigga watch your eyes
cause, Drag'll give you his change and give you a surprise
Cause when I ride, I put a heart in them niggaz and get 'em live
then let my toast, put the ghost in niggaz and watch it rise
Yeah I look out for my niggaz, but I'm not a town hero
When I walk, I set fire to the floor like ground zero
I'm the reason niggaz jumpin out of buildings, shit
They better let that hard ground kill 'em then they run down sizzlin
Got a hundred hidden guns in the wall where I live
So the only way I'm fightin for the wall is they comin to my crib
Double-R motherf**ker, we runnin this shit
Cause every time we put in our guns y'all runnin and shit, bitch


Listen, I wasn't born with stats, but I might stand while y'all was young
I used to be on the cheese line cause I was born to be a rat
My race is like a pizza pie, y'all can get a slice
And it won't be just them Arabs runnin around with they face wrapped
So if you a thug - throw these slugs!
And not at my vest, throw it at my mug
Cause my niggaz'll get y'all back, love is love
Cause we all family and nigga blood is blood
I never back down, I put backs on grounds
that'll make your mother pull out that all-black gown
Man F**K this track, listen to how I sound
That's your block, that's your city, that's your town?
BLADOOOOW! It's mines now
Cause I ain't drop a album in two years, it's time now
Cause I know y'all all laughin, playin your John Madden
'til me and my niggaz kick open the door like {*BOOM*}

(Chorus) - 2X

. . .

Hell yeah, A-town, LUDA
Ahh, whoo!

She said she was a stripper but she wanted to rhyme
and if I gave her a deal she make her legs stretch back to her spine
I told her hit the treadmill, 'til she run out of time
And in the eve no doubt, she was blowin my mind
I'm from the A-town, put 'em through a GA course
Cause "it's all in the game" like EA Sports
From scams and money grams, there's unions that wanna wire me
"You think you know but really don't" - put it in your "Diary"
I'm quick to knock 'em out, they comin in three spurts
I do like Spielberg and see that yo' +DreamWorks+
My weed is all lavender, my drink is blue
My gat'll, +Poke-a-Man+, it's the Pikachu
Luda give 'em new perm, now they hair is wet
And they don't wanna get on top, cause they scared of heights
So if you Wonderwoman BITCH I'm the Wondermack pro
So shut up and gimme that Thundercat HOOOO

(Chorus 2X: Icepick Jay)
When you fuckin with Ryders, in the "R" we trust
If you make a false move then these things gon' bust
And when it comes to these bitches, you know how it goes
We don't trust these hooooes

She said she won't, take it off unless there's money involved
I told y'all hold the stack and give hundred a call
I referred to when you pissy drunk, blunted and all
Tellin me she humpin harder than y'aaaall
Got got - three niggaz just diggin these balls
and all three really won't see y'all
outside, in the burgandy Bird
Ruff Rydin puffin the herb, discussin the curb
She said she from B.K.
And I did it "my way, all day" like B.K., no more need say
So Fiend playa, you know I'm busy countin some cash
Then bouncin up on some ass
Better yet, think I'm on some extendable hash
You really wanna fall in ya glass
She chose me, pimp nigga like we chose to be rich
Double-R then stole ya bitch


(Yung Wun)
Hah, I say you better move now for a week in Montana
Then slick 'em without drinks for I drink in Colorado
This chick yesterday said she leavin tomorrow
I'm tryin to fuck her mouth tonight cause she leavin tomorrow
The only thing she act stupid's bout my lady at home
Lie to my lady at home, got my baby at home
Man, I was on some shit like 'Kiss, is we "Fuckin' or What?"
If you don't wanna get a room, we can fuck in the truck
We can cut to a bitch, but don't piss me off
You don't mean that to me shorty, I'll piss in your mouth
I'm a violent - boy, whylin boy
Playa hater close your legs, I want no lip girl


. . .

Listen man
This here is some gangsta shit you know?
Real Bouncy
Hood Shit
Double R shit nigga
The best of the best street team
You know what it is or how it is

Motherf**kers want to act now
Keep toast by the waist now
Got a block full of crack now
Still got to hold the hood down
Little Chickens want to run around dig dig down
Got a clip for the full pound
That will put your ass under the ground
With a thunderous sound
Send heat through your goose down
Then I'm blow cool day
All over your body
Ride or die with me today
And when I cook that shook that
Ran a roll back
In an all black
360 doing 160
Head like sticking move manually
She want to know what my stamina be
Told the chick real gangstas hard to please
Stash hard in the Honda seats
You got to know how the game will freeze
Especially when you pimp the heat
You got to pop that thing
Put an ass to sleep
Better cock that thing cause the walls will creep
Niggas think they hot ain't felt the heat
Cross spit that shit that will melt the street
Cocksucker heres a pack come bump with me
Double R in a cell you can't f**k with me

You don't want to f**k with me
Y'all niggas know who I am
Catch you in the parking lot
Pull out and pop your top
Somebodys got to drop
So what you want to do?
You can not hide from me
My niggas is coming for you

Three O'clock on the dot when I plan to plot
Ran up in the smoke spot wanna buy a lot
Hurry Up, Shit is hot
Can't f**k with me
Kill drama with M3's company for bumping me
All my niggas own real estate
My money can't estimate
On the roll you can't tell the time or the day, and date
Have your bitch in the back of the Escalade
We can make things escalate
Pull out, make his man run on him and he had a gun on him
Busted you then make the right
To cut through the gas station and take the light
Can't tell me ruff ryders don't make it tight
Got to wonder what a Harlem niggas life is like
And I transport keys if the price is right
Then ride back through your hood on a mountain bike
Got bullets that will go through your stomach
Then come out your head
I'm Infrared
You ain't know
I'm about this bread
And I wonder what your family gonna do when they pronounceyou dead
Then come through your hood with Gucci rims on
In the six with the rims on
Getting head from a bad redbone bitch
That don't mind switching
Like to f**k with her timbs on


On my block there won't be no coping the bank and depositingthe shit
You get my drift?
Anything sold I want to get a bank roll
You motherf**kers don't want to see these things blow
Hanging like Neptunes oh no
When I pull the four-four
Look at the hole that you fell in
I got to spin around to keep the shells in
I ma blast to keep the smell in
Bet you know now, when I rap fast
I might as well slooooww down
I mean I love when I spin Porsche to hold my horse like
Whooaaa now
How many niggas think they can ruff ryde
Because y'all puff lye
Think they can be yelling tough guy
I'm a slim nigga so I'm a make you duck by
Like whoa, listen to a fly bye
Like ch-ch-chhh
Nigga why cry?
Don't give a f**k where your soul want to go
All I care is when I toss this shit, where they gonna go
Watch where this bullet go, past niggas
I'm sick of y'all warm-floor ass niggas
Don't got to pump no more passing the picture
While I'm at your funeral just passing your picture
I ain't bad as me
Chorus 2x
You don't want to f**k with me 4x

. . .

*cars driving in background*

*car engine stops*

*car door opens and shuts*


man: Hey, where you going?

*gun cocks up*

DMX: Just chillin' my niggas


*footsteps continues*

*studio entrance door opens and shuts*

*cars driving in background stops, music heared in background starts*


DMX: Fuck that, where are that?

*studio door knocks*

"Who's this?"

DMX: It's DMX, open the door

*studio door opens*

Eve: Yo, bitch, come in

DMX: Aight

*studio door shuts*

*music heared in background stops, "Ryde or die" playing in background starts* DMX: Listen, where is a phone?

Eve: Is here


*dial tone*

*phone dialing*

*phone ringing*

Swizz: Hello?

DMX: Yo, bitch, it's DMX for Ruff Ryders Records

Swizz: What's good?

DMX: Nothing, chillin' that Ruff Ryders shit

Swizz: OK, man

DMX: Yeah

Swizz: Listen, this niggas didn't come today

DMX: Fuck you!

Swizz: What?

DMX: This is only fuck!

Swizz: No...

DMX: Put it in your hole!

*phone hangs up hard*

DMX: OK, man, get call up a nigga

*dial tone*

*phone dialing*

*phone ringing*

Waah: Hello?

DMX: Yo, listen, this is X, bitch

Waah: Yo, what's the deal?

DMX: Nothing

*Waah laughs*

DMX: Yo, that's the fuck up

Waah: What?

DMX: Nothing

Dee in background: Yo, who's this?

Waah: Nothing

Dee in background: Fuck you! Pass me that phone!

Waah: No...

*punching and ploffing*

Dee: Hello?

DMX: Yo, who's this?

Dee: Dee, man

DMX: *sighs* Fuck you!

*phone hangs up*

Eve: Yo...

DMX: What the fuck you at?

Eve: I'm fucked up my niggas

*DMX laughs and sighs*

DMX: That's really good! (echo)

. . .

(Styles P)
Fuck all these niggaz, if you ask me who
I'll answer back anybody you can think of
I'm S.P. bitch, I'm the boss of boss
I talk arrogant and me and guys link up
And these is more than words, if you feel like the songs is to you
Then it probably is, If I can't getta long witcha
Then I'm gon' hit 'cha, All in ya face and ya body kid
H-O-L-I-D-A, -Y Styles, hit somethin by trial
I'm the nigga to hate, and when it's time to merk something bitch
WHAT! I'm on time in my job and I ain't never been late
If there's beef in the hood
A nigga like P can't sleep 'til I'm good
'Cause somebody dead
This 4/5 gotta hit somebody head
I'm all up in the safe takin' somebody bread

(Chorus: repeat 2X)
Shoot 'em in the head
Shoot 'em in the face or the chest
Then shoot 'em in the waist or the neck
Then shoot 'em in the gut or the mouth
Then shoot 'em in the back and don't stop 'til the blood runnin out

(Styles P)
Guess I gotta burn down bridges, and break down rocks
And come through and let this tre pound pop
You all grown now
And I don't care if you from home town
I'll put a slug in the dome clown
'Cause most of these rappers is talk
I'm the nigga in the back of the court
Wit 5 L's and a 1/2 of a quart
By 7 o' clock I'm stone cold drunk, wit a blunt and a 2yr old pump
Boulgin' out my pant leg
I'll put it out and make ya man beg
And shoot 'em anyway
Y'all niggaz penny weight
Niggaz like me just do what the semi say
Any way we can do it any where any day
I'm Paniero bitch, I ain't the nigga you play hero wit
End up dead, Ya t-shirt look white it's gon end up red
And my dogs look hungry they gon' end up fed BITCH!


I'm hope you lookin' forward to die
Hope you wanna look the lord in the eye
Hope you ready for this muthafuckin' shot to ya head
Or this sword in ya eye
You the shit I'm the +Lord of the Flies+
If you got beef say it now, bitch niggaz
So I can load up and come toward you wit nines
I spray you and ya man
The coup and the van
The office and the studio where ever you stand
I don't wanna be the king of the coast
Feds watchin' me and you gotta stay low when you bring in the dope
Gotta look a lil' dirty when you swingin the toast
If you say the guy name, I'll be ringin ya throat
I don't rap about niggaz
But I do like to cock back hit'em the chest
And blow the back up outta niggas
Ya man is pussy? I'mma play wit 'em
Look at ya nigga POP! POP! POP! now lay wit 'em


. . .

R 3, motherfuckers couldn't wait

Niggas not want Jada to kiss on them (kiss on'em)
Throw sour milk or piss on them (piss on'em) burn their cell
Snitch niggas playing the game "Who turn to tell" (what?)
I'm waiting right here for the warden and burning the L
Recognize real this is an example of that (yeah)
Grey uncut diesel come and sample a sack
D-Block where the hammers is at (that's right)
Every night is like the Apollo with guns, even amateurs clap
I hit raw in the store, ravined, then laid low on the yea-yo
When I cop more of the green
Got a BX connect and a Georgia Team
My life is juicy nigga
It was all a dream
It's my house so I'm a ask you to leave
I'm like carbon-dioxide
Cause I don't want you faggots to breathe
And I might murk two in the new Smurf blue
2002 BM wagon with the B's (unuh)

(Chorus) 2X
All my niggas with guns
Keep busting them
All my niggas with drugs
Keep hustling
All my niggas with money
Keep getting it
All my niggas that ride
Keep living it

It's the kid with the attitude
Chip on the shoulder
Brick in the whip with the 5th in the holster
Purple in the dutchee (un huh) I got a circle full of niggas
that will kill your grandmother if she touch me
Told you I get deep with a gun
If I die then my niggas teach the rules of the street to myson
Cause I might got to meet with the lord
What I live by? die by?
My gun, my word, and my sword
Cause niggas sound hard but they just ain't convincing me
Microwave killer, do my shit instantly
Built that courage in Anna, it's the dark side
that makes me want to flip and go smother your mama (bitch)
Just for birthing your ass
And this the ghost when you take your last breath
And I'm cursing your ass
And I'm sort of like the Grim Reaper, but I'm a get deeper
Cause I'm right here on earth for your ass

(Chorus) 2X

This is it
Sheek Luc, c'mon

You know Sheek hold it down wherever he at (no doubt)
You wanna knock yourself out?
Nah let me do that
I'm thugging everything I'm on (yeeah)
I spit too hard
Keep the hawk like I'm out in the yard
Even in the boot Luch keep a gat in his hand
Brick under the fan, think I care about a moon man or Grammyaward?
What did you expect? I ain't seeing double platinum
unless I take it off your fucking neck (right now)
Cut my check and get out my face
Before I go home and get that new shit out the case (no doubt)
I don't think y'all hearing me, it's not fair to me
I'll clap you if my niggas is daring me
Your God is dumping your face
Then run up and choke your bitch ass, just in case
Then that y'all is thirsty to hear some more
You better put a rush on Volume four (d block)
Walk with me

(Chorus) 2X

. . .

Ruff Ryders
Next genertaion
I didnt see the empire

If you want Jacksons with a system that'll wake up the dead
With a truck full of birds feedin them bread
And before y'all bet just noticed that (uh-huh)
I treat dice games like football;
I pop niggaz and don't give 'em a quarter back
And then I'm spendin that in the store where the linen at
Same night in the club where the Cris' and the women at
Y'know, twenty-three with a hell of a flow
Six with no steering wheel, I just tell it where to go, uh
"Stop, make a right at the bar" - to all the C.E.O.'s it's ten o'clock
Do you know where your artists are?
Dee, I'm in the club smellin like Cristal cologne
Dial Star-8-2 before you call my phone
A little boy in a grown man's world
But as a little boy I could fuck a grown man's girl
And if I bust in your mother then you become my enemy
Get it? .. Enemy? Uhh

(Chorus: Aja + Infrared)
Ladies is jumpin, niggaz is thumpin
Bottles is poppin, it's gon' be somethin
Cause I don't care if my ladies in here
And you know, I don't care if your niggaz in here, uhh
Ladies is jumpin, niggaz is thumpin
Bottles is poppin, it's gon' be somethin
It's gon' be somethin - cause I don't care if my ladies in here
Cause you know, I don't care if your niggaz in here, whooooo!

Let's get shit poppin
Ladies, call me Cross cause I hit the spottin
And I, stay fresh cause they take me shoppin
We can en-joy life (uh-huh) as the cash spends
Flash Bent's (uh-huh) fast Benz (whoooo!)
You and me Ma, your man's past-tense (let's go)
And I'ma wait to put the baby asleep
Cause you know, I'ma hit you while your baby asleep
Whooooo! To say this a creep, after I nuttin
Bitch, I'm a pimp, I ain't askin for nuttin
I mastered frontin, fuck cocky, I got olympic ice
Rock's the size of olympic lights, uhh


(Infrared + Cross)
They call me dick 'em down, slick 'em, I'm quick to hit 'em
They call me dick 'em down lovely, it's nothin above me
You know, a house is not a house unless there's four drive-ways
While I be in the club pourin Cris' sideways
And I'm standin outside to wipe out your team
and come to your funeral and pour out casket cream
Yeaaaah - I said slow down honey
I'm bout to wrap you up in jewels like Egyptian mummies
Cause when I.N.C. die they puttin our face on money
Ain't that funny? Y'all haters move and get stoled on
You know we keep killers under the wing like roll-on
You ain't never seen nothin like this before
Y'all been gettin straight cook up nigga, we straight raw
And if you did, you lyin to yourself for these past days
We like Big, we get more butts than ashtrays nigga

(Chorus) - repeat 2X

. . .

Uh-oh! (GROWLS)
Don't tell me!(GROWLS)
Don't tell me it's another one of these PK joints!
Not another P. Killer joint!
Uh, uh, uh

You better stop that
Before I come ridin' back (RIGHT BACK)
Right back to you (BACK TO YOU)
I know you wouldn't like that (OH NO)
We don't need no (WE DON'T NEED NO)
Extra offer see (WE DON'T NEED NO)
Wasn't really no friend of mine (WASN'T NO FRIEND)
Wasn't really no friend of mine (OF MINE)

I'm part of the meek, started to speak, at age 10
Other kids were ridin' bikes, but that was the age when
I became a man, learned to stand, on my own
One dog, no bone, so young, so grown
Kid left home, shit got harder, kid got smarter
Did my part of the bad shit, I was the starter
Came from the heart of the hood, not lookin' too good
Fuckin' did what I could; ready to bitch in the wood
For all the shit you do, just when you think you sly
What goes around, comes around, the wrong damn time
Maybe too late, but damn, I shoulda did that back then
Shoulda thought about that then, now come on out the den
Slowly, Come on; keep your hands where I can see 'em
You don't know me, but we already got wifey tied up in the BM
And know who set you up? That bitch with the crazy ass!
Another shorty, another party of your shady past!


God don't like ugly, all that love me, wanna plug me
But fuck me, it's about "?"s this really what you want G?
The more dirt you do, the more dirt you get
More fake niggas that ride, that'll jerk your dick
The more you think your slick, but somebody sees everything
Sometimes the thieves never hang
They remain, outlaws, wild dogs, outdoors
Strippin' cats about yours, it's all about claws
Beggin', scratchin', weighin' and matchin'
You stayin with the batch, and playin' with what you catchin'
Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you, that's under
You must first separate from, then connect with
Fuckin' with that X shit (WHAT), cos this the best shit (WHAT)
Motherfuck the rest bitch (WHAT), it's all about this (WHAT)
Do what you do, and you get what you get!


See what it boils down to, is that it all comes through
Remember what you do, cause it's gon' come true
A little harder than you did it, but that's the way it is
I aint know it be like this, but that's the way it is
Keep fuckin' with them kids, cause they all get grown and shit
When they get they own, what's gon' been that you shown 慹m?
Fuck how to take a bone? How to rob a nigga of his throne?
How to be left standin' alone?
Get a nigga gone, that aint right
Do it yourself, be a man and fight
Nigga earn your stripes, I damn sure earned mine
I already know your language, now try to learn mine
Dig til you find, and when you find you keep
I done spelled it out for you, but you niggas is still asleep
6 feet deep, was just around the corner
Be surprised how many niggas, wanna, wanna!

. . .

Each and every time, when I see that eye
Not going to, give into her
Really round eyes, they reel me in
Hook line and sink, for I can't blink
I'm all in her mouth, and she's in my arms
Caressing me, by then it's on
And we are both wrong, cause her boyfriend's cool
We all went to school, with each other but I

Can't let goooo..
If I could, then I would
But it's outta my controllll..
It seems as though, there's a spell on me

I tried to move away, leave her alone
Park down the road, act like I'm not home
But some kind of way, she reaches me
One look at her, my judgment is hurt
Or could it just be, that for her I'm weak
Is it because, she's freakin me
like little can, istead of him
One part of me, wish it all would end, but I

(Chorus) 2X

Ev-erything, that's good, to me
Does not, mean, it's good, for me

(Chorus) 2X

. . .

Ruff Ryder Three, Time for the younger generation to blow
You know I brought my nigga with me

(Jae Hood)
Hey yo, it's jay hood bitch respect my bars
The doctors had to piece together your face like a collage
Niggas always talk breezy till the steel come out
And slugs rip through their gums and their grill come out
Motherf**k you and f**k your mans
If I don't clap you in the dome
I'm a leave clips in your diaphragm
I'm the hood prophet
Puff purple instead of chocolate
Stay from around chumps and cowards cause they gossip
And I'm a stay on the corner like stop signs
With a pack of them creamy colored rocks and the glock nine
When you speaking of the hardest nigga
Bring hood's name up
D Block bitch, we about to have the game chained up
My words too strong, bars too powerful
And your towel can't dry you when the dumdums shower you
Your mad because your garbage and your lyrics is boring
And your whip was made that same year you was born in

Listen man, Don't worry how many gats this crook has
Just know I stay strapped like book bags
Bitch is shook ass
You just getting off the porch
And me? I'm just getting off in court
I could make sure your coffin bought
Why would you mention a burner?
There is a difference between rap and attempting to murder
Talking the shit you living and the shit you heard of
You said f**k Larceny?
What is you crazy, bitch?
Before you walk the streets, here's a few safety tips
Watch who you speaking bout and watch who you speaking to
The cats you speaking bout could show you what the heatcould do
A respirator is what you'll be breathing through
And you got beef with who that you need toast
The closest you came to beef was meat loaf
When we pose with bats and pea coats
Y'all niggas better be close

To f**k with Cam, y'all bitches better hope and dream
Every gun that I own got a scope and beam
When I approach the things shake the dice, rook the team
Best bitch on the east coast since Queen
Latifiah, buyreefer, fly diva
Ride deeper, four pound bump louder than five speaker
Spit fire, hot lava flow
Don't get twisted, I'm not one of them prada hoe's
Catch me in Escada clothes, with a lot of dough
That's not mine, it's his
I need a lot more to live
You got to get the king before the kid
How you think a bitch like me afford to live motherf**ker?

That's a bad bitch, shit you a bad ass nigga, It's the younger generation, killing y'all, live, get busy on these niggas

Hey look, I'm trying to sell mad gravy
So I get birds from my crew and make Erykah Badu my "Bag Lady"
You that crazy? Squeeze, I know you ain't spitting shells
Your hand shake so much it shows up on the Richter scale
I made the huskiest niggas look like they had sickle cell
I don't just sell bricks, dog I got a bitch for sale
So let me find the nigga that hate us a lot
No coffin, he get buried in the refrigerator box
God damn, I'm a hot man
I'm telling you straight up, I got my weight up
I'm calling my wrists Roxanne
Cause if I wore it in a dark room
You and your man would hate how I look animated like a cartoon
Bottom line, I'm telling you that you ain't f**king with me
Hard, nobody guards, you want a shot, come and get me
I'm not a sucker, nor is any nigga running with me
And why are y'all balling with wheels if they under fifty

Lock and blocks the motto
Got more slow than Dr. Zhivago
Same mind state that makes a poem rock in Chicago
But I don't get my gangster from movies
I'm a rockstar, 5 star teles, running with gangsters andgroupies
Come through and leave a voice sick
Cause my S-type steers with a joystick
I'm the heart in my era
Listen, I lead an autistic life
Paint pictures with my actions, ain't no margin for error
My innate features, leave niggas dismayed, speechless
And please don't mistake weakness for kindness
I f**k with old timers
So don't make me forget that you real and catch alzheimers
Motherf**king hoes I spoil them
Remember, I'm known to break a bitch for reckless eyeballing
The top dog, nigga, I'm the bear truth
You want to get math?
Nigga I'm the square root
The rockstar

I got mean stash
You seen case get his thug on
I strip my bitch and we get our hug on
She what I put drugs on and get my grub on
And dog, when you park your car, put your club on
The next cat I put the snub on
I'm a clap the gat till it get too hot, and that's withgloves on
You love drawing, you should go to an art school
I get my club on with the glow in the dark jewels
Trees in my shoes, polo in the dark blues
And I spark tools that the po and the narcs use
F**kers, y'all stupid or something
What's the point in pulling your joint if you ain't shootin at nothing
Dude, fronting will get you banged in the face
If you have braces then you know how the banger will taste
I'm near anything pertaining to cake
Just copped the blue lighting with the rectangular face

Easy niggas, matter of fact f**k that go hard,
Cass' show these niggas how you built,
grab your guns and bust off, my nigga

Yeah my nigga, it's Cassidy bitch, get the name clear
I'm what you lame steer got the game near
Buy 'caine by the square, sell it by the o
I run through snow like a reindeer
The cool kid, got the coke heads nose red like Rudolf
I grind on the strip so hard I got blue balls
I'd rather knock a q off then get blue off
That's how I stay on my toes like my shoes off
You dudes are soft, really bitch like Ra Paul
When's it's war I move out like U-hauls
I'm a true boss
I send eight balls to the corner
My strip like a pool hall
And I ball like I been in the sport
My trigger finger itching like it got genital warts
Don't play around with him boy (why's that)
Cause Cass is a pain in the ass like hemorrhoids

. . .

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